2AM goes GLOSSY!

…in the magazines, that is. It hasn’t been long since their Men’s Health photoshoot has been released, and now they’re already gracing the covers once more, this time going for a more classy and old world look. With their upcoming comeback, they’re getting their name (and bodies) out there. THEY ARE SIMPLY EVERYWHERE. But we’re not complaining.

The concept screams like an interpretation of the “old west” or Indiana Jones, Idunno. Jo Kwon’s outfit is very aviator-ish, but Idunno about the pants though. Looks like he’s walking diva on the catwalk LOL. Oh Kwonnie. Changmin’s the best dressed! He’s really working it lately!


I’ll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking.

*I’ll update this post once the official scans/ rest of the photos come out, I’m not sure if this is all of it though. I’ll write more info/sources once I get my grubby hands on ’em.


Just to refresh your memories, here are scans of their Men’s Health photoshoot for the October issue. *Yes, I missed a lot on my brief hiatus so I’m this outdated LOL. Hot issue indeed. And boy are they healthy!

Seul Ong, The perfect example of a guy who looks better without garments on.

Case in point:




Maknae no more! Jinwoon bb’s growing up too fast!! ~teary~

Jinwoon’s cute moments:

Jo Kwon

Does anyone else feel guilty when you think Kwon is hot? Kinda like when you’re a girl and you find F(x)’s Amber attractive? LOL

Caption this:

To quote from the movie Mean Girls: He’s almost too ghei to function. LOL. But nah, he’s great that way. He’s just really comfortable being himself and not afraid of having fun and just letting all the sacred idol-image go. He’s cool like that.



Saving the best for last: Coverboy Changmin

Who knew???! Ballad never uh, looked this damn good! You go boy!

I have no words. So let me just post some of the funny/witty comments from OMONA. You guys are the best!

You know there is someone that gets paid to oil people up for photoshoots like this? lol /jealous”

“Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice.” —> LMAO.

Totally worth clicking on this link at work.”


ahrgh uh…i..he…but…i..::drops dead…”—> SAME HERE.


Who wants 2AM and can’t wait for their comeback? Raise your hands up in the air!

…because appropriate gif is appropriate.

Owwffss whew!


You tell ’em Heechul!

source : onedayroom, asianfanatics gallery, OMONA@LJ Comm

P.S. LOL can you tell I’m going hiatus on all the girl groups?


8 Responses

  1. […] Read more from the original source:  2AM goes GLOSSY! […]

  2. I want 2AM to comeback with an image like this -seriously. If they look this hot, I want to…kidnap Minwoon. Really.

    Two words – Minwoon. HOT.

    But Seul Ong and Jo Kwon’s strip down shows they can’t be the same people like they were on Dirty Eyed Girls.

  3. You’re back!!

    haha i had no clue you were back, good thing i just randomly checked today…

    btw the last gif is pure *love* reminds me of a chipmunk or something O.o

    -will catch up w/your other posts now!

    • hey kari! nice to hear from you again! yep i just got back like two days ago lol! i haven’t gotten in touch with the other readers yet, because i’m not sure if they’re following me via twitter.com/icecapades. kindly spread the word! thanks for checking in!

  4. Wow.. they do stood up after their ‘brothers’ need a little break.
    See, I know it.. I know there’s something hidden in Jo Kwon, and it’s a gem!!!

    You know, heechul gif absolutely victorious! You put in the right places. LOL

  5. I’m so anti girl groups these days, this… is very nice. *drools*


    Omg I saw the video of them doing this photoshoot, and I was DROOLING (Don’t judge me, I know you were too :P)

    I had no idea Changmin had all THAT under his nerdy glasses HAHA. Seulong should just not wear shirts, ever. Especially not ones by Andre Kim :/

    JoKwon is so fabulous, I’m not used to this new image of his….but I don’t mind it 🙂 And Jinwoon, omg, THE MAGNAE IS GROWING UP ;____;

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