KPOP trends: WTF idol hairstyles

Hair, there and everywhere! Idols are made to stand out—whether it be in their music, concept or outfit. But nothing gives a really loud statement than having a hot hairstyle that will be the talk of KPOP town and will be seen on the streets the next day. But sometimes, idols are at the mercy of relentless and tyrant hairstylists who create downright atrocious looks that will make you go… “WTF!!??!!”

WARNING: The following visuals contain highly blinding and intensely colorful images that may cause you to be scarred for life. For your protection, please wear UV and LOL-ready sunglasses. Floatingstars will not be responsible for any violent reactions that may ensue. Oh, and:



Idols change their hair color every time they make a comeback to create a bangin’ impact. One thing’s for sure, though. At this rate and amount chemicals washed on their hair, they’d probably go bald before the time they reach forty!

SUPER JUNIOR RAINBOW: Hit or a miss? This photo kind of reminds me of those posters you’d see in beauty salons! Sungmin, even with the weird hair actually looks pretty cute.

U-Kiss just recently made a comeback with new hairstyles and colors in tow. The silvery color worked on Eli though. And Kevin… used to think he looks a bit… too girly, but now… Well, still a bit girly, but only a bit. The rest… I don’t even know all of their names to begin with. LMAO. The boys are quite good especially with their more mature comeback (their debut was cheesy to the max good grief!?!) but too teeny boppy for my taste. I do really LOVE their new song though!

😡 Note to Jaejoong—Cher called. She wants her wig back.

FT Islands’ cutie Seunghyeon. I’m pretty torn with this look. On some days it looks good on him, but sometimes it looks like he’s wearing a furry squirrell-like hat.

Key, oh key. I don’t even…. *sigh*

B2ST stylist must have some serious anger management issues. Just. No.

Heechul’s hair is on fire!!

Spaghetti-Os Hongki!


THE SUPER BOWL CUT a.k.a. Mushroom head

Jaejin before and after. STILL WEIRD.

Taemin. Cute boy. But the hair is a travesty. Don’t worry, noona still loves you!

Ever wonder where Kim Bum is? He’s hiding behind this hideous hair. Kim Bum, Seo In Young called. She wants you to stop copying her please.

Again, no matter what Heechul wears or looks like, it’s all in the attitude. He works it!

Key’s upgraded mushroom hair.



DBSK Triangle era. AIIISSH. This is an injustice to them. This is making me angry yo.

You tell their stylist Rain!!!

Speaking of injustice…

Earth to TOP, please come back to earth LOL.

Hongki, bb, I know you’re going for the prince-like look, but this is so much fail.


Someone posted this at KPOP secrets, and I must say, I laughed for a good 10 minutes. It’s so true!!


Okay, these last two idols deserve a category of their own.


I’ll ignore the weird skunk hair just because Micky looks real good sweaty in his come-hither look.


I had mixed reactions about this this Mirotic hairstyle of Micky. I think he rocked it, and I don’t think the other members will be able to carry it the way that he did.

WTF Micky, WTF?!!!!

And of course, this list will not be complete without….



I’ll shut up now and let the images speak for themselves.

Good or bad hair days, we still love our idols. Off-topic: I’m in love with Joon. More than I should be. Seriously. It’s not normal anymore.

P.S. Who do you think had the worst idol hairstyle? Watch out for part 2 of this post! A new male idol hair trend is on the rise!



Sorry I just had to post these (*jawline* dies*):


20 Responses

  1. OHMY GD. I think im scarred for life ><
    Or Junsu's for Only You. xD
    But they rocked it. I think.

    • LOL Taec bias is bias. He looks hot whatever hairstyle he wears. Even the ridiculous earcandy disco hair.

    • AHHHHHHH! Wait, everything i typed just went down the drain. Oh well. Seunghyun. I thought he was Jin at first glance. I REALLY REALLY REALLY THOUGHT HE WAS. The hair, oh the hair. And GD. For the last picture he looks as if he was dressed for halloween as sabrina’s grandma or smth. Someone, please tell TOP (who’s face is just so -drools-) that his head ain’t a place to plant budding weird black round stuff. I liked everything bout Micky’s mirotic hair, EXCEPT for that peice of…red sideburn. xD I was wondering wtf did SHINee’s hair for Juliette. Onew looks fine for ring dong. But Minho, something died up there. I can smell it rotting xD
      And my key. gawd.
      I don’t like Taemin’s either.
      This might be the next era of H.O.T/G.O.D!
      And im not saying it’s a good thing.

      • “I can smell something rotting” …. MAUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAA omg you killed me seriously I was eating my dinner while reading this and I died from laughter for a full 15min I swear nearly choking on my food oh God lol……. I think I just decreased in age a good 10-20 year hahahaha

  2. good lord!!! hahahahha i can’t stop laughing!!! hahaha so funny!

  3. Oh wow. I never knew TOP had that hair plugs phase. I don’t even have any more words for GD… just… ugh… vocab fail. I can kinda understand why DBSK’s in their triangle MV was… anime/androgynous. I guess Jaejoong is probably the only one that could actually pull it off. haha. Hongki having the dashing prince hair is just hilarious that just made my day.

    I’m surprised you haven’t touched upon the ever hair-changing Yamapi. Oh he had baaad hair days back then… perhaps a separate post for Japanese artists?

    • *face smack* I just checked the title of this post and it only said K-pop. Elementary Reading level FAIL. Lol.

    • LOL JE post for another day for sure! I made one wayyy before I included their bad hair decade together with their bad outfits.. but yeah i’ll work on it for reals!!

  4. I should have never seen those pictures of TOP my illusions have been crushed! And Joon worked the side ponytail like no one else! So sexy!! Understandable obsession =)

  5. I’M BACK!!! FINALLY I can leave comments again. lol It took for me to go on vacation finally sit down and write comments lmao.

    Lord, Micky….*sigh, smh, facepalm* I love that pimp to death but my god he’s like stylist dream of people to fuck with in regards to hair. The short do he had back in 07 at certain points was hot. Sometimes with his long hair he looked hot. The skunk look was just terrible.

    I keep cringing look at all those pics….lol

    • Hey Cyn, girl how are you? Was wondering why you’re not around, well except on your show and Twitter! Micky is probably the last person to sit down the hairstylist seat after the four boys so probably the stylist is so damn tired to even think of a nice ‘do for him and half-ass his look LOL

      • I know I suck. Between real work and now show work I can barely keep up with anything anymore 😦

        LOL @ ur Micky comment. That could be true. Maybe he should get up earlier and be first in line so that he can stop that mess.

  6. LOL This post is WIN. I laughed at the G-Dragon pics mostly because not only is he a fashion criminal, his stylists make it worse but Big bang is love so yeah. ❤

    I can't wait for a JE post. Haha! 😀

  7. No comment. Just G-Dragon is the one who needs to REALLY go back to the roots of La-la-la and Forever with You. No more blonde GD!

    • TRUE!! I love the old school Big Bang GD! He was so simple and clean looking back then! Not that he looks dirty now, but before the clothes and overall look didn’t really get in the way of the music.

  8. L.M.A.O! Enough?
    This post really made me laughed like there’s no tomorrow! Bwahaha!

  9. The lolz, ah, the lolz.
    I’m crying. Trying to keep myself from laughing too hard and waking up family.
    I agree with the SHINee comparisons… Taemin has got to get over the mushroom. But I really like Onew’s RDD hair.
    And… far out, GD. Whacko.
    @Micky image #3. Andy Lee called, he said he wants his entire concept back.

  10. G-Dragon has an insane, downright crazy, style but he pulls them off because, well, he has the attitude. One look and he can tell you to go to hell. Not you, of course but someone who pissed him off. I guess it’s all about the attitude, G-Dragon certainly has an attitude–in a good way. 🙂

  11. Woah, what’s that gif of Rain about? Was he acting or shouting for real? I can’t find anything about it, does anyone have the full clip or something on it?

  12. Oh my God this has got to be one of the funniest internet pages I´ve come across in a long time. Seriously, thanks for this, I laughed like crazy for over a half an hour my face and tummy hurts now! LOL where can I find more of you? ;-D

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