It’s all about STARGAZING.

Springing from my old LJ (icecapades.livejournal.com), here I am again spreading the J/KPOP craze, spurning wild spazz and advocating worldwide pandemonium over today’s hottest stars.  I changed the website name from icecapades to floatingstars not for just any random reason. I used the name Icecapades in relation to my tagline “Frozen in Time”  and now “Floatingstars” carries the same sentiment.

We all know that stars are lightyears away from us, and we can only gaze up the sky in amazement to get a glimpse of their glory. Just like celebrities, what they show us is only a fragment of who they are. No matter how much we try and try to reach them, they will always be elusive. They are ideals, after all. In short, we only see them through their glow. But that shouldn’t keep us from dreaming. Let’s just say this website is an appreciation of their glitz, or an unabashed expression if their shine is lackluster.

“Every fool knows you can’t touch the stars,

but it doesn’t stop a wise man from trying.”

– Harry Anderson

WHOA. TOO FRIGGIN’ SERIOUS, MAN. Cheers to fangirls! (and boys!)

P.S. I will still be using icecapades as my username. But floatingstars website itself will have much more new features and updates from now on! So yayyyyy!

When you’re sad, lonely or when you just feel bored… Okay I just sounded like an infomercial for a dating site LOL:

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and e-mail me at ikuzoyori@yahoo.com!

The crack lives on.

The crack lives on.


27 Responses

  1. Wondered if you’d like to link share with AA-CHAN 🙂


  2. Hello,
    Would you like to exchange links with my site?

    Please let me know if you are interested…

  3. just love u ^^~

    • hey hey thanks so much for your comments! really i’m really flattered that you read and left messages in a lot of my posts! i’m amazed you were able to tolerate my randomness! hope to see more of you here! cheerios!:D

  4. lol yeah i commented a lot, i’m at home in bed with a bad cold and it’s raining outside^^ don’t worry all the eye candy is making me feel better

  5. hello~
    would you like to exchange blogrolls with me?

    my blog is @ kpoprants.wordpress.com


  6. and I’ve added yours ^^
    thx and I’ll see you around!

  7. Wondering if you might help me promote this:


    I could use the promotion 🙂

  8. Hello Floatingstars,

    We are planning to make a Collaboration with the best and greatest KPOP Bloggers in the industry.

    If you are interested to join the KBlog Circle Project, kindly email us so we can put you up in our conference schedules.

    Thanks and Have a Great Day!


    Eunice Kim
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  9. Hey there! I’m NyNy!
    I like your site and I will add it to my blogroll. I also wanted to ask who made your signature? I would like mine re-done.

    Want to share links? I own a J-Pop/K-Pop critic blog, NyNyOnline: http://nynyonline.wordpress.com/

  10. Hello~ I was looking around and really liked your article’s. I was wondering if I credit, may I re-post some of your material?

  11. Hii!!! i really don’t know how i ran into your website but i have to say it’s so entertaining and informative, i love it 😀 and i don’t know if somewhere i read you lived in LA or if I’m making that up but i don’t care as long as there is a fellow kpop fan in the united states, it makes me happy! 😀 I’m totally bookmarking this or following your livejournal cuz this is some good stuff xD feel free to send me a message whenever! take care!

  12. hai,,,i bump into ur blog by accident! i’m new to the fandom world cause i’m attracted by arashi…i’m wondering if i can repost your Revisiting fangirl loves past: Special Arashi post in Jun Online? Thanks…

  13. Just sending a greeting from Woohoism to my old buddy here^^ (lool..am I even considered your buddy haha!!)

    Like always..i enjoy reading your post >.<

  14. hi, are you accepting for any link exchange/affiliates?
    We have this, Ichigo-Box that offers free downloads of Kpop & Jpop stuff. We would like to be affiliated with you. Just let us know and we will definitely add your link on our blogroll.

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  15. Chicka! Where are you!?

  16. hellooo…i was just wondering what happened to you/your site?? have you completely stopped posting? it’s quite sudden haha. i liked reading your articles so yea!

  17. Please add my new link: http://nynyonline.mabdese.net – blog is not complete though

  18. dearie…so..hv u really stopped blogging or what? drop me an e-mail if ure free 😀 ❤

  19. hi i hope that you start blogging again. it is here where i discovered T.O.P. totally missing you!!!

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