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P.S. More Hayami Mokomichi Please!

Due to insistent public demand, here are more beautiful images of heartthrob Hayami Mokomichi, who have captured girls’ hearts. I have extra time today so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put up a mini-post.

For those who are not familiar with him, here’s a run-down of his profile.

Hayami Mokomichi is a Japanese actor. The half Japanese, half Filipino model/actor has acted on shows such as Densha Otoko , Tokyo Tower and recently as Night Tenjo in Absolute Boyfriend/Zettai Kareshi. Sometimes his name is spelled as Mocomichi Hayami.Has appeared on CMs for Daihatsu Tanto, Bourbon Petit, Ban Deo Spray & AU(KDDI)

Name (romaji): Hayami Mokomichi
Real Name(romaji):: Omote Mokomichi
Profession: Model, Actor
Date of birth: 1984- Aug-10
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 186cm
Nickname: Mocomoco
Talent Agency: Ken-on

~ it has to be confirmed though if he really is half-Japanese and half-Filipino. Some information I read said that he is, but some said that he’s full Japanese. And there’s limited info about his parents too. Either way, whatever his background is, he’s definitely an up and coming actor to look out for.

Fun trivia: He made a special guest appearance in an episode in Jotei which also starred Rosa Kato and Matsuda Shota. If you have a special speed vision for hot guys, you’d have spotted him right then.

Don’t you just wish you can pre-order him in real life and within 3 days you can receive him in a no return, no exchange package with a sign that says: FRAGILE. TOO HOT TO HANDLE.

More of Hayami modeling Jeans… (as a continuation from the last post)

Hayami and his cute side: I won this toy especially for you!

Hayami on a… gasp! DATE?? SAY WHUT?

This is taken from “Koisuru Hanikami,” a show where celebrities are set up to date other celebs. Both of them have no idea who they’re meeting until that very day. Haven’t watched it yet but the premise seems so cute!

The girl starred in One Pound Gospel and was an antagonist in Tree of Heaven. I think they look good together and they seem to have had so much fun!

Guess this means the date went well! OH HEART BURN.

Lastly, as a consolation, here’s Hayami looking so suave in a formal suit.

P.P.S. Hayami in a special press conference.

I know, right??


One Response

  1. Gladly! more mokomichi kuns images!!
    he is so kawaii, sugoi! and hontoni daisuki!

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