2PM: Time to move on?

Barely two months after leadja Park Jaebeom left the group, 2PM is back in action once again busier than ever—filming CFs, doing interviews, releasing their new full album, music video and gearing for their most-awaited comeback stage. Already they are topping online charts and gaining much interest from netizens. With packed schedules and slated TV/concert appearances, is it safe to say that it is time for them AND us to move on?

2PM’s first official appearance as a 6 member group at the dream concert left a bittersweet taste among their fans, as an apparent empty spot seems to signify that Jay’s non-presence BECAME his presence.

Their latest chocolate brownie CF shows a sexier 2PM, with Khun on the limelight for his more toned abs.

2PM in OnStyle interview

This interview showed a more lively side of the boys that we all know and love. They were laughing, joking around, Wooyoung’s ssanti-ness, pants get torn (Junho’s), more jabs at Khun’s perfection, talking about how they “honor and respect GDragon,” elite Junsu’s sense of style, Chansung being Chansung (he can just sit there and look pretty) and as always, fashion terrorist Taec fails as the spokesperson of the group.

Khun’s “sweat tissues.” Khun: “The stylist put these tissues so my makeup won’t get smudged or get ruined.” Junho teases Khun: “It’s not because he’s sweating. Even if it looks like it.” LMAO!!!


Comeback teaser caps:

The teaser was actually very intriguing. You get to see the boys in a hospital-like setting (half-naked of course) and looking all gloomy, asking the question: “What makes your heart beat?” I think it’s a really good concept, it’s kind of like a well-made ad for some big company that sells insurance or something LOL. But I have to say, I found the teasers for Again and Again even more intriguing, interesting and innovative with the guys spinning arrow boards in a crowded Myeongdong. Talk about an attention grabbing tactic!

Taec’s teaser was especially interesting:

“The people I love makes my heart beat.
The love I give, the love I receive.
My family, friends AND OUR 7 MEMBERS.
The more I think of them, my heart gets warmer.
I want to be with you guys forever.”




“As much work has been put into the song, they have put in a lot of effort into the marketing as well. As they have gained a lot of attention through the ’01:59PM’ ‘Tired of waiting’ ‘I was crazy for you’ as well as the teaser marketing, they have completed the image marketing with the connection between ‘Heartbeat’, the idea of ‘waiting’ and the actual pulse of the heart. Anxiety, fear, yearning and various other meanings have been attached to the song ‘Heartbeat’ and has been coupled with the sound of the actual pulse creating an image sound for this whole album’s concept.” The result of many fans discussing how the album’s title, ’01:59PM’ has been used to call 2PM without Jaebum, along with how the songs, ‘Tired of Waiting’ and ‘I was crazy for you’ seems to reflect the 6 members’ and Jaebum’s thoughts are all a result of how the marketing point has hit its mark.

DISCLAIMER: To be fair to the boys, I will make this review by temporarily putting the whole Jay issue on the shelf. I know it’s really hard to talk about 2PM without mentioning Jay, as it took me quite a while to figure out how to begin. But I decided to base my review on the music/output itself—so regardless of whether Jay is in 2PM or not, here’s what I think:

Chansung had the best comeback look, methinks.

My Heart
(Intro/Prelude) – Before this album was released, JYP said in his tweets that he has made something that no one has ever heard before, even showing twitpics of him playing the piano and working on the mixers. But will it really sound unique? This intro sets the whole tone of the album—dark, melancholic, mysterious. JYP made an experiment by incorporating a “monologue” of Taec basically just talking (either to himself or to someone), starting off calm and ending with: “WHY, WHY?!! I don’t know why I’m like this. I’m still in to you. My heart still beats for you.” Idunno, it sounds pretty weak to me. The sound of their intro for Again and Again, “What time is it now,” is still pretty much the same style with the talking, but the music is much more stronger. and it makes the listener even more excited. My Heart, however, failed a little to rouse that kind of interest.  Even though Taec’s lines were supposed to sound like a heartbroken/scorned person, maybe his intonation of the monologue didn’t quite capture the whole angst-ridden sentiment.

Heartbeat (Title song) – Not a very likeable song at first listen. To be honest, it sounded a little too 80’s Flash Dance for me. Again, the monologues/slow rapping are somehow not working. Chansung’s beginning part was pretty good though. But the chorus is very catchy, as you can hear dramatic violin and orchestra sounds and a heart beating throughout the song. Baby Junho’s vocals improved so much! Is it just me or is the whole heartbeat/ hospital flat line concept has been overused in this song? I mean, we get it. “Tired of Waiting” or “I was crazy over you” would’ve been a better comeback song.
Not a fan of Khun’s (or Junho’s) mini-ponytail.

Tired of waiting – LOVE IT!! Even though the beginning reminds me of SuJu’s Norago and DBSK’s Survivor, and a little of Taegoon’s Betrayal. I think even though JYP wanted to experiment by creating something totally “new” or “fresh,” he still stayed within the trend of auto-tunes and techno sounds. A lot of people have whined about how you can’t recognize their voices, but I’m not going to complain about it, because it works for this song. It stays true to 2PM’s “I hate you.’ The ballad version in the teaser is quite better though, I wonder why it wasn’t included in the album.

Taec still rocking his Ear Candy look—only dirtier, manlier and hotter ROFL

I was crazy over you – Again, JYP is using a formula here. By the third track it’s pretty obvious that he’s using the theme of “separation,” “heartbreak”— *cough*cough* Even in Heartbeat’s lyrics that go, “Stop trying to get her back. She ain’t coming. She’s gone, gotta be moving on.” Here Taec goes,“How will I ever know, why should I let you go? WHY?” Then he lets out a huge, manly GROWL. HOTNESS. Taec’s rapping is even more rough here, I wonder if he strains his voice too much by doing that. Lovely piano arrangement. The beginning sounds pretty weird/creepy, like there’s a bunch of people marching in the rain or something LOL.

Gimme the light – Very sleek and sexy slow song. Very JYP, though I’d hate to imagine him singing this seductively. *shivers* Chansung gets a singing part!! Maknae doing really well and all grown up! The slow RnB tune suits Junsu’s voice perfectly. But honestly, the song is a bit forgettable. Being preceded by the last 2 tracks which were amazing, this one seems to pale in comparison.

Back 2U – If you like slow songs ala Usher and R. Kelly, you might like this one. I actually really like it. It’s really cool that they’re going more for a slow route with their ballads and you can barely hear any “happy” song except for some of the remix, which is all good, but a bit overdone. Which means, by going this style the album may lack some variety into it. Nevertheless, this track is really good.

All night long – Taec: “Girl, come a little closer. Let me show you what you never felt before. All night long baby” SMEXXXXY. Taec is oozing with charisma in this one! WHEW OHLORD. Especially when he goes “Sshhhhh.” Then you’d hear someone go, “I’ll take you to my room.”  *faints dead* Again, very R. Kelly “come hither lemme seduce you and give you some eargasm” kind of song. CHANSUNG!!! Pedo bear seal of approval! Okay, I’m totally not making any sense here but in short, this song is LOVE. Or should I say, MAKE LOVE. You’d get that vibe from the title alone. LOL.



Heartbeat red light mix – Wayyy better than the original mix in my opinion. Instead of the actual heartbeats you get to hear stronger piano accompaniment and less of the dramatics.I hate you lounge mixMeh. Has more autotune and made into a disco-techno track— the kind of tweaking that gives you a headache when you listen to it over and over. Not digging it. Pass.
Might Come back bossa mix – This is more like it. Remember when Rain came out with three versions of “Still believe”—rock, lounge and RnB mix? The lounge one sounds exactly like this one. But surprisingly, it suited the whole vibe of I Hate You.Only You acoustic – LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. It really made me cry~~~

10 out of 10, Again and Again –  These are not exactly remixes but I wish JYP did something to them other than just add them as a filler songs. Other artists do this but I just don’t see the point. Unless the album is repackaged or it’s a “Best Of” album, I don’t see the need to add these in just to increase the number of songs. Pretty cheap, JYP, and pretty disappointing. Good for people who didn’t buy their previous releases, though.

Overall, 1:59 is quite a good album, but its overemphasis on one theme made it too monotonous and lacking in variety. Some of the rap/monologue parts sound really awkward.  Plus the filler songs were disappointing. It would’ve been better if those songs were included as bonus tracks aside from the newer songs. You can hardly call it a full album. Wheesung’s Vocalate is a full album—all 12 AMAZING tracks of it. Or the likes of GD and Epik High’s. *Jay issue back on* Regardless of the fact that Jay was not there, I think the boys did pretty well. You have to give them props for bucking up after all what happened and keep their composure intact. Except that something is indeed missing especially in their emo-tastic Thriller video. The elements were all there—some acrobatics, cheerleader formations—but it simply lacks zest without Jay. But that’s just me.
For now, let’s leave all the shoulda, woulda, coulda. He’ll be back when he’s ready, but if not, we’ll just have to respect his decision.  Give the boy some time to rest. He said so himself, dance is his passion, so in whatever way or form, music will come back to him… and one day, we just might see him doing what he loves best. *This is a photo manip by the way, superimposed on Junho’s body*


On a more brighter note, 2PM IS BACK Y’ALL!! So this calls for a 2PM gif attack!


Taec hearts you!

Work it, ssanti Wooyoung!

Khun’s “that’s effing ridiculous!!” look LMAO

Chansung: Lick it, if you like it.

2PM FIGHTING! Your leadja Jay hyung is right behind you all the way.


P.S. Like the album/mv or not?

cr: (Trans of Jay as Marketing/Taec teaser) saradah@2oneday (Source) MK news, bluejaymiesky.wordpress.com for the teaser caps

13 Responses

  1. Ah Junho, You’ll become the most popular guy now (??)
    Junho, my first love in 2PM XD
    Didn’t listen to the album because I won’t buy it until Jay is in ~ But I finally watched the MV &… I was disappointed XD So many fans told us that it was EPIC, UNBELIEVABLE, NEVER DONE IN KPOP…
    Yeah… don’t like the rap, weird movments & overacted (overplayed?) in the beginning (I hate this part!)
    But globally I liked the MV =D I feel that I would like more if Jay was in, as a perfect Jay fangirl ~
    I just think that at the beginning it was JYP’s decision to quit (J; had to leave xD) , & “we should respect Jay’s decision” dosn’t exist in my world, I won’t respect JYP’s decisions .
    But what he told yesterday make me waver ~ not the fact that ‘it was Jay’s decision” (even the MC Kang Ho Dong doesn’t seem to trust in JYP’s responses… But srly, his expression was heartbreaking, he was really sincere in his questions, as if it counted for himself XX :s) but the fact that he has the intention to bring him back when the time is right for J. & for Koreans… I really don’t know what to think. What it gets me angry, is that a lot of fans thought ALL fans who support the boycott didn’t think about the fact that Jay has to rest for a while in Seattle.
    wth, yesterday I mainly heard some “If”s. That’s not an assurance.
    The question is for me : “Could he say an other word that IF at his time?”
    Even if it is for increasing the saIes, I doubt a lot…~ & the fact that technically he ANSWERD us…
    I’m waiting for the response of K-Hottests.

    • Hi dear!!! Nice to hear from you!! TRUE. JYP seemed sincere, and I’m sure things have been hard on him as well. As a producer and on the business side, he might have made some manipulation/mistakes but really don’t know. As a person/hyung to Jay who spent more than 4 years under his wing for sure they must’ve developed a close relationship. It’s easy to see that JYP keeps a nice personal relationship with his artists behind the scenes, even Rain who’s out of JYP Ent is still in good terms with him. I’m sure those who boycott have their reasons, and I read a statement that they don’t actually want Jay back now, just a clearcut explanation from JYP. About the “IF,” I think even now it’s hard for JYP to say because we’re talking about Korean nationalism here, even if the young, more open-minded people understand Jay’s situation, we can’t disregard the fact that there will still be some people out there who won’t forgive and forget. SIGH. Only time will tell.

  2. I say it’s oookkkaaayy. I cracked up at the last picture of JAY XDXD The hair is SO NOT him.
    The thing is, the music video actually grabbed my attention way more than the song Heartbeat itself. I mean, it’s really new and all, and Chansung’s rap is really unique (i didnt like it at first. but it clung onto me and now i love it) but the video (despite all the cobra weird violins with no meaning, its actually better than the song itself.
    However, i hated taec’s hair ><

    • LOL yeah the vid speaks for itself. The song hasn’t really caught on me yet, but the part where Chansung kind of moves Taec’s head away in the beginning was so sexxily done lol if that makes sense. I agree what is up with Taec’s hair? one minute he has silver highlights then the next he has clips on the side, then ear candy hair.. I think the vid is very JYP as in Park Jin Young (like his Kiss me/Honey mv) style of weird, attention-grabbing but kinda cool, like by the end of the vid you go… wtf… cool. I did find the whole heartbeat motions/sounds a bit overdone, and there were some scenes were they were overacting. But I did like the choreography for the chorus though.

      • i just realised what the whole thing reminded me of. The rise of the undead >< Especially the part where Chansung raps and moves taec's head away. I wont really have finished listening to the whole song if it wasn't for the music video.
        The suits reminded me alot alot ALOT of joker. Like, not daegu joker's barniness, but a slight madness in it. LOL but sometimes i find the song doesnt go with the tune or smth. And even though taecs rap's full of emotion and such, i just didn't 'feel' it like A&A.

      • LOLOL so true about the snakeskin suits! Goodness. I swear they look gawdy and kinda like those old men wear in casinos? But yeah maybe it’s supposed to make them look dark or something but the color OMG that kind of green (is it even green?!) makes me think of moss. TRUE about Taec’s rapping here. Like I said, it just sounds awkward, like he’s a bit embarrassed to be dramatic or something. Not bashing or anything, but you can hear it in his voice, like he’s not comfy or he’s shy—like he’s not into the song himself. But it IS difficult to incorporate acting, rapping and trying to express that kind of emotion all at the same time…

      • Ahahaha snakeskin… more like clown suits. I don’t understand that concept at all. And the pony tail thing was funny on Yamapi for like 5 seconds in nobuta after that it should’ve been buried along with sandara’s coconut tree disaster lol.

  3. hi this is my first comment here, i think..i used to follow ur lj for jpop news but nowadays i think u’re more focus on kpop, pssst…i got into 2PM because of ur WildBunny post, good times. i’m completely in love with their dorky-ness.
    Okay aside from Jay, i miss him sfm and all, on to real comment about the album.
    HeatBeat, honestly i’m not really feeling it, the rapping kind of weak and all over the places, yeah the chorus really growing in you but for some other part just weak, not really a good come back song, but hey what do i know. The MV…LOL…i get that their concept zombie, resurrected from death or whatever but the cheerleader pyramid kind of lulzy, i was like wth when they form the pyramid, and their hair…what happened to my beast oh gawd pony tail??somebody fired their hairstylist LOL.
    Tired of Waiting…LOVE it, its my official jam, i even sang with lyrics gawd since when i’m fluent in korean.
    All Night Long…whoaaa such a sensual song, seriously JYPE give us the damn mv that include showering/rain whatever that requires the boys to take off their clothes, i volunteer to be the girl that they take to their room. my i suggest Chansung to be my partner??
    Ahh the other song not so bad…but nothing really stand out, i enjoy it very much tho.

    overall the album give a really dark and depressed vibe…i don’t know why i feel this.and yeah there’s a obviously something/someone missing, i feel like this album hasn’t complete.

    and Junho u’re hot and all but Maknae has the best comeback image ever!!
    Chansung stop posing topless and making sexy faces, noona has a very dengerous thought whenever looking at you

    god that was a long rant ;p

  4. Oh man I’m torn with the MV and the whole album. I liked some things in the MV but i totally despise the stupid ponytail and the checkered suits. I’m glad you said something about the monotony of the album. It’s like, yeah, you’re missing a crucial member and you’re telling everyone to move on but you’re still using his absence as marketing device.

    No doubt I’m still going to keep singing “You can hear my heartbeat~ it’s waiting for you!” but the rest of the album are just a tad draggy.

  5. hi dearie..thx 4 reviewing this.. to be honest I was not ready at all (at least from my side) to welcome this comeback..i guess i just need more time to accept the fact that there’s no leader in this album..i can’t help to keep all my 2pm’s songs in my folder n their cd in my shelf just bcoz i feel so sad when i hear Jay’s voice..

    anyway, i can’t avoid their music show comeback..n I am sorry to say that Heartbeat doesn’t work for me.. >.< i think they shud pick other song as their comeback song..my say..yet, other fans might think the opposite..anyway, i still wish the rest 6 members gluck..

  6. Loved the album especially, I Was Crazy About You, Tired of Waiting (sounded similar to I Hate You), I Hate You (Longue Mix) and Back 2 U.

  7. I love the “Khun’s “that’s effing ridiculous!!” look LMAO ” GIF! He looked so incredibly hilarious. I love me some nichkhun.

  8. Thriller Videos are always great, i love those dancing zombies “”

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