Scandalicious: Top 20 most talked about gossip and more buzz about fame!

I’m back from my Thailand trip! And in the grand evil scheme of things here’s what materialized. Hope you’re in for a bit of laughs!

Today’s world is a paparazzi, celebrity obsessed culture. Even in Japan, where snapshots as trivial as two stars coincidentally seen on the same spot can be sensationalized as a “scandal” already. Talk about blowing things out of proportion!! Well, rumors are rumors, and sometimes, tabloids can go way out of hand – to the point that a drunk guy who had gulped gallons of martini and vodka in one swig can seem more credible than they are..

But, true or not, rumors are so much fun to read AND laugh at. DISCLAIMER. These things should, and

cannot be taken seriously.



Hello gorgeous people of the world.
This Lj will temporarily take a hiatus.
I will be going to Bangkok soon for soul searching.
(Okay, it’s just a short family trip)
But I will also be going back to work right after.

My idyll days are over! REAL WORLD AWAITS! *huhu*
Sorry for posting continuously,
for those who actually follow my updates (if there are actually some, which I highly doubt, lol).

And for the detractors who’ve made it clear to me
via message/comment that they hate my semi-outrageous posts,
I’m still quite happy. Everyone’s got their own opinion. And it only
proves that they read my posts despite of it all and I managed to snag
a minute of their time. *no hard feelings! much respects, peace out*


Most Unforgettable Supporting Cast/ Extra in a Drama + Reviews

They may play the leading character’s shadow, but these supporting casts/ extras have managed to snag the limelight with their undeniable charisma, humor and inexplainable x factor. Even with their brief 15 minutes of fame, or even less (appearance on screen time), they have certainly caught our attention, while some of them are on their way up to becoming “it stars” as we speak.

In true habit of scouring my brain for potential twisted rankings, here are the Top 15 Supporting cast/ extras that may have escaped most of our attention, but certainly have not failed to capture our hearts.

15 – Okamisan and Aki Nishihara of Hana Yori Dango

The food store owner (sorry dunno her real name) where Makino and Yuki work is just about the coolest lady boss anyone could ever get. Even though she always butts in out of nowhere with weird, dubious stories of her men in history (literally, she claims to have dated John Lennon and even Rudolf. THE RED NOSED REINDEER, hilarious) – she’s a great comic relief, and with great timing at that.

There are no small roles

Gravia Powa: Top most unexpected gravure idols-turned A-list STARS

Okay, so by now I think it’s pretty obvious that some of my posts are quite unconventional and for the last JE post for the most part I ruffled some feathers (pun intended, lol). But then again we can’t please everyone, and everyone is entitled to his own opinion that needs respect. So for the benefit of the sensibilities of others, this post right here needs a DISCLAIMER: this post does not in any way intend to offend anyone in any way, it’s just a presentation of cold, hard facts that may be difficult for die-hard fans to swallow. Don’t worry there’s no complete nudity posted. Open-mindedness is very much a welcome state of mind.

No Preview. Otakus and Hentais KEEP OUT.

Female Fashion Disasters Strike Back

After the previous post on JE’s catastrophic fashion choices (or non-choices for that matter) I felt like it’s quite unfair to attack the boys when there are a whole lot of their counterparts wearing the same hideous things, sometimes even worse. There are gazillion female stars in Japan and it’s quite a pain to google them all so I posted only the ones I am familiar with, and those whom I’ve heard. That way I can also give a quick review of their music. So here are the Top 15 worst dressed female singers/performers plaguing the Jpop world.

15 – AYAKA

BIG VOICE. BIG HAIR. Ayaka stands out as one of the best singers in Jpop. She’s actually my personal fave among them all. Her high-pitched vocals, meaningful songs and powerful single (Crescent moon) make her a star to watch out for. But every time she performs on stage, she always wears the baggy, boho style with the same big hair. And THAT spells trouble. I mean, the girl is not only talented, she is also very pretty. The clothes don’t do her justice.


JE Fashion Don’ts

The Tegomass MV review post that mentioned the fashion mishaps of JE stars garnered quite a number of violent responses so I figured it wouldn’t hurt much if we rub some more salt and acid in their stylist’s wound just a little bit more. I’ll be busy for a long while so I want to leave you with this special post.

Disclaimer: This is not a personal attack on any of the boys. It’s just the Fashion Police talking. And these offenders need to be fined. WARNING. IT IS ADVISABLE TO WEAR SUNGLASSES. THINGS CAN GET MESSY, YOU MIGHT GET BLIND. Here are the Top 15 JE Fashion Don’ts you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. 15 – Sentai rangers. Go, go power rangers!!

Oh wait. I mean Hikaru Genji. The group that started it all. We all know that 80’s was an era of bad fashion – because of them. Here they are channeling MC hammer with a hint of Vanilla ice-ice-baby.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Movie Review Sky of Love

I’m writing this review out of my stream of consciousness before forgetfulness sets in and blows my first impressions away.