Year of the Ladies

Hello gorgeous people of the world! It’s only a matter of time (well, literally) before the new year starts! So while we wait, let’s countdown to some of the ladies in the KPOP and JPOP celebdom who have caused quite a stir in the year ’08!

First up! LEE HYORI and her new man.

Countdown to '09 begins!


KPOP and JPOP’s random cuteness”v”

Hello gorgeous people~~

Boy am I so glad to be able to come up with another post without such a long interval! That’s how much I miss you guys! If you missed this LJ’s previous format, the "ranking posts," the one that started it all — I’m more than pleased to present to you my early Christmas gift! I really worked hard in making this so I hope you all enjoy! And since this season is all about happiness and all things glittery, I compiled some stuff that I hope will surely make you smile:) Okay, okay, my inner cynic, dark witch of the west self is on vacation leave for a while so I will keep the snide comments at a minimum – or at least I’ll try to, LOL.

My name is RAIN.

What’s up, fandom?

I’m baaaaack!!! How is everyone doing? I’ve been in fangirl hibernation for the past few months, can you believe? I mean, seriously. Imagine how it feels like to be cut off from all that glitz and jazz of gorgeous drool inducing hot idols in the idol world and all you get each day is a moundful of workload, an evil grin from your co-worker and a weird look from the person next to you on the train – I’m fandom deprived, driven to the edge of my sanity and quenching for some Jpop Kpop action!!! Ugh. Okay. Got a little overexcited there.

Hello Fandom!!