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Cover up! Last Part: JPOP and KPOP’s BEST graphics/ animation album/CD covers and photos

Okay, this may seem like a spam post (SO SORRY!xdxd) but I promise this will be the last part of the cover album post special I had going on. This time, it’s all about the graphics and computer image skills left in the hands of celeb’s album cover makers. The Larc en Ciel one should be in this category, but I put it in the previous post because it kinda fit in the mood of the other artistic/ melancholic ones.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ll be focusing in work but for the mean time I hope you like the posts so far! I’ll be making some more posts in the next few weeks once I’ve settled in my (new) job.

Hyori is the only one who made the best and worst list, probably because she’s the type of girl you can either hate or love. Her album graphics achieved that old school comic Superman with dialogue bubbles like wham! bam! poof! The gray-scale “It’s Hyorish” (man, she’s trying to make that expression work these days) looks like those Levi’s ads or labels you’ll see on the back of your jeans. Not a fan of the rubber shoes draped on the boobs though.

WHEESUNG. Very seductive.


BIG BANG. It’s all about the LOGO. It’s really a good marketing strategy similar to grocery products or that famous Batman sign that people will recognize once it is flashed. Again with the retro Andy Warhol feel.

ORANGE RANGE does the 70’s grunge rock band album cover.

BENNIE K’s Best album is surely THE BEST. It looks like an old, expensive family crest.

How cute is this? I mean, using public signs for graphics is definitely nothing new but somehow it says a lot and it kinda makes you smile once you see it.


M-FLO. Sleek. Smooth.

JUJU’s album MY LIFE. Very chic. It looks like it came right off the page of a clothes designer’s sketch pad.

MIHIMARU GT’s Mihimarise. It’s so hip! Plus it made the duo into animation characters.

KANADE’s Serenade. It’s the little things that normally you wouldn’t give much mind that make the most impact.

RnB newbie MIHO FUKUHARA. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I was absolutely blown away by this girl! She’s got strong vocals, great songs with meaningful lyrics and she’s got that sweet, simple style. It’s really hard to come by singers who’s all about the music and not the glitz and flash. Her album has that Lauryn Hill vibe going on but it’s really eye AND ear catching.

AI’s Taisetsun na mono single. Doesn’t this remind you of the kid show Gumby, where characters are all made of clay? Or that science project where you put up little dolls in dioramas and stuff. So nice.

GLAY. They’re my 3rd fave band (1st is Mr. Children then Bump of Chicken). Black and white contrast with hot pink – so rock and roll, lol.

ARAGAKI YUI. So cuuuute! It really reflects her carefree, youthful and innocent image/personality that makes everyone go “awwww.” It’s no wonder why this girl is really famous these days because she doesn’t seem too overwhelming, and she seems very approachable and cheery. BUT her voice is a little scratchy and she sounds like she lacks passion/ conviction in singing. Her album cover, however, makes you think of ponies, rainbows and playgrounds = HAPPY.


RSP M. Sigh. This one’s really sweet and tugs the heart strings. Simple, yet says a whole lot.

SEAMO’s single entitled MOTHER. It’s really very touching. And very witty too.

So, what’s your favorite of them all?

MIHO FUKUHARA’S CHANGE. Man, you have GOT to listen to this girl! She’s got the big voice, quite a change from all the tiny, squeaky and cutesy singers purring out there, lol. I can’t stress this enough. I LOVE HER.


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