Crossing Over: Sneak peek at the newest F4 in town

Rich boy falls in love with the poor girl. Will this story never end?
Apparently not.
 F4 is conquering all of Asia. Literally. With the recent wrap up of Korea’s national craze Boys over Flowers, off the Japan and Taiwan version, the Chinese F4 is born.
Just when you thought that there are enough Dao Ming Zi, Domyouji and Jun Pyo , here comes Duan Mulei, the latest addition to the pretty boys franchise.
For the first “Crossing Over” post where Taiwan/HK/C Pop will be featured in floatingstars, I decided to make a special post about the Chinese F4, as they are recently being put on the spotlight nowadays,  and even  back then  since their announcement February. You might have known by now if you’ve heard of this news before, but let’s take a sneak peek of more info, pictures and intrigues surrounding the latest F4 as the showing of their pilot episode is drawing near.


Zheng Shuan as Makino Tsukushi/San Cai/Geum Jan Di

Yu Haoming as Domyoji Tsukasa/Dao Ming Si/Goo Jun Pyo


Zhang Han as Rui Hanazawa/Hua Ze Lei/Joo Ji Hoo

Zhu Zixiao as Sojirou Nishikado/Xi Men/So Yi Joong (which I think looks the best)

Wei Chen as Akira Mimasaka/Mei Zu/Sung Woo Bin

Amongst the main cast, only Yu Haoming and Wei Chen are popular in China as they are pop singers. The rest of the main cast are relatively newcomers.

There were reports that Korean netizens were protesting against this venture because apparently Boys over Flowers bought the franchise on the condition that no version of it will come out for two years.

But the Chinese PDs and big honchos are quick to claim that their story is different, and will take more on the “Meteor Garden” story. I’ve watched the Taiwan version and “Meteor Garden” is basically like BoF and  HYD — only with horrible clothes, outdated long hairstyles (Jerry Yan’s pineapple hair will go down in history as the most confusing  hair style evarrr) but with a lot of laughs.  

Quoted from news:

“Due to the presence of violence in Meteor Garden, the Taiwanese version, China has banned the drama from airing in the country, thus, the Chinese version will lean towards an inspirational plot rather than the romantic idol drama format. But reports also said that the Chinese version is more like the Meteor Garden because it’ll be set up during the college years rather than in high school which is the set up for the Japanese version.”

Hmmm… maybe this will be another gambatte-you-can-do-it-fight-oh!! school story ala Gokusen except they’re all rich, bratty students with one poor girl at the center instead of a teacher?


Anyways, when we’re talking F4, we’re talking gold mines — in terms of extravagance, hot cars, clothes, swagger and all that bling. Remember HYD’s Harry Potter-like banquet when Makino got lost in Domyouji’s “castle”? Or that unforgettable Spain randezvous with Dao Ming Zi? Or Jun Pyo’s Las Vegas-like casiono/hotel in Macau and paradise island in New Caledonia? Well, the Chinese shooting locations promise to bring you the same feel of luxury, if not more. Geez wonder what they will come up with next!! A romantic trip outer space, maybe??

Here are photos of the locations they will be shooting in:



F4 leader’s mansion


Behind the scenes

Their uniforms are looking great! But I have to say, I like the concept of the F4 not wearing uniforms as opposed to the rest of the students — because it shows that they’re badass and they’re  damn proud of it.

 Inside the halls of a prestigious school where you get gourmet meals and wine instead of the usual sloppy joe and soggy mac and cheese

The new Kim Bum? Only in the F4’s world where their past times include horseback riding, long-range shooting, golfing and sailing on a private yacht. Hot dayuum.

Sitting pretty: The cast at a press conference



China banned Taiwan’s Meteor Garden because it encouraged the youth to false views of luxury and delusions of that kind of lifestyle aside from violence. Violent scenes I understand but dramas are all about escapism and a slight interpretation of reality. Plus F4 wouldn’t be F4 if they’re not ideals, right? 

In other news, it was reported that the dubbed BoF series racked in dismal ratings in Taiwan in its current run on TV. I guess that’s another case of love-your-own F4? Or maybe a lot of people have already seen the series online.

The Lowdown:

Korean BoF is undeniably the most fashionable and extravagant version to date

Ji Hoo’s (Hyun Joong wearing white) always looked the best. Idunno if you noticed but every “Rui” character always wears white. And has orange hair (except for Lei in MGarden). Kinda fits the prince-charming-to-the-rescue image eh? Jun Pyo the leader likes wearing dark grey and black suits with fur roadkills. Resident cutie Kim Bum likes layering but his heavy suits always make him look like a total businessman, whereas the least significant F4, the one who always says “Yo, yo, yo!” always looks gangsta. Or at least he tries to.

For a “poor” girl, Jan Di’s quite fashionable, defeating the purpose of her character which is supposed to be plain and ordinary.  


Beyond appearances, BoF sucked at acting. There were overly dramatized and dragging scenes, and there seemed to be lack of chemistry between Jan Di and Jun Pyo. They were alone together in scenes for like, what, 5-7 times? Most of the time she’s either being rescued or moping around with Ji Hoo. Don’t get me wrong, BoF was enjoyable, but they forgot that the story is also supposed to be fun but with substance.


HYD, with its fast pace and anime-like humor, was able to carve a more exciting storytelling. Cute scenes were not overdone (unlike JanDi’s constant pouting and talking to herself), but before you say I’m biased (well maybe a little), HYD didn’t focus much on the other characters (which BoF gave ample screen time).


Meteor Garden was pure fun, really. The novelty of it all, even Jerry Yan’s tight-fitting pants and gayness and Vaness Wu’s bad acting are forgiveable. It was full of fail, but Dao Ming Zi’s and San Cai’s bickering catfights were more natural and funny. Not a fan of the second season, though.

CHINESE F4 we have yet to see, but I kinda pity them because right now netizens are judging them as a lower version of their beloved almost-perfect BoF. I’m sure they will act well, at least based from their profiles — as a lot of them went to prestigious acting schools. But seriously. Can you take the same plotline all over again?

POLL BATTLE RATTLE!! Okay, we all love all the Domyoujis, so let’s vote on which Rui character you like best!


Fashionista Ji Hoo


Sleepy prince Rui

Shy, quiet Hua Ze Lei?


33 Responses

  1. oguri shun wins hands down!

  2. Nice comparison! I agree with a lot of what you said, although I want to point out that Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum really pulled through BoF superbly. In fact, I’m pretty sure they were the only reason I was able to watch the whole thing. I was about to throw my computer out the window in frustration/annoyance at Jan-di though…

    As for the Rui characters, I mean come on, this is no contest. I go for the original (in my mind anyway) Japanese Rui, and not just because it’s Oguri Shun. I think he embodied what it is to be Rui- tall, suave, kind of stand-offish but straight-to-the-point when he needs to be… The Korean Ji-hoo did nothing for me. So yeah, my vote goes to Oguri Shun Rui 😀

    • yeah i think Lee Min Ho did a great job, it’s just that he and Jan Di didn’t have chemistry, maybe that’s why that pulled him down a little bit. They’re just not natural together. He even had more chemistry with his “monkey” fiance. Kim Bum was a sweetie. I agree he’s definitely one of the reasons why you should keep watching BoF, if you can tolerate the cutesy i’m-helpless-save-me antics of Jan Di.

  3. I’m a big fan of hyun joong (well, quite a big fan) haha!
    but I would have to choose the japanese RUI!
    He’s totally HOT!

  4. Oguri Shun as Rui, hands down!

    I had a hard time watching Meteor Garden, I managed a few episodes and failed.(so I can’t say too much for Hua Ze le) But I did watch all HYD, and BOF. I had a hard time watching koo hye sun (although I’m pretty sure she was ok in some other dramas/who knows) , but like the rest of you, I agree that Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum kept my eyes glued to the screen. ^_^

    I think in BOF the really laid the drama on thick, which is fine in small doses. Which is probably why I lean towards the Japanese HYD.

    Have you seen the Original Hana Yori Dango Movie from 1995? Uchida Yuki plays Tsukusi (she was in Bambino with MatsuJun) and it takes place when they are in university. It’s pretty cheesy lol.–4bTZr/video/ekQaQitn/hana-yori-dango-movie-1995-tv-video/
    no eng subs though 😦

    • wow! never knew there was another HYD movie!! thanks for the link! i’ll try to understand it what with my grade school level japanese lol<3

    • Hey..I watch it tough…Thanks for the link!
      Domyouji’s outfit were hillarious.
      I think I still like Hanazawa Rui too in this version.
      It was played by Naohito Fujiki,right?
      The funny thing is he came and join the Hana Yori Dango Final movie….How ironic and fitting indeed!

      • yup, you’re right. I thought it was cool that he was in the final as well. 🙂
        Domyouji’s outfits ARE funny. ahha. 😀

        I only know basic Japanese too, better than not knowing any japanese. I could get the jist of things anyway. AGain, very cheesey movie. lol.

  5. Haha!My friend and I was just having comaprison too last night…
    we decided to watch it again from the anime series,meteor garden,hana yori dango,and boys over flowers(korean.) so we’re kinda having a marathon.
    well,let’s admit it.Taiwanese version was a big hit and san cai and dao ming si catfight was the best.the japanese version actually did some cuts on some scenes that they were like,”we have to squeeze the storyline into 10 episodes!”(it’s kinda WTF,where did this scene came from?!)the korean version…man!my sister is crazy about lee min hoo!they emphasize the extravagance of being rich and all that jazz but SOMETHING is lacking.And you’re definetely right.THE CHEMISTRY.
    but all in all,i’ll put my vote on Hana yori Dango;Mao Inoue and Matsumoto Jun pair-up!And I especially love Domyouji Tsubaki there!

    • LOL wow you had work cut out for you when you watched all those versions!! i had the same complaint about HYD, like all jap series they have this way of telling a story really fast— but it’s also good because it’s not dragging. and the editing was done pretty well! like the shots were movie-like! my friend went gaga over lee min ho. she never really liked kdramas but when she saw BoF she’s like “OMG imma marry this guy!!” ROFLMAO.

  6. Oguri Shun is the best of them all, but I have to say that I like the others too!

  7. Oh…man.Enough is enough!
    We don’t need anymore of those HanaDan wannabe.
    I love Hana Yori Dango the most cause it actually sticks to the original story and floatingstars got it right…
    BoF is waaaay~ to draaagyyy…I felt tired just watching it.
    Plus,Jan Di looks quite ‘matured’ to play Tsukushi.
    I guess Inoue Mao is the best after all.Yay!
    As for the poll,my vote goes to………
    *****drum roll please*****

    Hanazawa Rui.
    He makes being charming look effortless.

    p/s : Why does the new Domyouji doesn’t have curly perm???

    • lol i guess they’re trying to be different at least by not having the new Domyouji permed lol i agree too many adaptations! i wouldn’t be surprised if this turns to hollywood! *votes for chace crawford as rui and that twilight guy as domyouji drool*

  8. I guess this topic is definitely all-time-hot-to-discussed. Totally agree with you, I’m with Hana Yori Dango in terms of how much I enjoyed the storyline, the great set, the good acting. Before I watch the BoF, I put Meteor Garden on the second place, but then It was drop to 3rd place. The main reason is that Meteor Garden is just too bright for the eyes! I mean seriously, If you watch it in marathon mode, your eyes will be tortured so much. Oh, and another stupid thing from Meteor Garden is Dao Ming Tse’s hairpins. Hair curler had been invented right? It doesn’t make sense to me by adding so many hairpins on sleek straight hair just to make it looks curly. Another stupidity also occur in BoF. It still remains on my mind in a scene where Ji Hoon answering the phone while his helmet is still attach on his head. I’ve tried once and it’s such nonsense.. helmet is too thick. ^_^
    *sorry for my stupid comment and bad English*

    • LOL what are you talking about your english is great! where are you from anyway? and i laughed at that jihoo on the phone scene. i mean come on. put it on speaker mode or something. lol. so true about dao ming’s hair. as if the spikes weren’t enough they had to add pins that were way too visible lol. bad fashion era indeed!

      • Yaaay for my good english :p
        I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. Since in Jakarta Hollywood/western entertainment more dominate the media, I guess I’ll count on you from now. ^0^ V
        Yup, Meteor Garden wins for bad fashion award, while BoF wins for flat emotion award.

      • LOL at your random awards! so so true! cool indonesia! other than hollywood stuff, which one’s more popular there? kpop or jpop?<3

      • In Indonesia, fashion/trends, music, and movies definitely still under western influence. However, in terms of music, J-pop wins (We even have some special j-pop section in local radio show, and japanese fair annually). Just like Japanese brands are more well-known than korean brands (i.e. Toyota definitely beat Hyundai). Most of people in Indonesia (I believe) only know BoA, and Rain for Korean music artists. Only small community who know more about k-pop. Despite it all, K-dramas are quite well known here! Almost all Indonesian people like K-dramas/movies also j-doramas. If you ask common people in Indonesia who is Super Junior, they won’t know it. But if you ask who is Won Bin, they’ll explain it to you. ^_^
        But then, henceforth, korean culture and tourism campaign is strongly approached to public.

      • wow see you really have good english! how old are you? are you still a student? (sorry for the stalker questions, lol it’s just that you explained yourself pretty well.) anyways cool you have japanese fairs and special jpop segments on the radio! wish i can the fair too because as much as i love korean styles the japanese really has unique clothes! i always go to this japanese clothing store to buy one-of-a-kind pieces that make any outfit look really different! and i do think that jpop music is more diverse than kpop, because kpop has this tendency of following popular trends, whereas jpop, the more different (even sometimes weirder) the better.

      • Yeah, I just realize it now that my english is quite good :p
        Nope, I’m not a student anymore, but trust me I still have those student spirit inside me (a form of age denial LOL). Anyway, where are you from?
        Though we have lots of japanese fairs, but there are only few of clothing store that sell japanese clothing. We still don’t have HMV here in Jakarta, but MOS Burger already established here. Yaaay!
        Yes I agree with you, what makes K-pop cannot beat J-pop is for its repetitive style of music. I watched Music Bank in KBS yesterday, and really surprised to know that on the top 10 list, almost 6 of them were dominated by typical girlband and of course with their typical style, music, even the way they dance are exactly the same!

      • Kudos! I hear ya. I finished college more than a year ago but most of the time i still think like a high schooler lol. I’m living in LA now but i’m asian so yeah i guess that’s why i know and have my regular fix of j/kpop stuff. and recently i went to bangkok, thailand and the trend there is mostly korean! i was shopping while hearing korean songs in the background and wondered whether i got lost in korea or something. i watched the k-countdown too! they all look, move and dance alike! it’s hard knowing all of suju’s name what more with other groups!

  9. Hua Ze Lei wins hand down as the one to play Rui
    hes quiet and embodies the essence of a rich polite person
    and when he goes wild, after coming back from France, he plays
    a wild role, which shows his different ability in acting!!
    Hua Ze Lei is also very HOT!!!

    • yayy first one to root for hua ze lei. you just can’t help but feel protective over lei. he was such a fragile character lol but he’s also funny (especially when he’s always random and sleepy). i agree about the scene when he returned from france. in BoF that idea was thrown off immediately. like after ji hoo was with girls he was back to being himself again even when the concept was that jan di was supposed to make jihoo realize that himself. wth BoF, wth!!

  10. Oh my. Apparently, the cash cow that is the MG/HYD/BoF has more to give (O.o) i just found your LJ and I absolutely >your posts make my summer all the more interesting 😉

    • hey hey you’re welcome to visit this blog thanks for commenting! lol at BoF cash cow. more like chicken that lays golden eggs in jack and the beanstalk lol

  11. whew!After grueling nights of marathon,my friend and I finally came into a conclusion…HANA YORI DANGO SEASON 2,SEASON AND HANA YORI DANGO FINAL is knockout-win.(OMG I love the tiara!!!)

  12. My god, how many HYDs does the world want?! And I agree with you, I won’t be surprised if there’s a Hollywood version, but I hope it doesn’t happen because it’ll be more over-rated than it already is (still love the series though).

    And I prefer watching the Japanese version of HYD more than the Korean one because of this one (quite weird) reason: The characters actually look like the ones in the manga, especially in season 2 and Final. XD And also because I can’t really stand Jan Di’s acting? The expressions she makes are… erm… alien. XDD

  13. as much as i love kim hyun joong, i have to say that the best rui character is oguri. he nailed that role really well. it seemed so natural watching him go all brooding like that. while hyun joong’s acting was terribly blah. or maybe because i first knew him in wgm. that’s why he didn’t convince me with his supposedly prince-like character.

    the japanese version is still the best. Meteor Garden is like first love. and for BOF, well, it’s quite entertaining. but it still can’t compare to how much I loved HYD.

  14. hi! can i just say THANK YOU that you and all the other people commenting here agree that HYD is like so much better than BOF…it was so good!! great acting, chemistry, and the right mix of ‘riches’ and humour. I watched BOF for less than 10minutes, couldn’t take the girl’s overexaggerated ‘toughness’ and stopped. But no one understands me='( Because not as many people have watched HYD in Singapore as BOF… they all loooove BOF….and i’m like “unngghh”.

    • Are you from Singapore? Thanks for commenting in this blog!~~ Anyways, I hated BOF except for the adorable F4 — Hyun Joong and Kim Bum!! But it sucks real bad. Bad acting, bad OST, cheesy scenes, no chemistry between the leads… I can list more… But HYD, even with the not-so debonair (except Jun & Shun) boys, the acting was great, MatsuJun’s expressions and depth in acting can be seen, Mao was adorable without even trying, and OGURI SHUN!~~ spazz~~ he’s a really seasoned actor I LOVE LOVE him.

      • Hahaha actually I was a definite domyouji-tsukushi shipper…. but it is undeniable that Shun can act – but matsujun grows on you, I mean when I first saw him I thought he was really ugly…but now I think he’s alright. (my friend thinks he looks like a frog- but she likes him) Actually I’m not sure where you wrote it but something that really made me laugh out loud was when you said that all the 4th guy in BOF did was to say “yo yo yo”. Cos my friend said that once and I was like “haha, don’t be so bad.” And apparently it’s true! Ha! They showed BOF on TV a while back and I watched a few minutes of later eps and I really don’t get the hype. I mean, it’s REALLY popular, isn’t it? A lot of scenes were just painful to watch….so painful….and draggy…..and irrealistic….. sigh.

        And yeah I’m from Singapore – sorry for the way too long comment, I think I’m just delighted that people actually agree that BOF was terrible. (and HYD better)

  15. was accidentally lead to your site…
    i havent read the other comments but i wld like to correct something if u dont mind..i think you made a mistake w/ the names, zhang han is yun hai=domyouji tsukasa and yu hao ming is dua munlai=hanazawa rui…re the poll rui of course…
    i hope u wld watch ms & write a review coz for me its really good…compared to BoF…

  16. hello! accidentally landed on your blog…im a big fan of HYD…i wld just like to correct something hope u dont mind^.^i think you made an error w/ the names of the ms cast…zhang han is yun hai=domyouji tsukasa and yu hao ming is dua munlai=hanazawa rui…re the poll i pick shun oguri he is the perfect rui…i hope u wld watch ms and write a review coz for me it really good..compared to BoF…they are even preparing for season 2 wld prob be shown this summer..

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