Caught in the act! Japan’s hottest new couple?

Rejoice Buzzer Beat fans! The onscreen chemistry and love affair of two of today’s hottest Japanese stars goes far more than the drama?

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Best and worst hairstyles in Johnny’s Entertainment!

Best hairstyle and Johnny’s in the same sentence, you ask? Yep, you heard it right! We all know JE boy groups ain’t known for their fashion choices (or non-choice for that matter), and their hairstylists always seem like they came from outer space. For a change, I decided to also compile the best looks but of course, it ain’t Johnny’s without the LOLZ, right?

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Feel Big Bang’s magic all over again with their third Japanese single

What do you get when you put a dash of the funky, edgy GDragon, sex pots TOP and Taeyang, a pinch of a cute (but strong) baby Seungri and the amazing vocals of Daesung?

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Yamapi is loveless?


Yamapi’s newest solo single “Loveless” and its MV are out and it seems like he’s taking things on a whole new level!


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JPOP Review: New releases from Mika Nakashima, Crystal Kay

I know I’ve been updating a lot about KPOP lately, but when it comes to music, I haven’t forgotten JPOP. This time, the JPOP scene is starting to bloom once again with the comeback of two of the most talented divas in the biz: Crystal Kay and Mika Nakashima. With both having different styles and music genres, it will be very interesting how these two will battle it out in the charts.

Leah Dizon comes back as a model, and is a fan of Big Bang!

Our fave JPOP hot momma Leah Dizon comes back as a magazine model, reveals in her blog her thoughts about music, and buying Big Bang’s Japanese album!

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JPOP queen Namie Amuro grants your wish ala SNSD!

Namie Amuro just might be releasing the next big hit like SNSD’s “Tell Me your Wish!”

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