Only in Japan! Top Ten TV shows

From the witty, brilliant and moving to the wacky, hilarious and to the extremely grotesque – Japanese television has it all. Here is yet another list of top ten random observations seen and heard from music, talk and variety shows we all love to hate, and hate to love. Don’t change the channel!

Ryo's infamous moment on TV


Double reviews: Khalil Fong, Tegomass

Just saw the new Tegomass vid everyone’s been raving about. I must admit I was looking forward to it, with me being a sucker for all things excessively sugary sweet and cute. But in this case, it was just… too much.

Love for Tegomass, not-so-much for their vid

Back from rehab

Okay, before you let out your surprised gasps and flabbergasted reactions, no I didn’t come from a recent rehab trip. I “purged” myself from the Internet for 5 days because, I dunno, maybe I got kind of sick of it (gasp! gasp!) or maybe it’s because the rainy season freezes the whole body as well as the brain, and turns it into Jello. Nah, it’s only because I have a life and got busy. lol. And let me tell you, life back in the analog days free from the electronic bi-products and world wide web activities CAN be liberating. But lo, and behold. I am having a major relapse. Which explains why I heed to the calling of the underworld yet again, begging for it to warmly welcome me with open arms.

Would you sell this kid on ebay?

Some random observations about LAST FRIENDS

I promise I will publish my LF reviews next time. They’ve been lying in my computer somewhere, I’m just too tired to organize them.

Anyway, here are some observations in LF I found interesting. I’m not one to notice the slightest details, but some things that occur in several scenes just can’t be missed.
Just ’cause I love Juri!

leah paradox

Just saw Leah Dizon’s new vid “Under the Same Sky.” Apparently I’m the only one who thinks she looks kinda…. creepy. I think she’s the kind of girl you either hate or love. I’m tilting unsteadily in the middle.

It's those eyes I tell you!

People to look out for

These guys got me glued to the TV.

Leighton Meester. Diva. Simply Fab.

Top One is…

craving for milk tea

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. Love the artist too. She has really good vocals, which is kind of hard to come by in the sea of Ayumi Hamasaki-Koda Kumi clones in Jpop.

Drink up!