La Leah D. talks about motherhood and reveals her baby’s name

When Leah Dizon first got recognized in Japan, her website that had tons of her photos got over two million hits. When news about her giving birth first came out in a Japanese site, she got sparse comments. Maybe a lot of people viewed that news page, but nobody really cared enough to say something about it. Sad, sad.

Well, it was inevitable. The Leah hype has gone and turned into dust. That’s just how the biz is. At least that’s the trend we are currently seeing. It’s a different case for hot mommas like Namie Amuro since she’s more or less at the right age to have a child. Let’s be honest. How would you react to news that a hot young thing like Yamapi has impregnated (his reported ex) gravure idol Abiru Yuu, had gone and married her only to tell everyone in a press conference after everything was done?? Or what if one of the DBSK boys got hitched… with another DBSK member?? Oh the abomination of it all! THE WORLD HAS COME TO AN END!!! EVERYBODY RUN FOR THE HILLS!! Wait. That last DBSK one would actually spur street parties with fangirl and fanfic lovers!

ANYWAY. Sorry. My soul left my body for a moment there. Back to the Leah story. In her last interview she said she will update everyone about her giving birth through her blog. In English she writes:

On April 24th I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
To my family, friends, staff and FANS, thank you for your unconditional blessings and support
m(_ _ )m.

I meant to write sooner but I’ve been delirious from sleep deprivation.

Everything is great…

I’m trying to think of a way to describe the last couple of weeks without sounding too cheesy or superficial or cliché but I can’t. I love her. She’s brought new meaning to my life. I can’t imagine my life without her. Every smile, frown, yawn, hiccup, cry … Like all babies, she’s precious, adorable.
She’s my world.
She’s everything.

Her name is Mila. Happy Mother’s Day. She wears ray bans…

Mila, what a simple yet nice name! At least she didn’t name her baby with weird names like American celebs who think it’s cute. Poor kids when they grow up! She didn’t put a photo of her daughter though, but you can tell she’s quite matured from her I-L-O-V-E-U days. I used to think of her as this pretty but ditzy bombshell who doesn’t care about anything except her looks, but that impression has changed quite a bit. True, she was a real bitch material in her car modeling days [there was a youtube vid of her saying the word f*ck you several times as a joke] and don’t even get me started on her salacious photoshoots. But some of her posts are actually quite witty.

Blog photos:

I swear, sometimes her eyes give me the creeps. Pretty, but currreeepy. Meowr.

Leah writes: Perhaps this face will visit you in your sleep tonight

Mommy 101

Leah in her down time

In one of her English posts, she actually writes pretty well:

I looked at her ipod and it looked like what my mother’s ipod would look like if she owned or knew how to use one. I recognized bands like Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, the Doors and the Beatles of course, but I didn’t know who half of the other artists were.
When I asked her she would say, "Oh, that’s so and so … they were like underground ICONS of the 70’s."… many things were followed by, "of the 70’s" or "of the 60’s," or "ネニゥAネニゥunderground." (@_@)

That’s cool though, yeah? To listen to music the general public has never heard of.


Everybody loves POP. Everybody hates POP. Don’t you think so?

Let’s just hope when the time comes her baby wouldn’t google her mom’s photos. A news site said she plans to make a comeback by the end of the year.

This is Bun, her hubby..

Every tabloid said he looked like Johnny Depp. He was rumored to be BOA’s ex-bf. They were photographed kissing at a park. BOA denied the rumors. I think he has that Subaru (of Kanjani8) vibe…

Do you think Leah’s comeback [if that’s true] will be as successful as her debut? What will you do if Pi, DBSK or to any of your fave idols became a baby-daddy?

Ah, such are the questions of life.


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