Cover up! Part 1: JPOP and KPOP’s BEST and WORST album/CD covers and photos

They say that YOU CAN’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Well, there are exceptions to that rule – when it comes to choosing album/ CD covers. That is, of course, if you’re not familiar with an artist and if you haven’t heard his or her music yet, what else can you do but look on the cover? That’s because it is (or should be) a reflection of what the artist is all about – as the cliche goes, a picture says a thousand words. It’s different when it comes to choosing BOOKS, because you can always read the summary at the back, or if not, read the praises/comments by book critics. But for music? Well, reading a few song titles and their time duration just won’t be enough.

Don't Cover it!


Fandom of DOOM: JPOP and KPOP’s deranged fans

I’ve mentioned before that I find something problematic with the term “idol” since it connotes some type of worship to the so-called “demi-gods” of entertainment industries, well, even the word “star” (at least to me) seems to pertain to people of a certain level high above us common people – stars that are hard to reach, aspirational for us in their blinding greatness.

The fun taken out of being a fan

Hallyu Craze Part 2! Fiercest Korean Celebrity Women

As a continuation of our show of love for Korean showbiz, let us get drifted off by the wave once more, and this time, I couldn’t let our lovely Korean ladies get left behind. The thing I noticed about Korean female celebs is that they are very updated when it comes to fashion. They wear fabulous pieces straight off the international runways. Their style, at least based on my own observation, is not as extreme or adventurous as the Japanese, but sometimes they can be fashion forward as well.


Let’s go Hallyu!! Hottest Korean Celebrity Men

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

How are you guys? Sorry for the scarce posts lately, work has been keeping me. Well, not that this isn’t also work, but… Anyway, even a week or so without spazzing about pop culture feels like forever!

So… as a special treat and for a change of pace, here’s a run down of the hottest Korean male celebrities to ever grace the industry. We’ve been ogling and drooling over Japanese artists for a while and now it’s time to go overseas! Watch out, it’s gonna be quite a long list! Koreans never seem to run out of eyecandies, which makes you wonder – what are they feeding these guys anyway??

Show some Korean love!

Are you FOR or AGAINST Fanservice?

“Fanservice” has become a very familiar, widely used word in the dictionary of JPOP entertainment, in the same way as the words“fangirl” and “fandom” are heard in practically every conversation. Kinda makes you wonder what else can people affix with the word “fan.”

Well, fanservice is not known so much as word, but is more understood really when it is seen or watched “in action.” But for a change, let’s take some time off just watching and look at it in a different light.

Fan-tastic Fan-service = Fan-girl nosebleed

Most Fabulous Celebrity Photoshoots

Looking at my previous posts it seems like I rant-slash-rage a lot like I’m about to pounce on someone, so before my blog gets tagged with an “anti” theme, let’s focus on the positive for a change. But of course, as they say, “It’s hard for a leopard to change its spots” – so I think I’ll run back to being snarky soon, lol.

I’ve scoured a few photos of JPOP stars and I must say they were AMAZING. They went all out with the overall style, and it’s pretty obvious that they thought the shoot concept very well. Real creative. Quite a far cry from the usual tilt-your-head-cutely-and-smile-widely-at-the-camera style of stars in their photos.

Prepare to get starstruck!

Last Friends Last Episode Review

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

This review is probably a little late, but I’m hoping everyone’s watched the last episode so that I won’t pester LF followers by dishing out unwanted spoilers.

Prepare yourselves my friends, this review is going to be quite a long ride.

We're all prisoners of love