Artist date: Taeyang then and now

Big Bang’s Taeyang has always been known for his amazing vocals and dancing skills, perhaps even more so than the other members of the group. Being true to the meaning of his name which translates to “sun,” he’s hotter than ever and he’s bound to shine no matter what. Here’s a look at the evolution of Dong Young Bae a.k.a. Sol/ Taeyang. Better put on some shades, because this guy’s sizzlin’!

It’s been a while since my last Artist Date post! I suck, I know. Last time was Mika Nakashima before Epik High’s Tablo. This time I decided to dedicate a post to the one and only Taeyang!!! I’m not sure if I can even write coherently because I don’t think words are enough to capture his ~~essence~~ In short, my ditzy-obsessed-fangirl spazzing and drooling might get in the way.


TAEYANG THEN: Pre-Debut pics!


The evolution of Taeyang

Taeyang has always had a consistent image onstage and in his personal style. He always had that hip hop vibe about him, and he’s so unlike GD whose looks and fashion change whenever and however he feels like. But both have their own thing ‘coz they’re just cool like that.

I have mixed feelings about Taeyang’s cornrows. It was unique at that time, and he was working the whole Omarion look, but Idunno. I prefer his modified mohawk nowadays.

The thing I like about Big Bang is that each and every individual member has their own charm and personality that let fans and non-fans alike distinguish them from one another. And it’s not just a “designated character” set up by the company—it just seems so natural. You know how some companies assign stereotypical roles which are a “must” in a boy band: the aegyo, the ghei one, the bad boy, the funny one in charge of gags, the odd one, etc. With Big Bang, any one of them can go solo and can definitely stand out. Leader GD is the creative, deviant-yet-cool type, T.O.P. is the sex…er… I mean, charismatic deep-voiced member whose stare can melt fangirl hearts, Daesung is everyone’s best friend and mother’s friend’s son, Seungri is the overconfident (sometimes boredering on cocky) guy you just can help but love despite of it all.

And then there’s TAEYANG—who’s in a league of his OWN. How else can you categorize an innately shy/introverted guy who has never had a girlfriend (or so he claims), yet he seduces women all over the world with his floor humping moves with so much ease? Kinda like he’s done it a thousand times? LOL.


The so-called GD-YB Love: The next YunJae?


Fashion: The unFURgettable Taeyang:

Big Bang has really made it this far. I remember seeing them as an underrated group Pre-Lies era, as fellow YG artist Se7en took more limelight. I was crying with them when they won MKMF last year and it was obvious that they were really overwhelmed with their success. Now it seems like they’re a bit unreachable, with T.O.P. starring in multi-billion drama production, GD outselling artists, etc. I just hope to see more of them as a group soon!

Of course, this post will not be complete without showing off Taeyang’s hot bod!


Look at Only Taeyang

I swear, this song is probably the most addictive I’ve ever heard from a male artist. Well, except perhaps Rain. He’s got it all—the somehwat easy-to-follow sexy moves to a very impressive video. This one’s a KPOP classic! Plus you get to see all of the Big Bang members and you really can’t hate on that gorgeous model!

Is this sexy or whuuut?

Who dares cheat on Taeyang?!

Taeyang the king: Winning number one for “Naman Baraba”


TAEYANG NOW: Cooler than ever

With Taeyang’s recent comeback, he has gone full circle and put his dancing and singing skills up to the next level. He went all fierce in Where U at, but ironically went minimal in terms of the video production. He was like, “I’m back, and I don’t need no bitches!” All he needed was two back up dancers and bam! His skills are MORE than enough to compensate for everything else. It was that simple, and that’s how powerful he is. Sorry to compare, but it took GD pounds of makeup, bleach, numerous costume changes, and several people to make his solo vid and it only took two changes for Taeyang. I know there’s no point of comparison since both have different styles but I’m just saying. Both are equally good though. I just prefer Taeyang—coz he’s no frills just skills.

I’m a huge fan of Taeyang but I have to say, however, that in his recent live performances even though his singing and dancing are superb, I can’t help but feel like there’s something missing. I’ve followed a lot of his performances and suddenly it dawned on me. Taeyang has become a little TOO technical. Like somehow, within all that complicated dance moves he sort of lost connection with the audience. Idunno maybe it’s just me. In his “Look at only me” days, his expression, his pull with the audience was very strong. Like if you’re watching him, you’ll immediately feel the pain he was feeling and the conceited emotion he was trying to express with the song.


Wedding Dress

But then this song came along! I was blown away, and it’s not even his title single! It combined the old style of Taeyang’s vids where there was a story and a smashing dance break. The first scene where it looked like he was the groom reminded me of Proposal Daisakusen when Yamapi was rushing to the church only to be revealed that he was just going to film his girl best friend’s wedding. ~cries~

I found this scene so cool, when that circular orb thingy went down when he was dancing.

Because appropriate
caption is appropriate:

Taeyang’s second kiss? Doubt it.

Taeyang’s first kiss in video or in real life? Well he said it was his first ever kiss, and that he kinda felt awkward to have his kiss “stolen.” LMAO really now, Taeyang.


The people behind Taeyang’s siiickkk dance moves

Cool cats: Lyle Beniga, Aimee Lee Lucas and Shaun Evaristo has been with Taeyang for quite a while now. I read somewhere that couple Shaun and Aimee are Filipino, though I’m not sure about Lyle. These guys are beyond amazing. If you’ve seen their dance/class vids you’ll see what I mean. Trivia: Look out for Aimee in Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend vid!

Youngbae reading a Korean menu for Aimee. How sweet! LOL he looks so into it.

Working with the best!


Before I end this post, lemme treat you guys with a pic/ gif spam of Taeyang’s famous eye smile!

Clueless Taeyang is adorkable. *squishes*

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17 Responses

  1. Taeyang has always been my favorite mainly cuz he was different from the others. Definitely a bit serious then others but his music is always drool worthy. Thanks for the post girly ^^

  2. taeyang’s smiley eyes are so charming! since predebut till now… ❤

  3. LOL…..the first time I saw Taeyang I was like…..neyo korean version?!?!hahahaha..anyway….I am not a big fan of big bang just because i’m not into their music..but I really admire their group. Just like what you said, everybody can go solo. Even Seung ri the weakest of them all experienced being a solo and it was a success. I really love how YG is managing his artist….and i love how they prioritize talent over looks….okay I seem to be off-topic… view of taeyang as the korean version of neyo would never change I guess….but I know for myself that this man has something on his sleeves….:)))so yeah…GO TAEYANG!!!!!♥

  4. i’m reading ur post but since i’m not into kpop can i ask for jpop next? lol
    if i remember correctly you’ve done shun oguri too, so now 2 japans and 2 koreans so you should back to japan again! XD
    i’m thingkin nino because i’m biased but we both know he’s not a cool guy type…so maybe ryo?? or gackt? haha…
    i dun know, anything you like as long as it jpop? (pls dont say pi XD)

  5. i just saw it and i’m gonna read it in LJ!! thank youuuu…it’s been quite a long time since you post something JE-centric!!! LOL

  6. Taeyang on the 2nd predebut pic looks japanese! Hahaha! He’s sooo adorable. Wedding Dress was heartbreaking especially the dance interlude where he has to dance by himself while everyone else has a partner. Come on I think you have enough pity fans Taeyang! Now get back in my pocket! lol. I don’t get why he has to have three different names too. what’s up with that? haha. Great great “smieyes” pics. ^_^

    • LOL I hope you’re talking about “smieyes” as in Tyra in ANTM! that’s a classic Ty101 lesson LMAO!~ OOOH and I love that part when Taeyang was dancing by himself, it was a great move that showed off the theme of the song real well! very clever idea!

      • Oh lady Tyra she never fails to amuse me with her conceitedness. Yeah Taeyang is just so dang talented he don’t need no partner. It just stabs you further in the heart when he’s so sad *gives him hug* ^_^;

  7. I think we have the same taste on Big Bang. Same with you, though GD and T.O.P steal the spotlight more, but I really can’t take my eyes on Taeyang. There is some ‘exclusivity’ inside Taeyang. He might be more shy and quite among the others, but his style, strong voice, and a great dance skill definitely makes him stand out in a very strong way. Furthermore, I think he is one of the best asian people who looks good on hip-hop style hat!

  8. i’d would like for you to feature Sunye of the WGs. and this article was the shitttt.

  9. Gotta love him with cornrows 😀

  10. this is an awesome article!!!

  11. AHH…wow. sorry. i tried to hold it in..but that tiny fangirl just burst out in the middle of the night x) hehee 😛 love love love youngbae~

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