Fashion Confessions: KPOP color explosion!!


Hello gorgeous people of the world!



I’m baaaccck! Since this is the first post in my new and hopefully upgraded website, I want to start things off with everything bright and happy!




I mentioned earlier that I’m going to add new segments and features to icecapades. This section isn’t entirely unfamiliar, as I have done fashion reviews before, like worst-dressed JPOP celebs and the glittery plastic mess that was the JE fashion post. But I realized that Ihaven’t posted anything remotely positive yet (LOL what does that say about me??!), except for the fierce fashion photoshoots of Erika Sawajiri.

Introducing the new (and first!) feature: FASHION CONFESSIONS!

I have always loved Korean fashion and this I can say without a shadow of a doubt — NOBODY DOES COLOR AND LAYERING LIKE THEY DO. Seriously, if I ever go out on the streets wearing all those colors and layerings I’d look like a fool. I personally like subtle, edgy pieces added to a classic and simple outfit, but that’s just me. Korean celebs and even random Korean people are so stylish and carry their clothes pretty well, even though sometimes they seem over the top. They’re just amazing!

Recent celeb trendspotting: COLOR YOUR WORLD.


For After School’s “Diva” promotions, they showed how coordinated chaos is done. Dang these girls are fit! This concept is quite a mile from their “Pussycat Doll” image, but it still works, because they managed to look cute and sexy at the same time. Park Ga Hee’s the best (leader on the far left of both pics), I love her bright green LV leggings. Even with all those colors they still have at least one uniform color that matches with everyone else so that we wouldn’t get blind with all the rainbow brightness! Diva!



These girls have done the color trend even before everybody did, with their retro throwbacks and mod look. With the photocpy wigs and synchronized dancing, colors did its purpose so we can tell them apart. And just when you think you can’t walk off the door wearing crazy hues, Sohee was spotted by a fashion website wearing this on the streets:

Kinda cute, yeah? It’s kinda one of those “effortless” too-troublesome-to-dress-up afternoon get ups you can wear when you still want to look fashionably decent and not like you just got out of bed.



TOP of Big Bang. He makes wearing pink look good, unlike some person we know (*cough G-Dragon), even when he’s wearing bright red leather. Boy would look good wearing candy wrappers!


These are examples of how NOT to do it:


Rookie girl group 2NE1 and expert fashion disaster G-Dragon. ‘
Nuff said.


Kara has done a complete image overhaul. They debuted as a mid-tempo RnB group, but now they’re all cutesy and cotton candy saccharine sweet. I’m not a big fan, sometimes they come off as a bit unnatural, but their “Pretty Girl” song craze is “pretty” hard to resist, and their layered outfits are well coordinated, giving off that preppy, school girl look — kind of like a more stylish Morning Musume.


JUST A DASH OF COLOR — is sometimes more than enough.



This is another example of how NOT to do the “subtle” color bit splash.

LEE MINHO (of the Boys over Flowers fame) tries to dodge paparazzis and fans by wearing typical incognito sunglasses and hoodie – but oh look! Mismatched orange and green (WTF) rubber shoes?


Basic, darker, colors:
Dashing 2PM and toned down SNSD

over bright and lively?

SHINEE lives up to its name

ROUNDUP: Colors give off that young, energetic touch to any outfit. That is, if it’s done right. If you’re going to wear mismatched colors, make sure you keep it simple in all other areas (except the Lee Min Ho look, lol).

Here are some of the popular Korean trends we can see on the magazines and on the streets, and also my personal faves! Some are translations of what stars would wear, and I think they’re even better and wearable, considering that celebs are styled for performance and TV appearances. In short, these outfits  are less flashy.

LEGGINGS ARE HOT! Literally especially since it’s summer, lol. But it’s a sophisticated look, you can mix it up both ways: if you want to look like a Gossip Girl or a Wondergirl?


Coats are not in season, but plaid is definitely in! Think Kara! High knee socks are a bit too school girl cliche, so pair it with leggings and boots for a more updated look!


Skinnies and boots combo! Just lovely!

Always a classic. Coupled with jeans would make it less formal. Perfect for a first date look. Teehee. ❤

IN DA HOOD. Who says going to the gym is unglam? Layered snug fit sweats and accessories are the way to go! So Korean!





Yes, boys are crazy over skinnies too. Plus high cut sneakers and the scarf trend that just does not die. Bowler hats  make the whole outfit a little more vintage-grunge methinks. Think SHINee and Big Bang.





Scarves make girly threads look cool.




Flat galdiators are out, high-heeled strappy versions are hot! But if I wear them I’m worried I’d fall over, LOL.





But these I love! Very feminine and wearable. You can run around in them too when you’re late — just like I did. Just don’t do it often.





Like I always say, less is more! Little black ribbon detail makes these typical pumps office AND night out ready, lol.

Despite 2ne1’s weird bathing suit over leggings outfit (pic above), their shoes are very trendy! Especially Dara and Minzi’s! (pink, black and green combo and white with cream tassles) Very unique! These pairs will surely make a plain top/dress or jeans stand out!


I love Minzy and Park Bom’s white shoes!!





Wanna look like 2ne1? You can wear these versions for a less space-y look.












I love Brit’s red shoes in If you seek Amy! I can’t find a clearer pic but in the vid it has a cabbage red rose design (I think)!


So, everyone! I hope you liked my Fashion Confessions (rather comprehensive, I think I bit more than I can chew, lol) post!



Questions time!
Which Korean celeb do you think rock the colors best?
Which of these Korean trends would you like to wear?

What do you think about the new floatingstars?


Sorry for the long post, I just thought I’d make the first-ever floatingstars post better, lol. Watch out for the next Fashion Confessions!

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16 Responses

  1. I’ve been reading your posts ever since your first LJ post about the extravaganza that is JE fashion, so I thought I’d just pop in to say hi and welcome you to WordPress. So…HI :D!!

    • hello! wow thanks a lot for reading until now! that JE fashion post was quite a long time ago lol i’m glad you enjoyed it! please look forward for more posts!

  2. Congrats on the site switchover. It’s looks great and the fashion post was fun to read.

  3. Hey, its me from the LJ!
    I am definitely gonna be following you around here *is a little stalker like* LOL
    Sorry, but I dont like pink or red, so those shoes are not for me LOL
    And I TOTALLY agree about 2NE1 and G-dragon…I wanted to cry out in frustration when I saw Lollipop
    I actually don’t mind Younha’s outfit…its just the mv was too bright…*gags*
    My style is with less color…like the greys that SNSD were wearing. I tend to wear more blues and purples…dark colors in general
    As for who rocks color the best, that would have to be After School…they have done a TON of experimenting, and I like all of what they have done…well, except for the teeeeeny tiny clothes during Ah!.
    And I LOVE the new floatingstars so far. Can’t wait for more!

    • hey of course i know you! thanks for following me here! yeah i do agree i like the grey classic, darker tones. i don’t look good wearing pink too, lol. and after school looks good in anything! not too sure about the new girl though, she always looks a little lost lol

  4. Hey floatingstars aka icecapades.This looks wonderful!
    Good job and work hard okey!
    Must be tough compiling all of these…
    Eh…Wondergirls sporting neo-plasticism!
    How weird and cool in a way~

  5. ooooo the place looks great! and i loooove this fashion post 8D especially the shoes!!! i’m a sucker for cute heels xDDD anyway i can’t wait to read all your epic posts again ^_^ ganbatte!

  6. *shoooooeeeees droooooool*

    Well done for your fresh review!! I really enjoy it and waiting for more ❤
    Another clap for you because you succeeded to differentiate all that look-alike korean's girl band. Oh my, there are so many of girl bands in korea right now and they all really look-alike! (or maybe it's about time for me to go to the doctor to check my eyes T_T ??)

    • LOL i sometimes get confused with all the girl groups especially when they’re wearing the same clothes! and i love love shoes! so great of you to drop by here and comment!<3

  7. oh my gawd. i cannot believe i missed fangirling and spazzing for 3 weeks. was so busy and distracted! but anyway i am here following your diva blog again girl lol!
    hey hey i am loving your new blog but holy! i missed out on a lot darn! woot fashion and pop hurrah! it’s like the only two things in the world that truly matter lol!! back when i was in college i was like a big walking collage of crazy colors. I admit i *gasp* sported mismatched Chuck Taylor’s (pink, yellow, plaid, orange, green, grey, you name it)!! so i kinda feel for Lee Minho lol. i love love colors! but thank god i mellowed it down a bit, opting for a little burst of color in my outfit (like this tweed-ish taxi yellow plaid cap i recently scored which is pure ♥)
    so true! most koreans can like walk around wearing anything they want and it will look ferociously well put together but maintaining that i-was-lazy-so-i-put-on-whatever-i-can-find air about it! diva. i love love girl groups and it’s absolutely crazy how many kpop girl groups are either making a debut or a comeback. but i gotta say i love 2ne1 and their fashion! it’s just so edgy and fresh i can’t help but fall in love. and them heels! all girls must be rocking them by now. oh and check out cube’s new girl group 4minute (i know right, i am not loving their name). their fashion do resemble 2ne1’s but it’s a little less in-your-face. and even though i love to hate them, the kara girls carried that preppy cute style well. but SNSD!! ♥ i’m heavily anticipating their comeback! you know how much i love them lol.
    yay britney! yeah when i first saw the if u seek amy music video all i could think about was how those shoes are diva rockin. it was focused on so many times too lol. how can anyone not love them god.

    • lol sorry for another long comment! oh and i forgot to mention that britney’s red petal pumps are Christian Louboutin. diva.
      i’m gonna go read and catch up with all your posts! hurrah for fangirling. =)

    • it’s nice to hear from you again! yeah my first hesitation when i made a huge overhaul to wordpress is that i might lose the already scant readers i have lol but what’s funny is that a lot of them still followed me over here and i got a lot of lurkers according to my dashboard (pretty creepy word but flattering rofl)—anyways i’m rambling.

      yeah after i made this post i found out that they were louboutin (did you know jan di of BoF wore that brand too? God, and she’s supposed to be poor that series!!) i love love heels but my foot eye coordination is zero so i’ll most definitely fall over! and yay for chucks! i had a chucks phase too i just like pairing them with faded skinnies for a grunge look but i never tried mismtaching them though. poor lee min ho! i guess he showed how NOT to do it lol! 2ne1’s space shoes!!! it’s the second thing i noticed after dara’s fur and tattered pants lol! i love the lesser versions i found!

      i checked out 4minute and i don’t think they’re half bad, it’s just wrong timing to debut right after 2ne1—i’m sure 4minute’s fashion had been conceptualized long before, i mean, it’s all about image when popstars debut so that takes time—it’s just that maybe 2ne1 beat them to it. i’m liking sm’s style these days (except for shinee, goodness what the hell!??)— they know how to package/change their star’s styles especially snsd and suju (see my biased super junior fashion post lol).

      • hey you remember me! yeah i’m reading the suju fashion post now lol! i’m gonna have to show that to my elf suju freak baby sister (she was the one who got me hooked to kpop thru suju actually lol) haha don’t worry i won’t stop stalking your diva blog cause i lurve it. it’s just that i was too busy to even open my laptop for 3 weeks! my bestfriend was the one who told me you moved to wordpress so i finally got to check it out last night woot! ugh don’t you just hate it when real life gets in the way of fangirling freedom?? oh wait isn’t it supposed to be the other way around lol. and hey i used to be a lurker too haha! hmm i guess now my lj account is pretty useless since i only made it to comment and spazz!
        heels are a girl’s bestfriend! i’m pressuring my little sister to wear and get used to them. i like dara’s outfit lol it was crazy but it worked! at least for me. i mean it got people’s attention didn’t it? mission accomplished lol. omg back when i was in college (i talk about it like it happened centuries ago instead of a few years lol) i only wore chucks. i swear. but i’m happy with my expanding shoe collection not solely consisting of chucks! haha.
        so true with 4 minute! they do have diva potential too bad they debuted after after school and 2NE1 (lol at after after school). the comparison is inevitable.
        yes! sm finally let suju lose from the hideous costume phase they had. now they look like men. hot men. hot… si won! spazz lol. i know! what happened to shinee?? i’m not feeling it. it’s sad cause when i first saw the first juliette concept picture of them sitting on the floor i liked it. i thought it was kinda high fashion especially with the grainy polaroid-esque quality of the picture, the pastel colors, key’s pose, and minho’s robe top with the peep hole sleeve. but i saw they didn’t carry that look with the video and performances which is sad.
        ok i’m off to read my nightly dose of a floatingstars slash icecapades post before i go to sleep lol. catching up!!

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