Best and worst hairstyles in Johnny’s Entertainment!

Best hairstyle and Johnny’s in the same sentence, you ask? Yep, you heard it right! We all know JE boy groups ain’t known for their fashion choices (or non-choice for that matter), and their hairstylists always seem like they came from outer space. For a change, I decided to also compile the best looks but of course, it ain’t Johnny’s without the LOLZ, right?

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Artist date: Taeyang then and now

Big Bang’s Taeyang has always been known for his amazing vocals and dancing skills, perhaps even more so than the other members of the group. Being true to the meaning of his name which translates to “sun,” he’s hotter than ever and he’s bound to shine no matter what. Here’s a look at the evolution of Dong Young Bae a.k.a. Sol/ Taeyang. Better put on some shades, because this guy’s sizzlin’!

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Welcome to the Idol Ponytail Club!

In the ever-changing style of KPOP, yet another
trend in hair style is sweeping the male population. Ponytails can either make a guy look girly or even more manlier, it all depends on who’s wearing it and the attitude that comes along with it. Jump in the bandwagon and see if it’s hot or not!

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KPOP trends: WTF idol hairstyles

Hair, there and everywhere! Idols are made to stand out—whether it be in their music, concept or outfit. But nothing gives a really loud statement than having a hot hairstyle that will be the talk of KPOP town and will be seen on the streets the next day. But sometimes, idols are at the mercy of relentless and tyrant hairstylists who create downright atrocious looks that will make you go… “WTF!!??!!”

2PM: Time to move on?

Barely two months after leadja Park Jaebeom left the group, 2PM is back in action once again busier than ever—filming CFs, doing interviews, releasing their new full album, music video and gearing for their most-awaited comeback stage. Already they are topping online charts and gaining much interest from netizens. With packed schedules and slated TV/concert appearances, is it safe to say that it is time for them AND us to move on?

KPOP dance trend: Who did the fan dance better?

Before it was the Wonder Girls’ finger pointing dance in “Nobody,” Kara’s cute butt moves in “Mister” and Girls Generation’s famous sexy leg flicks in “Tell me your Wish.” Nowadays, a new dance trend is on the rise. Who does it better?


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Big boy T.O.P.’s special birthday post!

Peek-a-boo! TOP wants you!