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Asian Celebrities: Who’s the real deal or the real copycat?

I have to make this post quick since I’m not using my own laptop at home and I have tons of work piled up. But oh well, the fun should never stop, lol.

They say IMITATION IS THE BEST FORM OF FLATTERY. But sometimes, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH flattery, or better yet, we are reminded of the statement : Flattery will get you nowhere. In this case, some Asian stars seem to look up to their western counterparts and sometimes may appear too much the same as they are – whether it be in music, videos, choreography or in their overall style.

On the other hand, copying doesn’t have to mean getting someone else’s ideas and claiming it as your own. It could also reflect some kind of INSPIRATION. Or perhaps it could be a form of tribute, a recreation or reinvention.

DISCLAIMER: Some of these images if put side by side in comparison may be pure coincidental, we don’t really know for sure.



KODA KUMI and an ad

I really did like Koda’s look in this CD cover…

Not your average flight attendant

Koda Kumi channeling a little Madonna


Uhm Jung Hwa’s latest comeback album is a bit reminiscent of one of Madonna’s albums

It’s all in the thunder thighs…

Boy toys are always a great accessory

Newbie Korean pop singer got CARRIED away by Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw

Maki Goto’s not so innocent after all. Note to Maki: You wouldn’t want to go down the same drain as Britney did.

Well, if ladies can do it, so can boys too…

Rain’s style and music sounds and looks like RnB sensation Usher. Well, Rain did admit that Usher really is one of his idols.

AYUMI HAMASAKI loves Madonna, Christina Aguilera….

Oh no she didn’t!

Britney…. Oops, she did it again!




Ayu and a magazine ad for Dune

KPOP’s sexy diva LEE HYORI has always been controversial when it comes to her style, which is often dubbed as poor imitations of other artists…

Her It’s Hyorish first MV release looked suspiciously like X’tina’s Candyman video. Netizens were relentless. But when the vid officially came out, some of the scenes were deleted.

Well, we all know that Britney is not really original either…. But what happens when Hyorish copies another copycat?

Hyori and the Pussycat Dolls

Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like Hyori and Nicole of PCD?? Who’s the real cat? Copycat, that is.

Images can be quite tricky, I mean, like I said, it could’ve been plain coincidence… But we can recall Hyori’s copyright troubles when her single GET YA was questioned as a copy of Britney’s DO SOMETHING. Take a listen and compare:

Hyori’s song is on autoplay… Man, the intro really sounds uncannily the same!!

So.. Who do you think is the real deal, or the real copycat?

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