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First Artist Date and Poll: Shun Oguri!!

Hello everyone! I told you a few days back that one of our new features here in floatingstars is the “ARTIST DATE.”
I thought long and hard about this – would I post an actor, a popstar or a rockstar? The first one has to be special! But it wasn’t hard to choose one person who seems to have it all. SHUN OGURI! KYAAHHHH! *rolls over the ground having a fangirl seizure*
Just a few background info just in case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know who I’m spazzing about:



  • He debuted as a child actor in Great Teacher Onizuka, as a bullied kid
  • In Gokusen he came back with a vengeance and played a bully instead (LOL)
  • His first lead role was in the popular series Detective Conan
  • His list of breakthrough roles include playing: Sano Izumi in Hana Kimi, Hanazawa Rui in the widely popular Hana Yori Dango craze, Koyama in Binbo Danshi, and a whole lot more!
  • He won an acting award for HYD with co-star Inoue Mao, who won best new actress, and won another award for the rocking movie that was Crows Zero!

With bestfriends like these, who needs girlfriends? LOL  


Takashi Tsukamoto
  • He is bestfriends with Takashi Tsukamoto, the hottie he co-starred with in Stand Up!! Yes, that was the movie that also had Yamapi playing a pervy boy who almost scored with his girlfriend (but got busted by the police ROFLMAO) and did it with Becky in the end, Nino doing ala Kame having an affair with an older woman and Shun being the tough, virginal boy – in short, it was a drama about horny school boys.

Jun Matsumoto
  • He’s also friends with Arashi’s Matsujun, who declared he wouldn’t be doing HYD if Shun didn’t play Rui. How sweet.<3



Lastly, he’s also chummies with Ikuta Toma, (they were always joking around displaying boys love in Hana Kimi promotions that a lot of people thought their relationship was questionable, LOL Oh the effect of fanfics!). “Being close friends, Oguri even said that Toma Ikuta’s lips were really soft and he has never kissed anyone with lips like his.” – SEE WHAT I MEAN?

ANYWAY, even if I babble all day describing who Shun is, no one could have said it better than an entertainment beat editor in Shukan Bunshun mag: “Shun Oguri is hot. He’s effectively replaced Takuya Kimura as the man women most want to go to bed with.”












Bespectacled ADORKABLE Shun



SHUN AND HIS LADY LOVES: Being a top star, Shun’s love life is pretty much always a top subject for the press as well, but Shun tries as best as he can not to hide anything, or at least be discreet as much as possible. But nobody escapes the watchful eyes of nosy paps!
Shun and ex-Morning Musume leader Mari Yaguchi were caught buying stuff together at a convenience store at night (which is a “rule” or a sufficient evidence that a star couple is dating– groceries/convenience store/ at night LOL)
Yaguchi quit the group afterwards, but speculations were abound that her company made her quit because having a bf is against Morning Musume rulebook (if ever there is one) because it destroys their “pure idol image.” — In other words, it destroys otakus’ fantasies.

“Several newspaper accounts note Oguri for being a gentlemen throughout the whole ordeal and realizing how much Yaguchi had to give up to be with him.”

Shun also was known to have dated model Tanaka Miho

Shun’s current squeeze, Yamada Yu, whom he’s going out with for quite a while now.

reported by on May 22, 2009:

Yamada is currently seeing actor Shun Oguri, 26, and reporters asked her if she would be getting an engagement ring sometime this year, to which she replied: “If I can get one, anytime is OK, anyone is OK!”

Shun and Yamada caught together in public.



floatingstars FIRST Poll: Battle Rattle! Which love team looks the best with Shun?




Behind-the-scenes in Hana Kimi filming. Looks like they’re all pretty close and having fun!



My personal fave, Inoue Mao – completely biased lol






Vote up and tell me what you think!<3

p.s. Some pics not mine, credit goes to Shun LJ comm (for the Shun/ Yamada paparazzi pic)





P.S. Shun Oguri’s wet look.



12 Responses

  1. hmmm Shun. I’ve heard the name before but really didn’t know who he was. I need more info. lol He’s in JE or what? he’s kinda cute. If I wanted to start watching some of his dramas which one’s would you recommend?

    • he’s quite a famous actor in japan. he starred in gokusen but the must watch drama of his would have to be hana yori dango. he played the second lead guy who’s all mysterious and brooding lol. anyway, he’s not a JE but he’s friends with a lot of them. and he made quite a stir when he was pronounced by a survey as the most desired product endorser, beating out kimura takuya. JE disputed it and wanted an apology lol.

      • He was in the first Gokusen right? Because I’ve seen Gokusen 2 for obvious reaasons lol.

        Old Johnny needs to calm down. lol

        Hmmmm I think I’ll have to check out that drama sometime this weekend then.

    i almost died when i saw him kissing during hana yori dango!
    and i repeated the scene 10,000 times! lol

  3. love ur article! so glad that you picked Shun for your first artist date. Btw, congrats to your new site!

    If only Shun could be single forever!

  4. Of course it’s gotta be Inoue Mao.I hate it that they are not meant to be together in HYD.Ah~ Oguri Shun looks good with her.

    p/s : Can I vote for Toma/Shun too??? ^.^

  5. I vote for the Toma/Shun pair! Honestly, I do…but if you want a female counterpart…uwah, that would probably have to be Inoue Mao…they definitely have more chemistry.

    Lovely post…I wasnt aware that someone actually said that “He’s effectively replaced Takuya Kimura as the man women most want to go to bed with.” LOL, how very entertaining…

    And I LOVE that picture of him that you labeled as his bad ass look…he looks fiiiiine.

  6. Toma/Shun. Who else could beat them?

  7. SHUN and TOMA FTW!

    No but seriously, yamada yu and oguri shun is a cute couple.

    His new hairstyle, the short blonde one, is just AMAZING on him.

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