Here comes a new joint right here! It’s MBLAQ!

MBLAQ fangirls, get your right-click function ready ’cause here’s an early Christmas treat brought to you by yours truly for y’all! G.O.O.D. Luv mv screen caps and more MBLAQ goodies!

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When the Wonder Girls were still “cool”

Not that they’re not “cool” now, but I mean “cool” as in they had the look and vibe that gave them ’nuff street cred. And yes, even before their hyped up image of glittery, frilly dresses, wigs, stockings and their annoyingly addictive sound, the Wonder Girls made real good music.

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See you After School!

Recess is over and it’s time to go After School. Back with a new, more mature look and with two new students in tow, the girls are set to heat things up in the KPOP campus.


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From boys to men: U-KISS

Just when you think KPOP’s got more than enough boy bands, U-Kiss comes along with a stronger image to make themselves stand out from the rest of the pack. They went from tweens singing “Not young,” to being teeny boppy, fruity, old school kids—and now, they’re crooning about being pissed off at a girl to going clubbing after being single. Talk about going complete full circle!


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KPOP dance trend: Who did the fan dance better?

Before it was the Wonder Girls’ finger pointing dance in “Nobody,” Kara’s cute butt moves in “Mister” and Girls Generation’s famous sexy leg flicks in “Tell me your Wish.” Nowadays, a new dance trend is on the rise. Who does it better?


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Backstage and behind-the-scenes series 3: Down time with MBLAQ!

Yo amigos… It’s MBLAQ!

Jay Park, where you at?

Just recently, KBS showed in their Sunday broadcast the one man everyone’s been talking about—2PM’s former leader Park Jaebeom’s life in Seattle, just two months after his MySpace controversy broke out.

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