Fighting! Korean Celebs in gorgeous Hanbok!

Hello gorgeous people!

Since we’re in a cultural mode for the past few posts, after the divine Japanese traditional clothing spazz we just had, I think it’s time for us to go Hallyu!

The Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress that is simple, yet elegant. It has no pockets and has little or no patterns or bold designs. Usually the women wear it with bolero-style vests or long sleeves, whereas the men’s casual wear consists usually of pieces of long sleeve, loose vest and loose pants.

Trust me, it’s just as breathtaking and amazing. So let’s not hold our breaths for too long and get on with the show! Here they are in their colorful silky Hanbok that is worn in formal occasions, festivals and weddings.

Boys and girls unite!

Visions of Art Part 2: Japanese Male Celebs in traditional Kimono and casual wear

Hey it’s me again!

So for next week I’ll be a bit busy so I really made it a point to finish this huge project of collecting photos of celebs in Kimono, Yukata and other traditional Japanese clothing. Due to insistent public demand, here are our favorite gentlemen looking as gorgeous as the ladies did in the previous post. In their case I added pics that showed them wearing warrior gears that I’ve seen in period movies.

Okay, just some fun background info to get us started:

I’ve read somewhere that men’s Kimono, in contrast to the women’s, are more subdued in color, have subtle patterns and have different textures. The most typical color for the formal type would be black and gray. But the casual ones can be seen in brighter colors, and some are worn during the summer or during festivals.

Visions of Art: Japanese Female Celebs in Kimonos/ Yukata

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

First off, sorry for the delayed posts. I’ve been running up and down with chores, work and bouts of laziness lol. Anyhoodles, I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture (duh, obviously) and this time I want to highlight one of their traditional clothing – the classic and beautiful Kimono. In college I wrote a research paper about Geisha and later on I wrote a book review on Memoirs of a Geisha and Mineko Iwasaki’s "Geisha, A Life." I wasn’t a fan of the movie, the actors were great, but slightly misplaced, plus there’s a problem with the use of language. But the costume designer was so brilliant, the Kimonos worn by the leads were fantastic.

I entitled the post Visions of Art because wearing a Kimono is like wearing a painting where there’s technique, creativity and style is all at play. And it’s not an easy thing to wear, nor is it easy to put on. Its creation takes real skill and expertise. It also reflects the country’s seasons, the people’s feelings, emotions and ultimately, the Japanese way of life.

Girls of Summer

Now and Forever: Celebrity Wedding Photos!

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

I am very excited to present to you this special post because it’s about a very special occasion – wedding. Almost every little girl dreams of the perfect and most romantic day when she will walk down the aisle towards the man she really loves, and who loves her in return. Well, we’re not limiting weddings to man-and-woman, as long as love’s concerned, gender, race, age, religion and the like do not really matter. Some may prefer to get married, some may not. Weddings also come in different forms, some may want to do it the traditional way, some may want it in an out-of-this-world and unique ceremony.

So! For today we are allowed to get sappy! Through out this post I will put up some of the best wedding/love quotes from famous people, just so we can get into the whole wedding feel.

Here are the wedding photos of our favorite celebs, whether in their real-life wedding or just in the photoshoots, I worked real hard to find these pics and I got blown away. I hope you will like them too!

Here comes the bride!


It’s in the JEANS: Korean and Japanese celebs smoldering hot in their jeans

Jeans are a classic. It’s a fashion must-have. No longer are they meant for casual wear, nowadays, they can be dressed up and made for a more glam look. This post was inspired by the time when I made a report on Jeans as a revolutionary type of clothing that changed the way men and women dress. Before, it was only men who usually wore them, but as time progressed more and more women were seen wearing a pair. Women were able to move better and feel better. Just a little trivia:

During the James Dean-John-Travolta-Grease fame, Blue jeans were worn by teens as a form of symbol for their rejection of conformity. Back then, and even until now, Jeans equals COOL. Or HOT, however you may look at it.


Cover up! Part 2: JPOP and KPOP’s BEST and WORST album/CD covers and photos

Hello again gorgeous people of the world!!

Okay, I’m on a posting streak this week because for the next weeks I’ll probably get really busy because I have to stop sitting on my lazy as* and get some real work done, lol. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a writer by profession, and right now I shouldn’t be doing this but well, can’t let the flow break. Making posts for me is really fun and I’m really glad that a lot of you guys write comments (whether good or bad, ’tis all great) and keep on supporting. *insert dramatic piano instrumental here.* Wait a minute, is this a tear threatening to fall from my eyes? Could I possibly be growing that thing called…. a heart? PFFFT.


Cover up! Part 1: JPOP and KPOP’s BEST and WORST album/CD covers and photos

They say that YOU CAN’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Well, there are exceptions to that rule – when it comes to choosing album/ CD covers. That is, of course, if you’re not familiar with an artist and if you haven’t heard his or her music yet, what else can you do but look on the cover? That’s because it is (or should be) a reflection of what the artist is all about – as the cliche goes, a picture says a thousand words. It’s different when it comes to choosing BOOKS, because you can always read the summary at the back, or if not, read the praises/comments by book critics. But for music? Well, reading a few song titles and their time duration just won’t be enough.

Don't Cover it!