This song is HOT!

Okay, I just want to drop by to give a shout out to all of you guys and share my current obssession. This song has been on replay in my playlist since it first came out.

WILD by Namie Amuro

Whaddya guys think?

She’s so divah! I personally like her more than some of her female solo artist contemporaries. Dang gurl doesn’t age! She even looks better with age! She even looks younger and lovelier than most rookie superstar wannabes out there! What makes her stay on top of a melting pot of cutesy pop tarts and young girl groups in the ever-changing Jap showbiz is that she’s managed to maintain a strong image of woman power – one that’s still reachable, and to some extent she has that cute face to make a balanced contrast. Idunno if that makes sense but in other words – I think (dare I say it) I have a girl crush on her, lol. Too bad the dance moves didn’t showcase her great dancing skills so much, but it’s all cool.

Here’s her Coca-Cola CM:


Pretty cool, eh?

She goes from CUTE…






to COOL lady…



Need I say more?


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