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Floatingstars going on a short break…

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

I’m sure you noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. I’m just dealing with a lot of stuff right now, issues that were there for a long time, it’s just that I didn’t really take time to look and think about them. And now I guess you can say I’m at a crossroads, feeling a bit lost, but nevertheless I will work hard to fix it. Bad timing is bad timing! Just when lots of depressing stuff is going on in the K fandom… Somehow it has lost its glow, I don’t know. Sigh. But from the latest updates I’ve seen, there are still lots to look forward to, like a new boy band coming your way and lots of girl groups (lol, trust me, there’ll be more). Anyways, I will be taking a really short break. For my loyal readers (which aren’t that many really, lol, but I’d rather have you guys as my friends more than anyone else), thanks so much for all your comments—you really keep me going with your smart take on things and for always being up for a good conversation. For Come to Playyy! K blogger series, I still have a lot of interviews lined up, so for the bloggers who have already sent me your interviews, rest assured that I’ll put them up soon. I won’t let all your efforts go to waste, I’m actually glad you even gave time and attention to a little pauper blogger like me to answer the questions… Thanks so much!

Okay, enough drama. I’d like to give you guys my song playlist that’s been on repeat for a while now and some good tunes that I highly recommend under the cut!


Aoyama Thelma

For those of you who love mid-tempo RnB, this girl is the best. Her songs are quite melancholic, but they really have a good rhythm and beat, especially the piano background. She mixes her songs with soft rap from her amazing collaborations with top Japanese rappers. You have to listen to her hit “Soba ni Iru Ne (feat. Soulja),” the Guinness World Record breaker, the best-selling digital download single in Japan with over two million “full-track” downloads. It’s also famous in Taiwan and other Asian countries.

Must listen:

Nando mo
Mirai Yosouzu
Dohzi-T (Douzi-T) Thelma Aoyama – Yakusoku no Hi
My Dear Friend
Wasurenai Yo
Last Letter
Suki Desu


MY ABSOLUTE FAVE. Her voice is just divine. If you want to check out JPOP, don’t get disheartened with all the chipmunk-voiced candy pop songs. Ayaka is definitely a gem. She hasn’t come out with new stuff lately, but her songs are beyond amazing. She’ll be releasing a Best of album soon so please watch out for it.

Must listen:

I believe
Peace loving people (which is actually about saving the planet, sung at live Earth)
Real voice
Blue Days

Okaeri (Absolute Boyfriend OST)
Start to love

Jay’ed is a crossover Japanese R&B singer born in New Zealand to a Japanese father and a Kiwi (a New Zealander) mother. Love this guy. I got to know him via KromeRadio (thanks guys for introducing him to me!), his songs are mid-tempo RnB, mostly ballads, a bit sad. Idunno lately I find myself listening to sad songs, probably because I’m in no mood for happy happy tunes.

Must listen:

Zutto Issho – STORY OF MY LIFE. lol. It goes “Someday… we can make a better day… We can find another day.”
Missing you
Cry for you



I was supposed to make 4minute “For Muzik” mini-album review, but I had no time to do so, sorry.
My fave song would have to be “Won’t give you.” They’re definitely a force to be reckoned with, despite what people say, and despite the tough competition.

I would also recommend Cherry Filter, Navi, and Park Hyo Shin—all of whom have amazing vocals. And also “Dance with my daddy” by Alex of Clazziquai, OST for 200 pounds beauty. It always brings tears to my eyes, probably because I feel like the message speaks to me, and it’s something I want to do someday. In another side of the world, I love Trey Songz (Missing you, Takes Time), Music SoulChild (Love, Can’t help but wait, Newess), Ne-yo (Empty Frame, So you can cry), Khalil Fong (Singalongsong, Love, Sorry).

I’ll be back to writing soon. It’s just that right now… I have run out of ink.

P.S. Keep in touch! Email me at, follow me at—please keep me tabs on the latest whatnots too…:c Also please comment here things (I know there’s still a lot) I’ve been lacking as a blogger so when I come back I’ll know what to improve on.

Fight the blues by Utada Hikaru

We have to fight the blues as
Adversity delights at our worrying.
Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, you have to be tough.

Here’s some encouraging news for you:
Fortune favours those who smile.

Indeed, women are all actresses,
Their fragility is an act, for immense strength lies within them.
Even so, they still truly want to be protected by someone.

We’ve got to fight the blues as
There were certainly days when it felt like I was going to lose to depression.
At those times, the tears I cried became the source of my freedom.
We have to fight the blues as
Adversity gratifies itself in our troubles.
Whether you’re a man or a woman, you have to stay tough.

This is something that cannot be bought by money,
Nor can it be seen by the eyes,
This can only be unravelled by sheer mental toughness.

Even when much is expected of us and the pressure is intense,
We’re still going to have to finish the job.

We must fight the blues.
When times are bad, take a deep breath.
In those times, the tears I held back became a part of me.
I hate to lose,
So, little cuckoo bird, if you aren’t going to sing, I’ll make you sing.
Even tonight, I’ll be sounding the fighting gong.

We’ve got to fight the blues as
There were days when everything seemed at a loss.
It is in these times that the tears I cried had set me free.
We have to keep fighting the blues as
Adversity relishes in our anxieties.
So, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, remind yourself to stay strong.

credits to for the lyrics trans.


Til then… Peace out. XOXO.

20 Responses

  1. get a good rest dearie… can’t wait 2 hv u onboard again in the K-Plane *hugs*

  2. Have a good rest and thank you for all your articles, they’re a great a read. Hope you get an ink refill soon 🙂 All the best

  3. I’m a loyal reader!! Aww I’m sorry about your problems and I hope everything gets resolved quickly, until then I can’t wait until your “comeback,” bigger and better than ever ;D

  4. thanx for the music reccomendation’s ^_^
    love utada

  5. wish you all the best girl…rest well. will keep in touch ok. take care^^~

  6. yeah all the best! Have a good rest. Not too long though! cuz i’ll miss reading ur posts. 😀

  7. Don’t stress too hard. I will be patiently waiting for your new updates/blogs. Thanks for recommending some good JPOP, Imma check them out.

  8. i knew this was coming when i realized you haven’t update in a while. take your time, i’ll be here welcoming your return to the world of blogging anytime you’re ready. i’ll wait for you to come back just like how i’ll wait for jay to come back :]

  9. For sure, everyone needs a break and it seems you’re going through some harsh stuff so definitely take all the time you need. Don’t worry we’ll all still be here when you resume your work. Take care chicka and keep in touch 😀

  10. hey, have a good rest and i’ll see you soon! =)

  11. Thanks so much for all that you have written 🙂 keeps me interested in all these fandoms!

    Have a great rest & let things fall into their place naturally. Before long you’ll find that everything is better…in the mean time take your time 🙂 i’m sure we’ll all be here when you make a Whitney Houston comeback [oh so anticipated ( O.O ) ]

    we’ll all read you soon & take care!

  12. rest up and hope you can clear ya head =)

  13. I’m definitely going to miss you floatingstars! *hug*
    Keep the spirit high!! I hope when you come back, you can bring all your cheerful and witty atmospher alive! 🙂

    Enjoy your break time.. keep smiling, and keep inspiring. ❤

  14. Thinking of you. Crossroads are good. Makes you think about where you’ve been and where you’re going instead of blindly just going forwards. It will all be good in the end. Hugs!

  15. Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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