Toma Ikuta, no longer human?

Hello gorgeous people of the world! I just thought I’d give you a dose of JE fix and fill you in on new developments about Toma Ikuta’s new movie! So exciting!

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Sailor Mars and Kurosagi to hook up?

And I am one happy fangirl.

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Two Ryos in one drama?


Nishikido RYO and Yamada RYOsuke, that is.

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Revisiting fangirl loves past: Special Arashi post

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

It’s just one of those days.  I’ve been feeling the blues lately and listening to sad, sappy songs just makes things even worse. So to keep myself distracted I decided to clean my CD stacks and computer music files. Then I found happiness.


With Arashi, that is.

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Boys to Men: NEWS Koi no ABO and SuJu It’s You Reviews and more

Shige a sex addict?

Can’t believe I missed this news!! This came out April 16, so I’m guessing a lot of fangirls have already had their grubby hands on this info. Nothing attaracts attention more than the words "idol" and "sex addict" put together. I mean this is the summer-singing-plastic-fur-wearing NEWS member we’re talking about here, people!

First there was the DV-rapist Nishikido Ryo smashing and punching girls in a drama. Then there was Shige.

An idol having sex? Blasphemous!

KPOP and JPOP’s Girl-Boy Lookalikes!

Hello gorgeous people of the world!!

I know, I know… I promised to keep updating regularly but for a while nothing interesting’s been happening in the K/JPOP world except for a slew of shotgun weddings, "comebacks" of stars which were never really gone, and sprouting of wannabe "rookies" promising to be the "next big star". Anyways, so I whipped up this special project and put a twist to the usual celeb-lookalikes posts – and instead looked for male and female stars who may have some resemblance to each other. I may have bitten more than I can chew!! Whew it’s so hard to look for the right angles and poses! But here goes!

Mee neee my neee moe…. Who’s the boy and who’s a hoe? (Okay, lame attempt at rhyming)