Gossip Girl invades Asia

Wakey wakey fellow gossip mongers!

This is your one and only source to Manhattan’s hottest and richest elites. This just in. Seems like the Big Apple isn’t the only place where these young blue bloods are breeding. I was nosing around sniffing for some of the latest scoop (like I always do) and chanced upon this Korean fashion magazine spread that featured the gorgeous hazel-eyed Go Ara. Can I just say fabulous, dahling.

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Now and Forever: Celebrity Wedding Photos!

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

I am very excited to present to you this special post because it’s about a very special occasion – wedding. Almost every little girl dreams of the perfect and most romantic day when she will walk down the aisle towards the man she really loves, and who loves her in return. Well, we’re not limiting weddings to man-and-woman, as long as love’s concerned, gender, race, age, religion and the like do not really matter. Some may prefer to get married, some may not. Weddings also come in different forms, some may want to do it the traditional way, some may want it in an out-of-this-world and unique ceremony.

So! For today we are allowed to get sappy! Through out this post I will put up some of the best wedding/love quotes from famous people, just so we can get into the whole wedding feel.

Here are the wedding photos of our favorite celebs, whether in their real-life wedding or just in the photoshoots, I worked real hard to find these pics and I got blown away. I hope you will like them too!

Here comes the bride!


P.S. More Hayami Mokomichi Please!

Due to insistent public demand, here are more beautiful images of heartthrob Hayami Mokomichi, who have captured girls’ hearts. I have extra time today so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put up a mini-post.


It’s in the JEANS: Korean and Japanese celebs smoldering hot in their jeans

Jeans are a classic. It’s a fashion must-have. No longer are they meant for casual wear, nowadays, they can be dressed up and made for a more glam look. This post was inspired by the time when I made a report on Jeans as a revolutionary type of clothing that changed the way men and women dress. Before, it was only men who usually wore them, but as time progressed more and more women were seen wearing a pair. Women were able to move better and feel better. Just a little trivia:

During the James Dean-John-Travolta-Grease fame, Blue jeans were worn by teens as a form of symbol for their rejection of conformity. Back then, and even until now, Jeans equals COOL. Or HOT, however you may look at it.


Chibi Kawaii Overload: Japanese stars and their childhood photos!

Hey hey gorgeous people!

Let’s go back to our good old Japanese entertainment posts so I have to shut up talking about myself. Our theme for the moment is (drum roll please….) ~ Celebrity chibi cuteness and their most amazing (whether good or bad) transformations. Just a disclaimer, this is NOT one of those nosy investigations probing into the question of who among these stars took a visit to the doc and had plastic surgery. Whether they did or not is not our damn problem as long as they keep giving us the goods, lol.

Asian Celebrities: Who’s the real deal or the real copycat?

I have to make this post quick since I’m not using my own laptop at home and I have tons of work piled up. But oh well, the fun should never stop, lol.

They say IMITATION IS THE BEST FORM OF FLATTERY. But sometimes, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH flattery, or better yet, we are reminded of the statement : Flattery will get you nowhere. In this case, some Asian stars seem to look up to their western counterparts and sometimes may appear too much the same as they are – whether it be in music, videos, choreography or in their overall style.

On the other hand, copying doesn’t have to mean getting someone else’s ideas and claiming it as your own. It could also reflect some kind of INSPIRATION. Or perhaps it could be a form of tribute, a recreation or reinvention.

DISCLAIMER: Some of these images if put side by side in comparison may be pure coincidental, we don’t really know for sure.

Cover up! Last Part: JPOP and KPOP’s BEST graphics/ animation album/CD covers and photos

Okay, this may seem like a spam post (SO SORRY!xdxd) but I promise this will be the last part of the cover album post special I had going on. This time, it’s all about the graphics and computer image skills left in the hands of celeb’s album cover makers. The Larc en Ciel one should be in this category, but I put it in the previous post because it kinda fit in the mood of the other artistic/ melancholic ones.

Animate your music!!