Icecapades VDAY and JE idols in red

Cheesecake with a spoonful of Yamapi = YUM.


Breaking news! Leah Dizon shows her 8-month baby bump



What baby bump?

"American singer Leah Dizon, 22, now eight months pregnant (or seven months as it is counted in the West) was back in the spotlight on Monday an event in Harajuku on Tuesday held to celebrate the second anniversary of the opening of Ameba Studio, which airs programs hosted by celebrities over the Internet.

It was the first time Dizon had appeared before fans since the last concert of her national tour in October, at which she announced she was pregnant and had gotten married to Japanese stylist Bun, 29. Dizon wore a dress designed by her husband and was all smiles in front of the 200 fans in attendance. She apologized for surprising everybody last October with the news of her pregnancy and marriage, and spoke of her intention to resume working after the baby is born.

Her baby girl is due in late April. Dizon said the baby sometimes felt as if it were dancing, and at other times like an alien was going to fly out, referring to the movie “Alien.” When asked if she wanted her baby to follow in her footsteps and enter the world of show biz, Dizon said she wanted her girl to become a scientist or an astronaut. "

Wow. That outfit is really (to be blunt about it) ugly. The color is all wrong, it looks like a seaweed with scales on it, which is always a bad thing. It made her look older – like a bored office lady or something. It just did not do Leah Dizon any justice. Bad husband!

LOL sorry I couldn’t help it. Anyways, a baby girl, huh. Certainly she’s gonna be a gorgeous baby – let’s just hope she won’t be another Leah Dizon in the making.

WTF laugh trip: Kpop and JE crack

Okay. So I was browsing around my latest posts and I noticed they’ve become too serious lately. Gah. Idunno why I’ve been so freaking emo lately. Must be PMS. Last time the post was all about celebs and how perfect they are. Let’s go to their other side because now it’s time for some crack! NOTE: This post is off-limits to those who don’t have humor. No hating here kaythanks!


Celebrities on the spotlight: Enough already

Our generation is a celebrity-obssesed culture. Or should I say paparrazzi culture?

The term "celebrity" nowadays is teethering in between the concepts of being "famous" or "infamous" – sometimes a little bit of both. Whether one person is known for good or bad reasons, good or bad publicity – in the end it’s all about publicity. And as in any part of the world, celebs provide the stuff of our dreams, fantasies and even delusions. They’ve become our friends, classmates, siblings, and even lovers (for the crazy-obssessed ones, that is). Everyone delights in their rise to fame, but at the same time, though ironically, everyone waits with bated breath to see their downfall.

The question is… why?



Queen Bee marries her king

Dang. The inevitable has happened. My favorite J-actress who I genuinely fangirl has tied the knot. To a guy about 20 years her senior. Age ain’t nothing but a number they say. But why oh why! I was sooo waiting for her comeback and rooting for her bitchy vengeance! Why am I always late when it comes to these kinds of news?

I'm so crying a liter of tears right now