Another shotgun wedding in JPOPdom and Utada news

More updates!

It only seems like yesterday when we found out about La Leah D.’s shotgun wedding. Now, another celeb couple has followed suit.

Is it the latest trend in JPOP?


wtf: SNSD and Harvard, Kimutaku and Beyonce?

Holy moly. Or should I say OMGee? Sorry I can’t help but say that, lol. And we thought economic recession was on everyone’s minds. Everyone is hypnotized. Father SM has unleashed his spell for worldwide domination. And it sounds like "Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby…"

Apparently Harvard students went to Korea for the sole purpose of meeting the 9 lolita-but-not-so-blatantly-lolita Girls’ Generation and ask them to teach Gee’s dance steps.

Harvard. Law students. Really.

Special Full Review: BOA’s US Album

When news broke out that Boa is officially going to “crossover” into the US music market, I was a bit surprised. Is she even ready? Vocally and overall talent, definitely a resounding yes! But language-wise and adapting to a major change in fanbase, perhaps not. I mean, it’s more than just cultural differences – expectations of the general US public and media are totally different. Her launch was only a few months shy of Se7en’s announcement, although Boa revealed that her US venture was 2 years in the making.

So now that she just jumpstarted her US career, the question in everyone’s mind is:

Who is BOA? No, seriously. Who IS BOA?

Icecapades special: ALL ABOUT BOY BANDS

In celebration of icecapades’ first anniversary, this post is dedicated to the very thing that keeps us fangirls alive – boy bands. If not for them we could be dissipating off the face of the earth by now, or probably living a life that is more productive (whichever way you may look at it). In my previous posts we’ve defined pretty much a lot of words in this LJ’s Pop terminology: Fangirl, Fanservice, Fandom, Gravure models and Idols. This time, let’s look at an entity, which is more like a phenomenon really, that’s has been so embedded in our (at least in J/Kpop world) everyday language that we take it for granted.

So what exactly IS a boy band?

One year and 3 days icecapades anniversary!!!

You know how they always say that time flies so fast when you’re having fun – and this day for me proves just that. It’s March 22. How is this date significant, well, I am not quite sure myself but it’s 3 days late of icecapades’ anniversary!! I first started on March 19, 2008! OMG I can’t believe I totally forgot about it. Yes, it’s been a whole year since I first “debuted” in the blogdom, though its success has yet to be proven, I must say that I am truly grateful for all the readers who’ve been reading my posts so far. I’ve received all sorts of comments, from the worst bashing to the highest level (courtesy of our dear diehard fans who antagonize freedom of expression) – to the best words of encouragement from those who truly know what it means to be a fan. I remember wanting to just stop posting but I guess my love for Asian music and all its LOL factor always wins in the end.

Overdue Reviews: Battle of the boy bands!

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

I’m back! Well, after some LJ withdrawal I suppose. It’s not that I wasn’t updated with the goings-on of Lala fandom land, life just happens. You don’t know how long I’ve stared at my computer with the blinking cursor sort of hypnotizing me while I try to come up with something to say just to get me started.

Long post ahead!

Icecapades on Twitter!

Hey everyone!!

I’m so so sorry for my lack of posts lately. Work has been a bitch and I can’t sneak in a few random fangirl rants and raves while I’m on some trips. I promise I’ll be posting a lot of stuff pretty soon, so please watch out for it.

Anyways, I have succumbed to the twitter bandwagon!! So if you want to follow the workings of my brain that always goes haywire every other 10 seconds, click on and follow me, baby!!

If not, then. oh. we’ll not be tweeps! LOL!

I miss your comments so much my dear readers!! I have a few reviews and updates coming up, so “see ya” soon!!


~ icecapades