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Floatingstars is back! Reminiscing the good times of Kpop!

Jaebeom’s departure, Kim Hyun Joong’s H1N1 scare, Daesung’s accident, Kang-In’s assault case, DBSK’s court dilemma—everyone’s going Nostradamus about how 2009 seems like a bad year for male idols. What the hell is going on?! But let’s try to put these issues on hold, even for just a day. It’s been hard enough already, so I thought about reminiscing the good old days when Kpop was not as complicated as it is today.


Hello people of the world!

Been out of it for a while. To tell you the truth I’ve been staring at my laptop screen for a long time, deleting and re-typing like a fool. I just dunno how to begin. I mentioned in my very first post that I had another blog once, Xanga to be exact. It wasn’t anything like this one, everything in it were my random rantings, articles and it’s where I posted photos, sketches and doodles. But that blog DIED A NATURAL DEATH. I don’t even remember the url! It must be floating around in webspace right now, and is probably in a better place. So I realized I didn’t want the same thing to happen to Floatingstars, much less become its murderer! Dun dun dun!!!

Anyways, since we’re talking about beginnings, let me tell you a little bit about how I got into Kpop (Jpop, Twpop are stories for another day).

Handsome, wealthy, snobbish male lead? Check
Beautiful, spunky female lead? Check
Adorably wonky supporting cast? Check
Insanely attractive male rival? Check
Loan sharks/debt? Check!

Incest love stories, rich-boy-poor-girl, incurable disease, evil step mothers, bitchy ex-girlfriends, desperate good looking male doormats and drunken soju confessions…


I don’t exactly remember which artist I first became a fan of, but definitely I got into Kpop because of afternoon Kdramas. I remember watching “Bright Girl” with Jang Nara (she was the princess of dramas back then) and several of Eugene’s dramas. I grew up watching Lee Byung Hun, the quintessential suave and brave leading man. He starred in “Beautiful Days” with Choi Ji Woo, Ryu Shi Won and a verrrry young Shin Min Ah. I watched all of the season-themed dramas Autumn Story (with Song Hye Kyo, Song Seung Hoon and Won Bin), Winter Sonata (with CJW and Bae Yong Joon), Summer Scent (with Son Yeh Jin) and Spring Waltz (with Han Hyo Joo). My Girl, Sam Soon, Lovers in Paris, Full House, Goong, you name it! Sometimes I even wonder how I even finished school! This is why I was able to make a whole compilation post here: Kdrama and Jdrama moments: Cliches or Must haves? LOL so yeah now you can point, laugh hysterically at me and tell me that I have no life.

And you think Suju’s (debut days) stylists had a drinking problem.

When it comes to music, I loved the old school! S.E.S., G.O.D., F.I.N.K.L., Yang Pa, J. Lim (where IS she anyways?), and Shinhwa (are they old school?) but Rain and Se7en really plugged me into the fandom.

Se7en, 1TYM and Big Bang

Asking me to choose between Se7en and Rain is like asking me which came first, chicken or the egg? I have all of his albums! My fave would have to be Just Listen and Must Listen, with singles Come back to me and Once, just once, Passion, Tattoo. Man, why don’t they make songs like these anymore!!! Nowadays YG is all synth and techno! I love YG but sometimes their songs can get a little OVERPRODUCED, it’s like they’re going for wham bam in your face RAWR shock factor—that the music gets lost somewhere in between. Anyways, Se7olution was great, it showed Se7en’s more mature side. I mean, in Lalala mv Se7en was making out and groping a girl inside a limo! LOL. If one of the Big Bang members ever do that, fangirls will throw into a fit and launch World War III!! Speaking of Lalala, I got to know Big Bang accidentally because I was looking for Se7en’s Lalala, when I clicked Big Bang’s Lalala.

And what can I say about 1TYM? Good music and Taebin (Danny). Enough said.

Honestly, my first impression of Big Bang wasn’t too good. Their debut was a bit so-so, and they kinda looked like wannabe gangstas and GD was just too cute to be acting like that. Just sayin’. But no one can overpower the lure of T.O.P.!! I actually like the old school Big Bang (pre-Haru Haru era) more now.

Before DARAgon, there was uhh, GD-BOMHere are some old pics from Big Bang’s video where Bom played GD’s lady love.


Rain (Bi) and JYP tandem

Before they were all smiles.. Now…


Nah, Bi and JYP are both in good terms. No matter what people say about JYP, he’s truly a star maker, hands down. He sees something in young hopefuls that we would normally not see. He’s got a super trained eye, more amazing than all the netizens combined. But more than that he’s got an ear that detects what will be the next big hit. He creates a “brand” for an artist. Creepy as he is (with his goal of bringing sexual revolution to Korea and all). I actually liked some of his own singles like Kiss and Come to my House.

Did you know that JYP was once awarded Model Line’s Best Dressed of the Year in 1997 and 2007? LOLWHUTT.

Run for your lives! The king of aliens has landed on earth and will destroy us with laser beams!

I…am.. scarred. for. life.

Leaving all his creepiness and controversies aside, you gotta give where credit is due. Much respect to him and his eye for talent. He knows what he’s doing.

Rain. Bad Guy, How to avoid the sun, It’s Raining, I Do, With U, Sad Tango, Freeway, Move on, Instead of saying goodbye—again, why don’t they make songs like these anymore??? And why aren’t there enough solo acts around? It’s totally a risk being solo, and unless you’ve got mad talent and charisma like Rain, you won’t be able to make it. He’s like an all around guy: singing, acting, dancing, producing, designing, modeling, whew! It’s amazing how he’s able to keep up with the things that he does click HERE to see what his day looks like. Some people are saying that his fame is waning, but I think it’s only because he’s been working behind the scenes a lot lately.Β  I wish I could see him in a drama similar to Full House. He’s such an amazing actor, he’s not afraid to make fun and show different sides of himself, and when he cries, you can almost feel his pain (A Love to Kill). What’s funny is that his fanbase even extends to grannies and moms. I watched his CNN documentary when he went back to his hometown. Students flocked around him and there was this passerby ahjumma who called someone on the phone spazzing, “Omo!! Rain is here! He’s like a statue! His face is so small… *pause* No, it’s not raining! I meant Rain the celebrity!” LOL.



I miss BoA’s old music style: No. 1, Listen to my heart, Atlantis Princess, Girls on Top, etc. I’m not saying artists should always stick to one style and I’m all for adopting change but there was something in the music of yesteryears (which was not too long ago) that was different from today’s Kpop. Today is still good and enjoyable, but old school pop is in a different league. Kinda like the 90’s Britney-N’SYNC-BSB era. You can’t find that kind of music or image anymore in the US. Maybe you can, but they’re either Disney or considered just plain lame. LOL. Anyways, BoA’s English album seems to have blurred the old singing BoA with synths and techno effects. Sigh.


This post will go on an on if I go into detail for every Kpop artist. So here’s a rundown of my first impressions on some of my faves:

DBSK debut with “Hug:” I was only looking at Jaejoong the whole time and wondering if he was a guy or a girl. LOL. But damn can they sing! And how random is Yunho wearing a football player uniform?!!


Super Junior with “U,” “Miss You” and “Don’t Don:” I’ve been hearing a lot about them (lots of protests/controversies/spazzing), but I didn’t really care. I watched their vid Don’t Don and ended up having a headache trying to find out who the real members of the group are and who are the backup dancers. And goodness, were they having bad bleaching hair day or whut? But “Marry U” changed all that. I think Heechul stood out for me the most back then, probably because he looked more like he would fit in JE/Jpop. Then of course, there was the lovely Donghae. *sings* ‘Coz I can’t stop thinking ’bout chuu girl!


Wonder Girls

They’re known for their mega-hit songs “Tell Me,” “So Hot” and “Nobody,” all of which I think are catchy, with their simple and easy dance steps, they were bound to get famous. But I think they’d also do well had they maintained their fierce image in “Irony.” They also have other more edgy songs like “Bad Guy,” “This fool,” Move (feat. Min Woo), and “I wanna.” Sometimes their easy choreography does not show their full potential. Sun Ye can do so much more! But I guess they wouldn’t be Korea’s national sisters if they went the fierce route. Luckily Yoobin’s there to level up the fierceness. While So Hee is everyone’s fave, I like Ye Eun because I think she’s the most confident of them all (imho).


SNSD/Girls Generation

I wasn’t hooked into them the first time I watched them. I liked their debut song “Into the New World,” Yoona and Yuri stood out for me, because they looked so much alike and SeoHyun, because she was so cool doing a ballet dance. I was also curious about Sooyeong because she’s one of the gorgeous ones and she didn’t look Korean (more like hmm, Thai or Filipino?). They were kinda annoying especially when they came out with “Kissing You.” LOL as if too much sugar wasn’t enough, they were bopping around, dancing and waving lollipops to your face! I only watched the vid because of Donghae. It was cute, but TOO cute for my taste. Their high skirts and leg kicks concept in their song “Girls Generation” was okay. Ironically I found their less popular songs so much better, like “Baby Baby” and “Honey.” It wasn’t until “Gee” that I became a fan. Couldn’t help it.

Cute girls Taeyon and SeoHyun


When they came out with “Noona Neomu Yeppo” I was like, “Awww. How cute! Look at these kids tryin’ to be all gangsta with their Jersey Jackets, pretending to play basketball wearing gold chains and doing finger motions spelling ‘MVP’!” LOL. But at the end of the vid I realized they weren’t going for the gangsta style, Taemin came out in a fierce solo dance wearing skinny jeans and a tank top. I loved him from the start! I have to say, for me, at least, I think SHINee has the best songs in their albums, Suju’s 3rd album comes in close, but SHINee is consistent—you can listen to their albums from start to finish and like every single song!


Good times.

Sorry for the long post. Sometimes when I’m all Kpopped out I tend to forget what I like about it. I was having personal issues but I realized that Kpop helps me get through a rough day. LOL sounds corny but it’s true. Thanks so much Babelpop Unni for all the help! And I was particularly touched with the messages of support you guys left for me in my last post. Also thanks to akira_ken2 for using one of my articles to make a vid tribute for Jaebeom. And to Sagenta who said: “So please, I beg of you. Don’t lose hope, and be dismal because of all of these negative things, and continue to support Kpop…” Cheerios!
P.S. If you were to go back to an era in Kpop, what would it be? What were your first impressions of today’s famous K celebs? (I remember talking to PaS of imop about this—holla imop clan!) I also logged on to Twitter just 2 days ago! Feels like forever!

Let’s do these old polls one last time. Se7en or Rain?


Wondergirls vs Girls Generation

Here’s to looking forward to more good times with you guys!

24 Responses

  1. Rain! WG! :p

    We have not to lose hope ^^

    I begin with A love to Kill
    It is recent for me huhu…
    JYP is frightening lol
    I wasn’t able to understand all @@ *english + long article = *dead*
    But, about what I understood, I liked your article ^^

    • hell0 nice of you to comment! thanks! Sorry for the long read! lol i’ll try to shorten my posts, i need to shut up sometimes lol where are you from?<3

      • I’m french ^^

        I’ll try ti improve my english lol :p

        I wonderd… If poeple listend to

        I love uu’

        Yoon & J-bum πŸ˜‰ Before debut ^^

        I don’t understand all too… but I can see this kind of personality in Jay (oO’)
        “thinkin’ my way… Be what you wanna Be… ”
        I think it’s strong. I have the same feelings.
        How could he give up because of words he wrote 4 years ago?
        ‘think it’s not possible… When you have this king of strength.

        It’s my opinion ^^

        love your articles >.<

      • wow cool! Your English is actually fine don’t worry! Yeah I’m a big fan of Jaebum, if you read 3 of my previous articles they’re all about Jay. All we can do really is wait. He’s a VERY talented guy. I recommend you have to watch this:, it’s a live performance and his voice is great! You can tell that he’s got lots of passion and energy, and the crowd LOVES him. Here’s the radio version:

      • Thank you… I never watch the second video >.<
        I'm a big fan of Jay too ^^
        Whatever if you want wait or not, if you're fighting against JYP or not… I'm feeling good righ now, cuz I talked to a fan of Jay, I don't know why ^^' oO"

        I rememberd lol… I watched the first video again & again when it's released on Youtube

        he will be back =)

      • Thanks, it’s nice talking to you too! I’m not against JYP or anyone else, the situation needs to cool down. It won’t do any good to add fuel to the fire. We all just need some time. Jay’s talent can never fade. In whatever way I’m sure he’ll find a way to shine no matter where he is or no matter what he does:)

  2. hey girl! welcome back!! it was so nice reading this article (along with it signaling your return). the trip down kpop memory lane had me smiling the whole time and made me feel warm and fuzzy in spite of the harsh unending rain outside. i’m really happy you’re back! i’m sorry i wasn’t able to say bye! i was on a kpop fangirling hiatus and it started when i was only following jae news. well you know that since we were tweeting each other our tears haha. and then my bestfriend told me that you said goodbye! but i didn’t visit floating cause i didn’t wanna see your goodbye for myself. haha i thought it was a permanent farewell and i didn’t wanna confirm it! it was so sad and that was when i decided to stop visiting korean news sites for a while.

    hay the good old days! it was all fun before! i totally agree with how they don’t make songs like that anymore. for me it was rain that pulled me in. full house love! omg taebin! he was so hot! se7en and taebin introduced the word “fanservice” to me. hot! lol. aww vintage boa i love her atlantis princess album. and wondergirls! really liked this fool. i’m really thankful yoobin is part of the wondergirls. won’t be the same without her. i like hyun ah too though. SNSD!!! haha true when my sister first showed them to me with their into the new world mv i was like whuuut why are they so many? but seohyun really caught me attention with her ballet dance and her ha ji won features lol. so cute. and YES yey someone noticed how soo young can pass for a filipina!! i keep saying that since i saw her lol. as for their kissing you days it was funny cause i DID think it was crazily too cute but i liked them more haha i dunno why. but they captured the perfect mix of cute with their gee promotions. shinee was just amazing when they came out. their dancing is just so wicked.

    a very entertaining read as usual. a great way to jumpstart my return to kpop fandom lol. welcome back thank god!! i havta say that i can’t imagine fangirling without you and your diva blog. much love~

    • hey thanks for the nice welcome! i was afraid no one will comment anymore since I don’t really go out and advertise this blog (except on Twitter), so some of my readers still probably think I’m hibernating lol. I’m thinking about posting in LJ comms but hmmm, and there was also one time I was asked to join a news site.. anyways off-topic. I guess the whole Jay fiasco got into you too, huh. Well, aside from personal biznas I had to take care of that was actually a problem for me too. I mean, how can you spazz when your fave artist is going through hardships, right? Seriously. I think you guys know this blog might as well be Jay’s fansite. I’m thinking about writing another article about him but I’m not sure I have the energy to do it. Anyways don’t give up on the fandom just yet. Even with all its craziness it does give us entertainment and we can’t give up on other artists too. We’ll continue to fangirl together! *looking into the horizon with a fighting! pose* LOL

      • hahahaha the *looking into the horizon with a fighting pose* is so lol-worthy i love it. i can so imagine yankumi standing there with us on top of a hill lol. don’t worry your readers are pretty loyal! πŸ™‚ oh yeah i hope you fixed that personal problem of yours! fight-oh! yeah the jae thing kinda made me see the kpop fandom world in a new light, one that was not so appealing. so there. kinda lacked energy to fangirl after that. my only news source was the squeals of my fangirl sister haha. but slowly (and surely) it’s all gonna come back, one t-ara +supernova performance at a time. haha and i’m kinda hoping to fly out to korea for the dream concert. so there! welcome back! i can’t welcome you back enough haha.

        oh hey have you see mika’s candy girl mv? she’s so effing diva i love it! in spite of it super looking britney circus-esque that is haha πŸ˜€

      • hey you’re going to the dream concert? wow! we can collaborate on a post! would it be okay if you take pics and record your experiences and i’ll make some sort of special correspondent/fan account post plus news about it? Are you going alone? If you’re with friends, maybe they’d like to participate in the post too! It will be fun! Please! kindly send me direct message via Twitter!

      • hey sorry i just read this now. the comments part is messed up in my browser didn’t see this. yes of course!! that sounds great! that is if they allow cameras inside! my friend said they’re strict in korea with cameras unlike in let’s say hongkong. but they sneak their cameras in anyway. i hope i can sneak mine but i think my slr is too much of a dead giveaway with its size T_T oh and the biggest IF is that IF i get to go. i really want to! i’m hoping my visa gets approved. we just applied today and ima go back this friday *crosses fingers* but if i get denied ill fly myself to new york first thing in frustration lol.

      • sure no prob! I hope they let in the cameras! But if not, a simple fan account/interview will do if you don’t mind! I can always work around it and get some fanvids from Korean portal sites. You know ’em, their skills are even better than the CIA. Just message me if you’re interested! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

      • I totally think you should write another article on Jay! My favorite articles on your site are the ones On Jay since I’m biased like that =P and it’s great to hear what other Hottests have to say ya know?

        By the way, you have SHINee up there, what about the 2PM love? =(

      • Actually I’m thinking about making a separate article about 2PM or Jay… It’s just a bit difficult especially with what’s happened, but I’ll work on it soon, perhaps do a collabo post or something. You know I love 2PM and this site is practically a Jay fansite what with all his pics/gifs whatever all in here LOL. Thanks for reading my articles about him! Please look forward for more! I won’t stop the 2PM love!


  4. Oops. I dont know why my comment is up there but yea HAPPY YOU’re BACK πŸ˜€

  5. OMG I’m so happy you came back =3 I especially loved your post on SHINee with the whole ‘aw those kids are trying to be gangster!’ I rofled and had to go watch their video!

  6. ROFL!!!!!! Welcoooome hooooome!!!!!
    God, I love the way you come back floatingstars! Bring that witty back!!!! :wohooo:
    Seriously, I’m laughing out loud reading this post, especially on the JYP section. Can’t believe he won best dressed?!

    Super Junior’s Don’t Don really a nightmare. LOL. Same with me, I love “Marry U” a lot, not just in the song but also in their MV. They look a bit J-pop (especially Heechul.. don’t you think he’s a bit lost in K-pop? you know, with waxed eyebrows and girly attitude, he will definitely victorious in J-pop) but somehow it seems like they start to find the bright path.

    Rain and Se7en? Rain!!!!! Just how much I like rain (literally) :p. Wondergirls and SNSD? Hate SNSD at the first time, but ended with listening to their songs everyday. πŸ˜€

    • LOL at “especially Heechul.. don’t you think he’s a bit lost in K-pop? you know, with waxed eyebrows and girly attitude, he will definitely victorious in J-pop”—> SO TRUE!! He can be Kame or Matsujun’s rival! Thanks for visiting this site again. I really missed your fun and clever comments!! Really, I appreciate the support! LOL Rain is still number 1, I love Se7en, but Bi gives you the whole package. I can’t stress how he’s great in acting.

  7. memilih kyuhyun aja deh wkwkwkwk

  8. πŸ™‚

  9. milih siwon / kyuhyun yaaaaaaaaaaa…….. :*

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