Shige a sex addict?

Can’t believe I missed this news!! This came out April 16, so I’m guessing a lot of fangirls have already had their grubby hands on this info. Nothing attaracts attention more than the words "idol" and "sex addict" put together. I mean this is the summer-singing-plastic-fur-wearing NEWS member we’re talking about here, people!

First there was the DV-rapist Nishikido Ryo smashing and punching girls in a drama. Then there was Shige.

An idol having sex? Blasphemous!


KPOP and JPOP’s Girl-Boy Lookalikes!

Hello gorgeous people of the world!!

I know, I know… I promised to keep updating regularly but for a while nothing interesting’s been happening in the K/JPOP world except for a slew of shotgun weddings, "comebacks" of stars which were never really gone, and sprouting of wannabe "rookies" promising to be the "next big star". Anyways, so I whipped up this special project and put a twist to the usual celeb-lookalikes posts – and instead looked for male and female stars who may have some resemblance to each other. I may have bitten more than I can chew!! Whew it’s so hard to look for the right angles and poses! But here goes!

Mee neee my neee moe…. Who’s the boy and who’s a hoe? (Okay, lame attempt at rhyming)

Another JPOP celebrity wedding

And no, thank goodness it’s not a shotgun wedding