Poll: Brothers from another mother! Mir vs Hongki!

Okay, we haven’t done polls for a while so it’s time to make a difficult one! FT Island’s Lee Hongki and MBLAQ’s Mir have always been recognized as looking really alike—but which one do you like more?

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KPOP dance trend: Who did the fan dance better?

Before it was the Wonder Girls’ finger pointing dance in “Nobody,” Kara’s cute butt moves in “Mister” and Girls Generation’s famous sexy leg flicks in “Tell me your Wish.” Nowadays, a new dance trend is on the rise. Who does it better?


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POLL: MBLAQ setting a new trend “Chic Doll”—Hot or Not?

In KPOP, it’s all about concepts and trends. 4minute has candy funky, GD has Lady Gaga or whatever style he’s into [which changes a whole LOT], T-Ara had the “Antique” style, and the list goes on! Now it’s MBLAQ’s turn to set the trend!

Poll: 2PM’s Taecyeon vs f(x)’s Amber!

I know this is random, but what the hey. In my previous post I described the space cowboy concept as 2PM’s performance outfits for “I hate you” promos, which have tassles, tight plastic leather, belt/ bondage that goes around the body—and LOTS OF ATTITUDE. But f(x)’s Amber seems to be working the look as well. The question is, who looks hotter? Vote under the cut!

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2AM vs Big Bang: Who looks scarier as girls?

You know I like ’em difficult polls, and we’ve been seeing more or less positive ones, so how about something a little uh, different? LOL. Enter the world of Scarygirl.

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Ultimate fashion trendsetter special: DBSK vs 4minute, T-Ara, 2PM and… G-Dragon?

In KPOP, it’s all about the “trends” and “concepts.” And recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of groups that adopt different styles in order to stand out from the crowd! But did you know that there’s one group that has done them ALL?

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Men in Pink: Jaebeom vs Heechul

This is what happens when I’m on Twitter withdrawal. I tried it all, changed my password, refreshed thousands of times and danced Sorry Sorry while waiting, banged my head on the wall, screamed in the bathroom for a good 45 minutes and had a meltdown—for some reason I still can’t update or reply in Twitter. Anyways, major picspam on two guys who love pink! Leadja Jaebeom and Heenim! Who wore it better?

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