It’s in the JEANS: Korean and Japanese celebs smoldering hot in their jeans

Jeans are a classic. It’s a fashion must-have. No longer are they meant for casual wear, nowadays, they can be dressed up and made for a more glam look. This post was inspired by the time when I made a report on Jeans as a revolutionary type of clothing that changed the way men and women dress. Before, it was only men who usually wore them, but as time progressed more and more women were seen wearing a pair. Women were able to move better and feel better. Just a little trivia:

During the James Dean-John-Travolta-Grease fame, Blue jeans were worn by teens as a form of symbol for their rejection of conformity. Back then, and even until now, Jeans equals COOL. Or HOT, however you may look at it.

Here are Japanese and Korean celebs wearing the legendary jeans!

Mizushima Hiro

M.H. has that shy, yet cool composure to him that makes him so attractive. He doesn’t look like a boastful brat who knows he looks good. He’s just your all around cool guy you simply cannot get enough of!

Ikuta Toma

Boy-next-door turned FIERCE! Love the dark eyes and brooding stare! Who knew he had it in him?


JunSu surely stands out among the group with his cute tush.

Kamenashi Kazuya

Okay, a lot of you might be throwing curses on the computer screen and possibly foaming at the mouth by now since Kame “Best Jeanist awardee” should be number one, right? In my opinion, he looks fab, there’s no doubt about that. But the boy needs a little more meat in the buns if you know what I mean! Even after he gained all that One Pound Gospel muscles… No offense to his fans… We’ve seen better.

Some say that his secret to looking good in jeans is wearing no underwear. Hmm.. *sudden brain malfunction due to visual image overload* Okay, hundred points to him for his confident swagger.

Let’s take a refresher at the 2007 Best Jeanist (Is that even a valid word?) Poll.


1. Kazuya Kamenashi (36,167)
2. Kiyoshi Hikawa (33,924) – Oddly enough, I couldn’t find pics of this guy wearing jeans.
3. Jin Akanishi (28,449)
4. Masaki Aiba (3,186)
5. Tsuyoshi Domoto (3,129) – Seriously?
6. Tomohisa Yamashita (2,935)
7. Koichi Domoto (2,663)
8. Koji Iwasawa (1,870)
9. Jun Matsumoto (1,762)
10. Mocomichi Hayami (696)

Mocomichi Hayami

See? This guy should’ve been elevated up a higher notch in that poll! Just look at him! LOOK! Dang. All the Johnny’s fangirls must have camped out on a sleepless protest to vote for Kame that time.

Tamaki Hiroshi

Manly man and ever dashing as always. Looking good seems effortless for him. In the second pic Hiroshi flexes his leg muscles.

Here’s how you wear jeans – ROCK STAR STYLE


Larc en Ciel

Special mention to Hyde, of course, being the badass rebel that he is.

Matsumoto Jun

Speaking of swagger, have you seen this guy walk? He’s does that signature slinky, walking-on-air runway strut which is even better than some lady models out there. He and Kame should have a runway show down ala Japan’s Next Top Model. He’ll surely give Kame a run for his money!
Yamashita Tomohisa

Seriously. Domoto Tsuyoshi beating out this guy? Surely there must be some kind of hoax there! Come on! Pi’s got too much booty in the pants to share!

Shun Oguri

Shun made the skinny-jeans-for-guys happen.


Rain plays peek-a-BOOTY.

The famous Giordano trio looking faraway….

Okada Junichi

OH HOT BURN. Junichi shows the little boys how it’s done. He’s always been overlooked because of the younger, fresher guys but O.J.’s cover and spread for AN-AN magazine must’ve given a lot of girls third degree burns because of his severe hotness.

Akanishi Jean… Er, Jin.

He certainly knows how to work it! Not much of a fan though with the checkered long-sleeve/scarf tied at the waist. It must be a trademark KAT-TUN look. Sometimes there’s just too much going on. But there’s a reason why he’s placed 3rd in the polls.

Kenichi Matsuyama as L in Death Note

This may be an odd choice, but L was just too cool. Even with his out-of-this-world demeanor, he still looked great with those jeans on.

Daniel Henney

No question. He’s got the perfect apple bottom to pull of the jeans look.

Gong Yoo

Please tell me there are no objections to this one.

Isn’t this GY pic the cutest thing evarr? Skinny jeans look playful sexy on him.


Ha Ji Won

HJW shows that she’s got the moves to bring the sexy back.

Namie Amuro

She just needs to eat just a little more of those french fries and fried twinkies.

Park Shiyeon

PSY is the new image model for Levi’s Jeans.

Han Chae Young and Shin Min Ah

Kim Ha Neul

Everybody’s best friend KHN shows that she’s also got a sexy side to her.

Jeon Ji Hyun a.k.a. Gianna Jun

Queen products endorser Gianna. She’s everywhere. Needs a little junk in the trunk. But True Religion does a fabulous style with their jeans!

Uhm Jung Hwa

Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? Sexy momma UJH sings my humps, my humps…

Koda Kumi

Say whut? With Kame, she also won the Best Jeanist award. I can only think two reasons why. One, there’s too many stick figured celebs out there, Koda’s got the booty to back it up. Two, people voted for her just because they seriously want her to cover up. Who believes it’s reason number 2, raise your hands up high!!!!!!

Here are the results for the Best Jeanist 2007 women category:


1. Kumi Koda (15,883) – Oh puhleeze.
2. aiko (8,945)
3. Becky (6,499) – cute.
4. Namie Amuro (4,536)
5. Ai Otsuka (4,231) – hmmm. *shrug*
6. Aya Ueto (4,228)
7. Masami Nagasawa (4,051) – Oh hell no. No you didn’t!
8. Anna Tsuchiya (2,014)
9. Erika Sawajiri (1,966)
10. YUI (1963) – real cool.

Lee Hyori

Sexy diva gets points for the edgy, confident attitude.

She looks better all soft and natural for a change.

Anna Tsuchiya

Simply rockin’.

Erika Sawajiri

Whoa. She’s long gone million miles away and who knows when she’s gonna come back and yet people still vote for her in every poll. The people have spoken! Guess that means she’s still the queen. Maybe everyone’s tired of the cute girls-next-door and wants the bitchy-no-nonsense attitude.


Yoon Eun Hye

Princess YEH and her impossibly long legs are stepping it up! She’s becoming a designer fave nowadays and shows that she’s a little fashionista herself!


I wanna hear whatcha think!

(1) Which is your fave jean-wearing celeb in the male category?

(2) Which is your fave jean-wearing celeb in the female category?


Which among the two is your favorite couple modeling jeans?

Nice and sweet Kwon Sang Woo/ Ha ji Won vs. Hot and sexy Dan Henney and Lee Hyori

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