Crossing Over: Sneak peek at the newest F4 in town

Rich boy falls in love with the poor girl. Will this story never end?
Apparently not.

First Artist Date and Poll: Shun Oguri!!

Hello everyone! I told you a few days back that one of our new features here in floatingstars is the “ARTIST DATE.”
I thought long and hard about this – would I post an actor, a popstar or a rockstar? The first one has to be special! But it wasn’t hard to choose one person who seems to have it all. SHUN OGURI! KYAAHHHH! *rolls over the ground having a fangirl seizure*

Fashion Confessions: KPOP color explosion!!


Hello gorgeous people of the world!



I’m baaaccck! Since this is the first post in my new and hopefully upgraded website, I want to start things off with everything bright and happy!




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Did you miss Makino Tsukushi?

She’s back!! Monday’s a happy day. Who would’ve thought??? I’m not supposed to be blogging right now because Mondays are wayyy hectic but whatever. Two of my fave Japanese stars are going to team up in a movie, and from the reports I’ve read so far, it’s gonna be pretty darn good!


Boys to Men: NEWS Koi no ABO and SuJu It’s You Reviews and more

La Leah D. talks about motherhood and reveals her baby’s name

When Leah Dizon first got recognized in Japan, her website that had tons of her photos got over two million hits. When news about her giving birth first came out in a Japanese site, she got sparse comments. Maybe a lot of people viewed that news page, but nobody really cared enough to say something about it. Sad, sad.

So there’s the baby bump!

The Good, the Bad, and the weird in Japan

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

BOREDOM! For a change…. Let’s take a break from J/Kpop news, gossip and all that jazz and go outside of the fandom for a while and breathe some real air – this way we’ll see that there’s a whole wide world out there and yes, some real people too. LOL. To prevent extreme out of fandom experience we’ll take baby steps and explore a place that pretty much blurs reality and illusion, contorts reality to make it an illusion and makes illusion palpable. OH WHATEVER. It’s a country that does NOT need any explanation for it to make sense. JAPAN!