The next “beastly” stars: Make way for B2ST!

Everybody deserves a second chance. And this new group from JYPE’s sister company Cube Entertainment, proves just that. All eyes are on B2ST, the semi-rookie group that’s set to conquer the KPOP scene once more.

As promised, part two of the new, up and coming boy band series is here! A few posts back I already introduced B2ST, see here: Calling all boys, boys in KPOP please! But the boys are slated to debut on October 6!! And that’s like, what, less than a week from now! Anyone excited? So! To hype up our anticipation, here are more picspam/ trivia about the group.

Why semi-rookie? At least most of the members came from former groups and former companies, and one already had debuted as a solo artist. So it’s pretty interesting to see how their chemistry works! Netizens are anticipating how they have improved from their former activities and what new stunt they’ll pull next.

B2ST. At first glance it would seem like it’s a weird way of spelling “Best” but the group’s name is actually pronounced ‘Beast’ because 2 = ‘ee’ in Korean. It’s similar to how Jewelry’s song is spelled as “Vari2ty.” Anyways, we’ll just have to wait for their own explanation. Geez, I’m all for creative names and stuff but MBLAQ? And now, B2ST? Same goes for f(x), the whole T-ARA/TIARA confusion, HaM (?!!!), JQT, and the DSP girl group that’s in the works—RAINBOW. I say WTF!! Wonder what their fanclub names will be!


Anyway, enough rant. I can’t get over how the guy beside AJ looks eerily like G-Dragon especially with his cap swooshed to the side like that and with his trademark scarf. I’m like, heyyy GD crossed over to another group! LOL. I’m not complaining. There ain’t enough GD to get around. The more the merrier, right?

The guy in question is Son Dong Woon, who, from angles look like a mixed breed of Taemin, Donghae and GD. It’s like he won the genetic lottery! *shameless bias here*

Speaking of GD, I love his style Lies era here:

Anyway, sorry I got sidetracked! More on Dong Woon later!

B2ST was introduced through a reality show called Boys Search to the Top (which is also another explanation to their name), in MTV just like 4minute who’s in the same company as they are. It’s a pretty good strategy, very much like how JYP promotes his groups with “making of,” training and behind-the-scenes TV.


Let’s get to know more about the members!

Yoon Doo Joon, born 1989.7.4

He’s a JYP trainee who was part of the reality show “Hot Blood,” a boot camp army style training that JYP the tyrant has designed for the boys. He trained with OneDay (2AM and 2PM), but unfortunately he got “cut” by the end of the show. However, the concept of being “cut” does not mean being kicked out. It only meant that he will debut at a later time. His vocals are good though, I’ve seen him perform with Jo Kwon and Seul Ong. It would’ve been interesting to see him as part of 2AM, but maybe he just wasn’t ready back then.

“The wallpaper on my mobile says ‘Poisonous gas emission a month ago’. This is the first time we talked about our debut date and also our performance today. I had many thoughts about my trainee days.”
Don’t ask me, I dunno the hell about what he meant with “poisonous gas emission.”

Idunno from this last pic I think he sorta kinda looks like TOP? Especially from that angle and that swag attitude? LOL


Lee Ki Kwang, (formerly AJ), 1990.3.30

AJ debuted with his single “Dancing Shoes,” in an mv that featured Hyun Ah, and followed up with a single “Wipe the Tears,” with members Doo Joon and Poppin’ Dragon as rappers. THIS VIDEO IS A MUST WATCH. If you want to see a preview of the three B2ST members in action, you have got to see it. AJ is adorkable with his geeky glasses then he transforms into a hot popstar in white. The media kept calling him as the “next Rain,” but his style and appearance kinda resembles more of Se7en. This is a very nice song too so click away! Wipe the Tears

AJ has modeled for a clothing brand and has starred in a CF with “luxury nose” netizen favorite Min Hyorin. Google her pics and you’ll know why.

A lot of fans are actually quite pissed off that he’s gone the boy band route, in other words “demoted” but whatever works to build his career is better than having him disappear from the limelight. He’s quite popular outside Korea, especially in Thailand. My only thing is, THEY BETTER MAKE HIM THE LEADER! Such a talented guy!

AJ in the drama “Unstoppable High Kick 2,” the same drama 2PM’s Chansung starred in together with BOF’s KimBum.

AJ’s million dollar smile. So cute!


Jang Hyun Seung aka SO-1, 1989.9.3

We all know he’s a former member of YG Family and Big Bang. Just like Doo Joon, he was eliminated in Big Bang’s reality TV, because apparently YG thinks he’s “Too shy and lacked stage presence.”

“I was practising with the hyungs and friends and it was a shame to be taken off the team like that, and now I’ve found the golden chance again. I will not forget how that feels and I will work my best this time.”

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a six-member Big Bang??! I remember watching the series and I’ve seen “So-1” dance and he’s really good!

Poppin’ Dragon

He’s a former member of Xing (Crossing in New Genre), an 8-member male group from South Korea. The members include Zen, Yoon, White, Rising, Husky, Soul, Gun,and Kipalang. Former member(s) included Marumir, Cheon Hye Sung, Yume, Poppin’ Dragon, and Kevin. Xing made it in to the list of the Top 5 Most Anticipated Artists In 2007.

XING is a project group that will keep changing/rotating members to keep the group ‘fresh.’ They’re still active though, I just saw their new photos. I think it’s pretty smart of Poppin’ Dragon (dunno if he’s still gonna use this name) to choose a more stable group.
I mean, what happens next to the members who will be replaced?

YoSeob, 1990.1.5


Last but not least… my fave guy Son Dong Woon! Born 1991.6.6!

He seems to have a pretty close relationship with some 2PM members like Taec and Khun. The other guy in red is also a trainee of JYP and was also part of Hot Blood. Gosh I know him, I just forgot his name. Memory fail!
B2ST’s management company, Cube Entertainment, have said, “When you see all of them train together, there’s this sort of harmony between them. From their past failures and hard times, their effort to succeed again is amazing.” Some people are already calling the group a “revival of the losers.” I think it’s meant in a good way—it’s like they’re saying WE’RE COMING B*TCH AND WE’RE HOLDING NOTHING BACK! Oh snaps.

Follow them on their fan, and join their first international forum at B2STRISING, watch their dance intro vid and dance to 2PM’s Again and Again: Introducing B2ST

B2ST: “This fall we’re breaking 2PM’s ‘beastly’ image!” I think they’ll do well in variety shows. The group looks really fun. BUT….

You want beastly?


Credits: Xing Ifensi & CYNOSTAR.NET, K Bites (Sookyeong@WP),,,, translations by:mihyun294

P.S. In connection with this rookie series, please visit to vote for the poll and get the lowdown on all things KPOP:

ROOKIE SHOWDOWN: Which new boy idol group do you think will reign this fall? B2ST or MBLAQ?



14 Responses

  1. loving Son Dong Woon too! omg he really look like GD in that photo! 0.o thanks for all the pics!
    I hope they make it big! (:

  2. i’m wait for them..they look interesting

  3. That gif in the end just killed it for me. I hate how I thought AJ (nope I refuse to call him anything but!) was only 2 years younger when he’s really 3! Damn you weird Korean birthdays making me feel like a pedo! Maybe they’ll be the silver lining to the gloomy situation about kpop boybands this year.

  4. O.o that dong woon IS CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site.

  6. LMAO I lovedddd you gif of Jay in the end<3 NOW THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL BEASTLY!

    To be honest, I'm kind of sick of all these new groups popping in and out. It's like ehh. I'm just gonna stick with my love for 2PM and I don't think any new "beastly" group can top them. I mean who can be beastlier than the "THE BEASTS" right? hehe

  7. AHHH JAY! i squeal like a maniac when i saw that gif. he looks so crazy its so adorable.

  8. Hey great site! Came here cause of the jay sky banner but go distracted. and the dude’s name is daehun btw! im daehun if i’m not wrong ^^

    • hey thanks! im daehun is from Hot Blood too, right? He performed w/ 2AM at the guerilla concert if my memory serves me right. how did you know about the Jay Sky Banner post?

  9. Lolol when did B2ST say they were”breaking 2PM’s ‘beastly’ image!”? Even though their name is B2ST, I don’t really think of them as THAT beastly… Not like 2PM. Haha.

    I think B2ST is very well-rounded. Cute, funny. Great vocals+dancing. I’m really happy that they’re getting a chance [ or 2nd chance ] to debut. ^^

    I can’t choose one top guy group I like. There’s too many I love!! Keke ^^

  10. This year and next year will be very exciting, as more boybands coming. I guess B2ST will facing their biggest newcomer rival: MBLAQ, both with weird names.

    Just like k-pop where they just follow the trends, those bands’ name are getting weirder and weirder just to fit with the current trends: all about acronym and numbers. I guess there should be more sentences or at least two words (e.g. super junior, big bang) not just a combination of fonts.

    However, K-pop’s boybands are much better than j-pop’s as they are more manly than all that ‘beautiful’ JE Boys. Great luck for the new bands, welcome to the jungle.

  11. oh yo!

    they seem to be kinda BIGBANG-y…. but very very promising.

    son dong woon is very adorable, and it’s nice to see SO-1 shining finally after being booted out from BIGBANG. Hoping that my first babies GDragon and Taeyang must be very happy for SO1, just like they did for KIM JUNSU.

    Well, it’s kinda annoying that there are more and more boy/girl groups sprouting around, but B2ST would be my 4th set of babies since BIGBANG, 2PM & 2AM

  12. losers? i don’t think so….it wasn’t their time back then that’s why it didn’t work out for them…maybe coz now is the perfect time for B2ST TO RISE!!! ……..THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO FLY!

  13. why there no info for YoSeob oppa?_? *upset b2uty* he the king of aegyo (in my eyes) you showing too much bias……..tho i don’t blame you XDD DongWoon oppa is also really hot

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