Boys to Men: NEWS Koi no ABO and SuJu It’s You Reviews and more

Staying alive, staying alive ha-ha-ha-ha staying aliiiiiiive!!!


Sorry for the late reviews. I’ve seen NEWS’ Koi no ABO mv and perf and I’m still a little blind from all the dazzle and glitter. Close your eyes and you would think that the song was sung by Kanjani8. Oh wait, even the images and costumes are so eito! Methinks NEWS has been hanging out a lot with Yoko and got infected with his Kansai-ness. And what’s this….? Are those real live girls I see in the video? Are my eyes deceiving me? OHYAY NEWS HAVE BEEN DEFLOWERED! JOY TO THE WORLD!! Wonder how it was for them to have their "first time" — filming with a girl, many girls in fact.

Reminds me of…

It’s Saturday Night Fever baby!


The Jo Bros., in a 70’s retro prom gone bad. Real bad. I’m looking at YOU Mr. Curly fries.

D.I.S.C.O. Dancing queen Tegoshi can fit right with the Jonas Brothers. Not digging the hair so much, but what-are-we-gonna-do, Tego always likes to stand out . Too bad you can’t see him behind Pi’s long mullet!

Overall, good effort of Johnny to give NEWS some sort of personality, though I can see a little awkwardness here and there. No Massu, you can’t escape from the call of the disco! Somehow Massu is a bit low key here, perhaps because he’s the only one who’s not that flashy, especially with his simple hairstyle. He’s such a shy boy. And Ryo almost looked like he wanted to get the mv over and done with. Shige, omigosh Shige looked like he was having fun — A LITTLE TOO MUCH. He’s actually the only one who fit the whole goofy concept, along with Koyama who got to use his Karaoke adlibbing skills pretty well. Tegoshi looked like he was wondering where the girl got her shoes. While my fave Pi got to let loose for a bit, bringing with him his trademark cups. Sorry, but I think he needs a haircut pretty bad. He’s back to his orange hair days when he was younger, only now it’s way longer.

It’s pretty obvious that Kanjani does the goof a whole lot better, they’re way more natural and less self-conscious, nevertheless NEWS needed the change from their constant cute and safe image. The music… well, NEWS has always done songs that are not as catchy as Arashi’s and not as fierce trying-to-be-sexy as KAT-TUN’s — like I said they’re more on the cute, safe side — in other words, it’s not too bad. But what is up with Japan and their fascination with associating blood types with love? It’s considered bogus in science, though it can be helpful in understanding your personality. Anyways, the song doesn’t need too much thinking. It’s one of those let’s get crazy drunk and go to karaoke bar songs. I wouldn’t be surprised if NEWS recorded this song while on a drunken night out! As for the change, it’s not too drastic as they still retain their childishness but I’m still waiting for the day when NEWS will finally grow up. We all know that JE Ent. aims to maintain that Peter Pan Neverland image, but for how long? The boys are getting older. Shige’s playing a sex addict for sobbing out loud! They can still be fun and wholesome, but a grown-up image and a mature sound would be a very welcome change. Ryo has done it. Musically, I mean. When he composed songs and performed solo. Because part of the fun of being a NEWS fan is that you get to grow with them. LOVE NEWS!<3

In other NEWS, just in case you missed it…

Yamashita Rina, Pi’s younger sister revealed in her blog that she’s a fan of DBSK, particularly Micky and Jaejoong. But of course. While her mom likes Yunho. She also said that she felt bad for Junsu’s injury, but thinks that the show was superb. It was even reported that she watched the concert together with her mom, and no less than Yamapi himself. Though I doubt that Pi would get past a crowd without being recognized, unless he disguises himself as a woman.

But pretty good news, huh? Combine this with Jin saying that he finds DBSK’s music pretty good. So now we know they’re all good. Johnny shouldn’t be worried at all. A little friendly competition won’t hurt. And it’s not like they think of each other as competition, since all of them have a very solid fanbase. In a related post, for more stuff on Rina, she has done gravure photos before. See

…. Now on to another boy band who’s embracing change…



Super Junior IT’S YOU

I must say I’m loving suju’s new image more and more these days. Unlike before when they used to wear explosive outfits which make them even more disjointed, given their huge number. And obviously with a more mature look and sound, they want the audience to take them seriously, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before they go back to their cracktastic selves.

10 things I love/hate about it:

(1) There’s better distribution of lines among members

(2) Their goal definitely has to be being un-Super Junior as much as possible

(3) It still amazes me how the choreographer organizes their dance, transitions and individual placing. Whoever is their choreographer deserves to be built a statue. With that many members one is bound to bump into another. Chaos would be inevitable. So kudos, Mr. choreographer!

But the dance itself is nothing to wow for, Sorry Sorry still shows a bit more precision.

(4) Did you see that girl at the beginning? If you blink you would miss her. SM has this thing about not showing the featured girls in the boys’ (including DBSK’s) mvs too much, unless it’s one of their trainees or at least part of SM. Protection from Cassie-Elf attack, perhaps?

(5) The heart clutching adds a little dramatic touch, but a bit overdone, and some of the boys looked like they didn’t know where their heart is located lol.

(6) Great lighting, adds to the somber tone of the song. Love the empty street, vintage store concepts.

(7) The song is pretty cool, ILOVEIT. I’m glad they didn’t stick to the repetitive trend.

(8) Notice when Shindong does a hand motion while Eunhyuk does a chest pop – that move is SO overdone. Rain has done that lightyears ago!

(9) The drama part – there were so many things happening at the same time! Remember that Christian Bale incident where he cussed the crap !@#$@ out of this guy who passed behind him while he was filming — I can almost relate! So many things going on behind whoever’s singing it’s too distracting! The transitions could’ve been done a lot better, but with limited space and with an overcrowded 7972458 members that’s to be expected!

(10) Similar to number 9, you can find a lot of random stuff in here. Eunhyuk spray painting. WHUT. Heechul’s motorcycle in the middle of the street. Why the hell does he get all the cool stuff while Kang In sits in some random corner and Kyuhyun just walks by aimlessly?

Lastly, OKAY this is the eleventh but whatever. I LOVEHATE the fact that I can name half of the members now! ROFL. But I still can’t tell which one is my favorite. No one stands out that much for me.

Kibum, please throw away that butterfly shirt you’re wearing because it’s just as bad as your acting

This whole mv has a lot of gray in it, but it’s great that they played it up with subtle colors like pink, blue and yellow. Eunhyuk’s gangsta-Big Bang look is different from the rest, but no one can pull it better than he does.

Sungmin, poor boy. They must’ve given him Shindong’s pants by mistake. LOL.

Heechul, is now a man??

No more flashy and color crazy outfits?

My fave part of the song! Oh, Oh, Only for you!

Overall, the understated, loose concept is a welcome breather from their ultra-sleek, perfectly-fit, expensive-looking GQ-style look they had going on in Sorry Sorry. Understated fits the over-the-top Suju best. Fans would probably enjoy their "entertainer" side to them, but it’s great to see a serious, more elegant side to them as well.

Check out the parody of SJ’s Sorry Sorry done by Korean Airline employees. You have to watch this for a good laugh. THIS IS GOLD.

Our last news! This just in! G-DRAGON has joined a girl group!

Oh wait. He just stole Dara’s tattered pants. GD, could you be any more tacky? See through knitted top paired with fur, worn with a terrible perm and an equally horrible facial expression — screams GAY. Just kidding! Come on, tone it down a bit!!

It’s not like they were good pants to begin with.

This is what his hair looks like now. He says it’s boho style. Really? Because I’m pretty sure it looks "hobo" to me.

suju photocredit:


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