Welcome to the Idol Ponytail Club!

In the ever-changing style of KPOP, yet another
trend in hair style is sweeping the male population. Ponytails can either make a guy look girly or even more manlier, it all depends on who’s wearing it and the attitude that comes along with it. Jump in the bandwagon and see if it’s hot or not!

Jang Geun Seok

He’s so beautiful. Sorry for the lame pun LOL. He just is. My current addiction to the drama Minami Sineyo has reached its peak, causing me to have withdrawals and violent sweating and shaking whenever I miss an episode. This guy is pure charisma! One pout is enough to send fangirls rolling on the floor!

Lee Hongki!

Speaking of the drama, Hongki a.k.a. Jeremy is so darn cuuuteee fufufufufu~~~ kekekeke~ (loss of words/ IQ drops 709132749 points) He used to wear ponytails a lot in their debut days. Look how young Minhwan baby is! First time I saw FT Island I was like, “Awww… look at these little boys and their little instruments!” I wanted to reach over the screen and pat their heads! LOL

Lee Teuk

SuJu’s leader teukie always had the same style of bangs but he still rocked the low ponytail, the first pic of him just looks kinda awkward..

Lee Minho

Distracted by too much guyliner. So I have to give this a fail.


Guy needs more love! He looks so adorable even with the silly little ponytail!

B2ST’s YoSeob

Another cutie maknae in the making



The one who started it all. Trying to imitate Dara’s palm tree hair. Adorable, but major fail LOL.

Khun and Junho for Heartbeat promotions. OH NO THEY DIDN’T. WHYYY JUST WHYYY! I can’t stand it. Why do such a mean thing to Khun, who’s already so perfect?! And dear boy Junho doesn’t look too happy with his stylist either! The look takes out the seriousness in their Heartbeat vid which was supposed to be all dark and gloomy. Sheesh.

BUT! Taecyeon worked his double ponytail though! He looked even more manlier and dirtier! Rough and tough! HOT HOT HOT!!!


In my previous posts (long, long ago LOL) I used to do some random rankings solely based on my subjective, selfish, greedy bias—as if that’s not redundant enough. Here are my top 5 male idols who, in my opinion, looks hot in ponytails and actually did it right!


My fave SuJu member perfect from every angle!



Finally these two fashion disasters did something right! In my previous post, both were the top bad hair day idols LOL, but when they work it, they really make it work. HUHHH ?! I don’t think I’m making any sense here LMAO. I guess since GD and Micky are both artistic and individualistic (both have their own little worlds), their fashion forward sense makes it hard for us to digest. Nevertheless, they have the swagger and cocky attitude to pull it off. GD looked extra pretty in Big Bang’s Japanese mv of My Heaven.

HEY HEY MICKY! The pimp is here yo!



What I love about KHJ is that he’s not afraid to try on different hairstyles. Well, I guess when you’re a KPOP idol you’re not supposed to be picky about your hair, and let your fate be defined by your stylist’s Edward-Scissors hand. However, KHJ somehow gives his look his own flavor. He works whatever he’s given. Idunno, his ponytail is bordering on being ahjumma-ish but he’s still very pretty.


TOP 2: T.O.P.

OKAY. BEFORE YOU BURN ME AT THE STAKES AND YANK ME BACK AND FORTH WITH THE RIDICULOUSNESS THAT I PUT T.O.P. AT SECOND PLACE, let me just say that T.O.P. is fierce. As in smex on legs fierce. Heck, I even lick the computer screen whenever he comes on IRIS. Especially when he’s holding that gun—which you can’t help but want to stroke. But I don’t think no one can level the number one’s kind of fierceness.



‘coz he’s not fierce. He’s DIVAAAH.

If this ain’t diva, I just don’t know what is.

Werk it Heenim, werk it!


P.S. What do you think of the varying styles of the male ponytail trend? Hot or not? Who worked it best? Whose ponytail should never see the light of day?

9 Responses

  1. Hahahhahahhahahaha.. You’re killing me floatingstars!this is totally funny. Heechul definitely the queen of kpop! Hail to the queen.I love the last gif image. For some reasons, i think heechul doesn’t need any additional testosteron injected to him, he’s definitely glorious in his diva-ish.

  2. I have one line for heechul ‘nananana the diva is the female version of the hot stuff’

    OH GAWD.

    Heechul worked it (ESP DURING THE U TIMES!), worked it TOO well. He’s just so gawdamned pretty. heh. And the rokkugo times! Leetuek. oh tuekkie teukkie teukkieeeee. On a side note, didn’t SHINee do not-so-pig-tails? xD School of Rock xD

    • LOL Key did the pigtails in School of Rock! He was so pretty it was so wrong! YES. Heechul is the queen. Dang he’s so purrreeety girl *does Kara dance* Just look at him working that long ponytail!~~ And his hand is always on his hips LMAO

  3. OMG!! I totally love this!! and your #1 is my bias!!!

  4. I think Taecyeon definitely worked it the best simply because it just looked so right on him lol

  5. I agree with you so much!
    When it came to TOP at second place I was wondering who else could work the ponytail better than him???
    THEN BAM. Hee Chul.


  6. “Heck, I even lick the computer screen whenever he comes on IRIS.”


    I was also wondering who would beat TOP, totally forgot about Heechul

  7. Just… not hot for me… I can’t help but think of how long and mullet-like it has to be to actually be able to put it up like that…

  8. T.O.P is my bias. And yeah he is fierce. Hands down. Can’t help but stare at his eyes and legs. Hahaha.

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