The next “beastly” stars: Make way for B2ST!

Everybody deserves a second chance. And this new group from JYPE’s sister company Cube Entertainment, proves just that. All eyes are on B2ST, the semi-rookie group that’s set to conquer the KPOP scene once more.

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Korea Dream Concert Project!


Dream Concert is coming up, and it sucks that I’m half-way around the world so I couldn’t be there. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have inside access and get the lowdown on all of the fun!

Countdown to the Dream Concert on October 10 begins!!! I’m planning to make a special correspondent post where people who will be attending can tell us their fan accounts and share their vids/photos of the event! It’s gonna be spazztastic! We can do it in an interview format or like a guest writer kind of thing.

If you’re going, or you know someone who’s going, and if you’re interested in sharing your story, e-mail me at, or add/send me a direct tweet via!

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If I can go there…. Y’all know who I want to see:

Hot new stuff! Yamapi’s first solo concert and new single!

What better way to start my comeback to JPOP posts than news about NEWS’ hotshot, JE’s golden boy, leader Yamashita Tomohisa? Check out his itinerary and more about his rumored lady love!

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Calling KPOP fans to support Filipinos!

Just a day ago in the Philippines: 73 dead, more than 300,000 displaced by typhoon Ondoy. The numbers keep increasing, and there are still a lot of unconfirmed casualties. The killer typhoon dumped more rains than hurricane Katrina. *UPDATED with status of FT ISLAND in the Philippines news & VJ ISAK coming to the Phil-Korea festival*

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2AM goes GLOSSY!

…in the magazines, that is. It hasn’t been long since their Men’s Health photoshoot has been released, and now they’re already gracing the covers once more, this time going for a more classy and old world look. With their upcoming comeback, they’re getting their name (and bodies) out there. THEY ARE SIMPLY EVERYWHERE. But we’re not complaining.

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The next big stars part 1: More about MBLAQ!

World star Rain has been grooming these five boys under his own company, J Tunes Entertainment for over two years. Being the first group to debut under his guidance and training methods—THE PRESSURE IS ON. You’ve seen some of their photos, read snippets about them, and you’re still clueless. I rounded up more info and TONS of pics so that we can get to know them better. And yes, I was serious when I said I am sick of all the new girl groups.

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KPOP showdown: Male solo artists edition!

Girls! Let me show you somethin’! You ready?

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