KPOP dance trend: Who did the fan dance better?

Before it was the Wonder Girls’ finger pointing dance in “Nobody,” Kara’s cute butt moves in “Mister” and Girls Generation’s famous sexy leg flicks in “Tell me your Wish.” Nowadays, a new dance trend is on the rise. Who does it better?


Brown Eyed Girls “Sign” choreography




The girls are scoring it big yet again with Sign and their fierce fan dance. Right after the mega hit “arrogant hip” dance from Abracadabra, the girls are back with a more mysterious image.


Everyone’s going gaga over what the netizens call “massage dance” where the girls pat their necks with the fan. Idunno what kind of massage is that LOL but props to them for incorporating the fan dance which adds to the song’s mystique.



I personally love BEG’s choreography since their comeback. mystique. It seems like they’re coming up with new ways to present a stronger, sexier femme fatale image. Their military style outfits are also gorgeous! And what’s even more amazing is that when you watch them perform, you can actually hear the sounds of the fans as they open and close them. Props to them for staying coordinated while keeping good vocals throughout the whole song! But their whole routine may not be as strong as Abracadabra in terms of attitude and vibe, but it fits the feel of Sign. Watch it here: Sign live



SNSD in Chocolate Love

While BEG’s fan dance is more melancholic/mysterious, SNSD’s choreography seems to blend a teasing sexy attitude with a little dash of cuteness. They’re working the naughty-but-nice girls image. They were going for the more romantic/enticing dance steps with their feather fans. The whole atmosphere kinda reminds me a bit of Moulin Rouge.



Tiffany and YoonA doing “the cat dance,” so-called by netizens because it’s imitating how a cat does those scratching motions.



I seriously have a huge girl crush on Yuri. You can watch the girls on action in : version 2 of Chocolate Love



BoA in “I did it for love”



BoA’s choreography in this song is all about technique, precision and strong moves. She did it all! The cane, chair and fan dance! Coupled with rain falling down and tight leather, it’s bound to be one heck of an image! Girl is maddd talented! Very strong and fierce!

I can’t find a capture of BoA’s fan dance, but you can watch her amazing moves here:
BoA I did it for love

So! Who do you think did the fan dance better and why?



8 Responses

  1. I actually think BoA did it better, but i don’t think anyone even noticed BoA doing it.
    thats what happens when you desprately try to make it in USA and fails. -tears-
    But BEG’s is wayyyy more popular.
    SNSD did a fan dance?
    I never knew. HEH.

    • I knowww right! She’s so gorgeous! I think the reason why BoA’s fan dance didn’t get noticed is that there were too many things happening at the same time in that vid. It’s like they were trying to show everything she can do in a mere 3-4 minute video. She did the chair, cane, fan routine and did some dance in the rain. Talk about overkill. She’s really a very skilled dancer, if only she focused/emphasized on one aspect it could’ve highlighted the vid.

      • yes >< BoA might be one of the best dancers in Korea's entertainment industry, but SM must learn how to NOT cramp everything in ONE video.

  2. I found BEG’s fan dance quite… boring… lol. Sorry but compared to Abracadabra and along with their “deathly sick” make up it felt very lethargic… I keep wanting to give them lattes or something. haha.

    SNSD’s was engh… ok. Nothing really spectacular but it was cute.

    BoA’s was still the best. Girl’s got energy. I just wished her US debut didn’t fizzle out before she could’ve made any headway. *sighs*

    • LOL the death-look!! Narsha does it best but yeah there were some parts of the dance that were a bit dull. Abracadabra still wins. BoA’s US debut was pretty much doomed from the start. The music was just not working and it did not suit her. And she didn’t take every opportunity for exposure. I read somewhere that she was offered a part in a dance movie but declined it? She was featured in Forever21 website for a while and did some English interviews… But sadly, her market was just not well-defined. And she doesn’t have a solid image. She came out tomboyish in Eat you up, then became a sexy vixen ala Britney’s Stronger vid in IDIFL, & combined the two looks in Energetic. Unlike the Wondergirls who, from the start JYP knew that Disney tweeners will take the Nobody bait. At least they started somewhere. BoA is much much more talented than WG, and it would’ve been a waste too if she just targeted the Miley Cyrus crowd. She should make a Korean comeback. She’ll sweep the rookies for sure!

      • I agree she should’ve come out with a better album with songs that show her powerhouse voice not from the britney spears recycling bin. I do think she’s a little too old (i know she’s only our age eek!) for the tween crowd but she could’ve done something for the older teens/twenties. It would’ve been awesome if she took that movie role!

  3. BoA’s was definitely more exciting, didn’t like SNSD or BEG and they turned Narsha into an emotionless zombie. 😦 So sad, she’s my favourite member too!

  4. Miley is an amazing artist ! “What I need to hear now”

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