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K-Jpop news roundup: La Leah gives birth, Joo Ji Hoon effed up and one random blooper!

Okay Imma make this fast because I’m in a hurry (I’m at work and have a party to go to after, lol).

Our love-hate-love popstar Leah Dizon gave birth to a baby girl on April 24th. She has made her first appearance in a cover of a Japanese magazine, looking like NOTHING HAPPENED. LIfe’s not fair.

Congrats! That’s gonna be a cute baby fo sho! But no one knows if her career’s going to go up from here, especially since her popularity’s already dwindled a bit before she tied the knot. Her latest album didn’t do as well as her first one. But we’ll see. If she makes a comeback as one hot momma, which will be good for her male fans but sucks for her husband who’s gonna see her prance around on TV trying to get back the love of her little otaku fan boys. Mildly disturbing. Here’s hoping that she just stays as a model, which suits her better and spare us the earbleed. Too bad there wasn’t any photo of her baby, but that’s also good so that the new family still have privacy.

On other random news, a rather unusual yet funny blooper made its way onto Korea’s households. While people were unsuspectingly awaiting for their evening news…

“Mirror mirror… who’s the fairest news anchor of them all?”

On Korea’s MBC channel; a news anchor was seen checking on the mirror when the screen was switched back to the set unexpectedly during a live broadcast…

She DON’T look too happy.

It would’ve been understandable if she got caught looking at her script or something but LOL.

You can say anneyong (good bye) to your career now, JOO JI HOON.

After his drug bust a few days ago, party pictures of Joo Ji Hoon surfaced looking drunk, and possibly high, while being rowdy with boys and canoodling with a girl.

How ironic. Joo Ji Hoon is all effed up right now.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with partying, I mean, celebs need to let off some steam. But when things get a lilttle out of hand and when by steam they mean drug fluff, that’s another story. These photos may just be a wild night out they would probably laugh off after getting over a hang over, but with the situation JJH is in right now, it just gives color to what would’ve been a normal wildin’ out night with buddies. Sigh. Too bad, JJH was such a fine actor. I hate it when people notice the girl he was kissing and how unfortunate that "he got caught" instead of looking at the big picture beyond all this. Come on. Let’s all hope he gets what he deserves and pick himself up – those things take time, but it can be done.

FYI, reports say that the not-so-popular model-actress who was smuggling drugs to and from Japan kept the drugs in a tampon/feminine napkin and wore an extra pair of undies so that she wouldn’t get caught. DANG. The things they went through for a temporary high.



Another random and light news, Ha Ji Won cut her hair!! Okay this is definitely not news but I was a bit surprised to see such a drastic change. Though I really think she looks wayyy prettier with long hair on, I’m sure she can rock any look she wants.

Hair today…

Gone tomorrow.

Can you guess which one is Ha Ji Won?

HJW is the one wearing a black vest. The other girl is SeoHyun from Girls’ Generation. Wow, is it just me or are they starting to look alike as SeoHyun is maturing a bit?

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