Yamapi is loveless?


Yamapi’s newest solo single “Loveless” and its MV are out and it seems like he’s taking things on a whole new level!


When I heard that Pi was releasing another single, I was not too thrilled. I mean, come on. Knowing Johnny’s and its preference for recycling Swedish songs, making the boys gyrate and flail to cheesy dance steps while wearing garish outfits that seemed like it was designed by a drunken fashion coordi… Plus, it’s Yamapi we’re talking about here. With his infamous reputation for  lacking in appropriate facial expressions, he could do better just sitting still and looking hot in front of the camera! But hey, he’s my first ever JPOP crush. So I decided to check it out.

Old boy Johnny seems to be racking in the bucks these days. The MV was filmed in New York, and you can see Pi doing stuff typical New Yorkers do: Go on the subway, ride a taxi (shock!), walk around the streets… It’s quite an improvement from NEWS’ previous PVs that were always filmed in closed sets! And what’s this? There’s actually a girl in there?! Well, she had her back turned while they were doing a slow dance but that’s better than nothing. I think it’s quite unfair how KAT-TUN gets hot girls in their videos while all the other groups had nothing left to do but turn to each other for some boy-on-boy fanservice (which is good too, if you know what I mean). Pi was still his emotionless self, but there were parts in the MV were he actually looks distressed! WOHOO! He’s looking real good in this vid, with a much more mature and manly image. But his hair looks like it hasn’t been washed for days, though LOL. I do prefer his hairstyle in Proposal Daisakusen:

Anyways, on to the song! A lot of people have been commenting that it sounds like a KPOP mid-tempo ballad! Which means that it’s good! I’m not sure if it really does, but I’m just glad it’s not the typical JE gambatte or rock song. But I must admit, NEWS does have some pretty good songs like Weeeek, Summer Time, Cherish, etc. It has a hint of RnB, yet it suits Yamapi’s limited vocal range better. It’s tons better than Daite Senorita, but Daite had this guilty pleasure appeal and a very addicting chorus–daite, daite senorita, tsuyoku tsuyoku hanasanaide!!!~~ That song was a classic. Who can resist Pi grinding his hips in black leather with his chest exposed and with some road kill on his shoulder? Then again, Loveless is not as cheesy as his duet with Kame in Seishun Amigo (which, by the way was the time when Johnny had this thing with incorporating random Spanish themes/words in the boys’ songs). And the dancing! OMG the dancing! *cough*twirling*cough* Sorry I keep digressing. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some JE! Despite all the occasional crap the company releases. The lyrics of Loveless is really lovely: “Our hands have become cold since we parted… now we’ve become strangers…” Overall, it’s a really good song. It shows how much Pi has matured and graduated from his earlier works. It’s a given that he’s not known for his vocals, but at least he’s improved a whole lot. I could imagine Tegoshi singing this song and doing better, but I would just laugh my head off if I see him dancing with a girl like Pi. That would just be so wrong. LOL. I hope Pi gets more stuff like this in the future. Watch the vid with subs here:Loveless

As a bonus, here’s some pics from a magazine featuring the ultimate JE OTP: TomaPi!


17 Responses

  1. Oh i definitely agree that it’s so much better than his past solo songs. I’m still kicking my self over the head with the fact that he was so close to me… and I didn’t know about it. lol.

    God he was cute in a peacoat. >.<;

  2. thx dearie 😀 can’t wait to see the MV link u shared ^^

  3. yamapi was the person who actually pulled me into the Je and jdramas world but i somehow shifted to kpop and kdramas and kind of forgot yamapi existed. but watching this pv i can totally remember why it was yamapi who dragged me in in the first place. he might not have many facial expressions and his hair is horrendous but he’s still HOT. kyaaaaaa. must go watch buzzer beat now.

    • YEAHH TRUE Pi was the one who really pulled me into the fandom! With his dramas, that is. I wasn’t aware of anything JE until he came along! Though I love Nino. Ryo. Ohkura. Takkey!

      • same for me. before he came along i had no idea there was a thing called je. i remember one day my friend asked me to watch hanakimi and i found it to be ok. so i asked for more dramas and she recommended proposal daisakusen. that and yamapi was what got me hooked. before i knew it i watched nearly every single yamapi drama including super old ones like lunch queen and sore wa tatsuzen arashi no you ni. and of course dramas weren’t enough and i found out that he’s from news and of course i had no idea what or who news was. but fast forward 2 years and i’m still in the fandom. haha. but i’m definitely not as crazy now as i was then. thought i should mention that it’s because of yamapi and news that i found out about your site. i guess i’m sort of a silent lurker but i’ve been following your blog since you were on livejournal. to be honest your blog is like my only source of yamapi news now.

        sorry for the super long reply. i think i’m in one of my crazy talkative mode and being along and studying so much is not helping at all. ok. will stop now.

      • Hey it’s okay to be talkative! I love getting comments! It makes me happy when lurkers finally come out of their shell to say hi. LOL. Anyways OMG I first got into Pi because of Nobuta Wo Produce! It’s a must watch! And then of course Proposal Daisakusen was the time when he looked super hot! Real cute series. Back then I didn’t hate Masami as much LOL. And true, right now I’m not as crazy as I was before when I would sleep like 3 or 4 in the morning just because I finished a Jdrama! I’ll try as much as I can to post more Jpop news!<3

  4. finally JE publish a rather expensive PV…maybe not as glamorous as Koreans, but still better considering all their PVs all this time…hopefully they will realize that good PV = good income too!
    Arashi’s albums, dvds, and singles have dominated the charts this year and their record sales continue to break new records in Japan, but JE still made a cheap PV for their new single…
    they must creating a ton of money the way they’re dominating Japan’s music industry… i mean, Johnnys boys are paid by salaries, not profits, so i wonder where did all the money go??? 🙂

    • I ask the same thing for SM artists, LOL. Seriously. JE really DOES have crappy videos. Sometimes they look amateurish, poor boys. But somehow KAT-TUN gets the more expensive-looking ones. Hmmmm. Old Johnny must have favorites? LOL

      • maybe Kattun serve him better?? LOL
        he must use all the money for his own private business, either that or the spent all the money to take care of the boys’ hair and skin…all idols have perfect flipping hair and super smooth skin! just look at nino’s skin!

  5. hey have you seen Arashi’s new PV my girl? it’s got a story in it, better than all their old PVs when they’re just dancing and singing! first Pi now Arashi, have Johnny’s finally see that good PV is a must nowadays? yay!!

    • wow i’ll have to check the new arashi pv!!! so excited! Arashi won Channel V’s battle of the pops Japan vs Korea. They beat out the big names like DBSK, Kat-tun, Ayumi Hamasaki, etc. They deserve it!

      • yup” i know 🙂
        and they top all of the DVD sales, single sales, and album sales of the year!!
        they also have new drama starring 5 of them together…
        you should definetely check it out ^^

      • ohhh i have got to get updated in jpop! i’m working on posting more jpop stuff and because of work i haven’t yet sadly. what’s the title of their drama? i love love nino!

  6. the title is last promise,,it’s only an SP tough! i think it’s thriller suspense story….
    i know you love Nino. i’m in my nino’s phase too!!
    and you should check the new picture they released for the drama…naked arashi that makes me go ROFL…oh and damn nino looks like a 15 years old there!

  7. Oh, wow, I haven’t been in the NEWS fandom (Arashi @Q@) or cared about Yamapi in a while, but based on your review I looked up the pv. I think the pv is slightly boring and disconnected and I laugh at Yamapi’s fixation with American but the song’s actually pretty good. :]

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