Feel Big Bang’s magic all over again with their third Japanese single

What do you get when you put a dash of the funky, edgy GDragon, sex pots TOP and Taeyang, a pinch of a cute (but strong) baby Seungri and the amazing vocals of Daesung?

You get magic I tell ya. Okay. Sorry about the lame Seungri pun. Big Bang just released their third Japanese single after the immensely successful “Gara Gara Go” and it seems like there’s no stopping the boys. Just recently, they were featured in a Time magazine article noting their entry into the Japanese market: “The most promising of these is Big Bang, a domestically successful five-man hip-hop group formed through a Making the Band – style reality show in 2006. A Japanese-language mini-album (With U) enjoyed some success in 2008. Big Bang now hope their debut full-length Japanese-language release — having entered Japan’s charts at No. 3 — will deliver the coup de grace. The good looks of the creators certainly won’t harm the disc’s chances.”


01. Let Me Hear Your Voice
02. Ora Yeah!
03. Let Me Hear Your Voice (Acoustic Version)


I don’t even know where to begin with this review. The first time I heard “Let me hear your voice,” I was swept away. It’s a very welcome change from their autotune/techno infused Japanese dance songs. To be quite honest, I didn’t like their previous Japanese mini-album. Most of the songs sounded alike, and it seems like it lost the trademark Big Bang touch. Gara Gara Go was pretty good though, and I’ve always liked My Heaven. Idunno how to put it. Maybe it was lost in translation, or they were testing the Japanese waters by adapting a new image—they went from hip hop to the dance-pop route. They did dance tracks before, like the epic “Last Farewell,” but somehow their Japanese songs didn’t have that oomph. Or probably because their album was produced by Red One, the same producer who was behind Lady Gaga’s Just Dance—which is good too, but that would suit GD better than the whole of Big Bang.

Let Me Hear Your Voice –
As Time puts it, the song has its “swoon factor.” I CANNOT EMPHASIZE HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SONG. CAPS LOCK IS JUST INSUFFICIENT. The song has a very smooth flow and it’s not your typical melancholic song. You can feel it’s a sad song but you can also detect a hint of hope in their tone and voice. Taeyang, please marry me and serenade me with that sweet voice dear goodness!! He was killing it like always! Put in Daesung’s high melodies and Seungri’s easy harmonizing… ~~swoons~~ And let’s not forget GD and TOP’s fierce English raps! Their Japanese has improved so much since “My Heaven.” Before it kinda sounded like they’re a bit awkward, but now you can detect their confidence and ease into the language. I swear, I love how Big Bang does their own thing and get recognized for their individual skills, but there’s just no beating them when they’re together as a group. Like seriously. They just have IT. They’re the perfect recipe for a good song, good image and good chemistry.

The vid was very simple but beyond amazing. It really has good production value. Very classy and picturesque. The lighting was superb. I love how the camera was able to capture beautiful shots of the boys behind the natural light. This is how I love Big Bang. In a simple video that does not make me color blind. It’s easier to see how beautiful they all are LOL especially TOP! That glare behind the sunlight~~~ *DIIIIEES*

Let me hear your voice (acoustic version) – I just might like this better than the other version. The guitar strums in the beginning adds more sadness to the song, but at the same time the pace of the song becomes faster as it ascends to the chorus. You can really feel the climax right there. If you know what I mean, LOL. Again, this is how I love Big Bang. Raw and unplugged. No pun intended harhar. It’s really better to ACTUALLY hear them, rather than hear their voices muffled in trendy synths.

Ora yeah! – One word: TOP. I was too distracted with TOP’s husky and manly rapping in the beginning. And you all know how I like TOP—rough and tough. LOL sorry dirty thoughts are hard to contain when it comes to TOP! And Seungri going “She’s hot! Yabai de!” LMAO boy is growing up as a pimp real well! ~proud tears~ The beat actually sounds like Gara Gara Go a little, but it’s not as catchy though. But I like how it’s toned down a bit compared to Gara Go. It’s a hot song.

More pics from the vid:


Is it just me or is GD getting more and more pretty lately? Especially when he had his blond hair clipped and wore a white polo with a ribbon. Like for reals.

Look at that lighting! Lovely. Taeyang in the fields. Mmmmmm. You know what that means. Lots of rolling around in the hay.


Seungri going all emo on top of the roof. He could do away with that weird belt he was wearing though.

Daesungiemnindaaaah!! So glad he’s back!




Get the songs here: Let Me Hear your voice

Be still my heart!



4 Responses

  1. No lie TOP was in his hottest in this MV. Gawd. oomph indeed.

  2. I love you so much!!!!! *touched* you always seem to say exactly what i wanna hear. :D:D:D


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