The next big stars part 1: More about MBLAQ!

World star Rain has been grooming these five boys under his own company, J Tunes Entertainment for over two years. Being the first group to debut under his guidance and training methods—THE PRESSURE IS ON. You’ve seen some of their photos, read snippets about them, and you’re still clueless. I rounded up more info and TONS of pics so that we can get to know them better. And yes, I was serious when I said I am sick of all the new girl groups.

It’s hard to stop once I started. Writing and snooping around are like therapy, making me forget the real world LOL. Anyways, sorry for the off topic beginning. For my so-called “comeback” I decided to make a series of posts with men in them. *as if my blog header isn’t obvious enough* So! Let’s go meet our guys!

INTRODUCING… MBLAQ! Rain and the boys in NYLON

JTunes Entertainment representative revealed, “We are currently coming up with the stage names for 4 members Jung ByungHee, Kim SangBae, Yang SeungHo and Bang CheolYoung. Lee ChangSeon will stay as Lee Joon. We will reveal their stage names and also the meaning to the group name MBLAQ in a while.” YES STAGE NAMES PLEASE. Or at least their nick names. Seriously, it took me a while trying to match their names and faces from different photo sources! Especially at Daum cafes! It can get a little confusing. For a minute I thought their faces were changing randomly! LOL

Rain finally reveals his newest and first creation, 5-member boy band MBLAQ through NYLON magazine!

Rain’s company J.Tune Entertainment stated:

“5-member group MBLAQ, who was directly produced by Rain, will be featured and introduced for the first time though the October publication of fashion magazine NYLON. Because of Rain’s transformation into a producer and this being his first creation of a group, many are showing interest. We are already receiving inquiries for fanclubs.”

MBLAQ pronounced M Black, will release their first single in October.

More group photos:

What’s interesting about MBLAQ (aside from their name, the meaning of which hasn’t been revealed yet) is that Rain delayed the debut of a female solo artist who was reported to debut as his “female version,” to advance his boy band project MBLAQ. But it’s all good. Rain must also be considering the timing. THERE IS NO BETTER TIME THAN RIGHT NOW FOR BOY GROUPS TO COME OUT OF THE CLOSET. Wait.. that sounded wrong LOL. Some of them aren’t entirely newbies, as one was a former member of another group, and another already starred in Rain’s Hollywood flick as his young self.

Note: Sadly there are no official profiles released yet, which is also good for keeping up people’s anticipation.


Bae Chol Yong a.k.a. FT Island’s Lee Hongki look-a-like, 18 years old

He’s gaining popularity among netizens because he’s actually the brother of actress Go Eun Ah. They look like they have a pretty close relationship, and Go Eun Ah has posted a lot of their photos in her cyworld.

In this photo and angle he really resembles Hongki!


Lee June (the one lifting his shirt in Nylon), 21 years old

The first time I watched Rain’s mv for his 3rd single off Rainism I was like, dang WHO THOSE HOT BOYS BE?! *loses coherence* You gotta give a thumbs up to Rain. He’s giving exposure to his trainees in a huge way by featuring them as models for his clothing line Six to Five, and letting one of them star in his movie. In Hollywood, no less! This song is actually one of my faves and this version made it all the more precious: September 12, acoustic version

Rain with Lee June in Germany while filming for Ninja Assassin. They seriously look like brothers! Must be great to have Rain as your boss. I wouldn’t mind being scolded or punished by him. *Maddd Rain is sexy* I don’t think anyone’s gonna have a problem with that. Am I right or… am I right? LOL

This photo of him in a ballet pose is pretty interesting. We’ll have to see what he brings to the stage when they debut. It’s gonna be epic if he does ballet! Imagine having a combination of classical training with contemporary moves! Awesome.


Kim Sang Bae, 18 years old, the maknae!

From the pics you can tell he’s the youngest one. For sure he’s gonna be the one in charge of “aegyo” LOL. It’s a MUST in boy bands.


Yang Seung Ho (rumored leader)
, 22 years old

Too bad there aren’t many photos of him, despite him being rumored to be the leader because he’s the oldest.
He’s my fave in the NYLON photoshoot, he looks so emo. Already netizens are abuzz about him having a slight resemblance to Suju’s Siwon (in the first pic). Him being a leader is still a rumor though (in Daum), because sometimes being oldest isn’t necessarily the reason for making a trainee the leader.*I’m biased towards this guy. See header*


Jun Byung Hee
, 22 years old (only a month younger than Seung Ho)

He already debuted in 2007, in a group called TYKEYS. This is why he has a lot of photos all over the net.

I bet he’s gonna be the rapper? LOL sorry the whole vibe/image just screams cool hip hop guy. I wasn’t really paying attention to him in the NYLON photos (I was too focused on Seung Ho) then I saw these pics. HOTDAYUMM. Netizens are already spazzing about his manly image.

TYKEYS is a 3-member male group under TY Entertainment with members Jang Goon (vocals), Soo (vocals) and HyunJeong (rap).


“According to Rain’s agent J.Tune entertainment, MBLAQ is going to make the opening stage at Rain’s 2009 Asia Tour, ‘Legend of Rainism’ concert in Seoul, Korea on October 9th and 10th. At the opening, MBLAQ will open 2 songs including the title song from their mini music album which will be released on October 14th, to the public. A lot of famous foreign labels and press have shown interest after the article about MBLAQ, and not only are they showing interest in Rain’s Seoul concert, they are but also requesting their presence at the concert to see the group. Menawhile, MBLAQ is being spotlighted already, taking the first ranking as the most popular key word from web portals.”

MBLAQ will perform in 2009 Rain’s Asia Tour- Legend of Rainism, on October 9th and 10th.” MBLAQ will be revealing their song on this performance before October 14th, the date where it is scheduled to release their mini-album. They have been training and practicing for 2 years. J.Tune Entertainment also commented, “Over-sea famous international labels are already getting interested.” “Although people are excited about Rain’s first Korea concert in 3 years, a lot of overseas medias are excited about MBLAQ as well, as a lot of them are requesting to take part in the concert.

~ BRB squealing and flailing like a school girl ~

I think MBLAQ is gonna be huge. Not only because they are under Rain, but because they’re composed of a pretty interesting mix. They’re the kind of group that’s gonna make it hard for you to have favorites for sure. Sign up in their official international forum here: M-BLAQ ATTACK. I already did and they have lots of more fun stuff there!

credits: K Bites (Sookyeong@WP), AllKpop, Jtunecamp@WP,, Osen news
, MBLAQ Attack

Spread the boy band love<3




Part 2 of this rookie series will be Cube Ent.’s B2ST!!! STAY TUNED!

15 Responses

  1. Welcome back :D!

    I um, think I have Leader bias too LOL XD The guy with the facial hair scares me though..I can’t help it, I like scrawny dorks who dress like fashion terrorists, not manly facial hair boys XD

    I would LOVE to have Rain as a boss! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME. Apparently he’s a reaaally awesome guy, so I bet he’d be nice(er?) than a boss like SM. And omg, imagine getting dance training from him!

    • Oh Hai there PaS! I LOVE the “leader!” Lots of people I know like little Hong Ki or Lee June! I hope he does become the leader because somehow his whole vibe fits it? Byung Hee (TYKEYS) seems too quiet, and Lee June would fit the role of being “the face” of MBLAQ, kinda like Khun or Jaejoong? Rain has got to be the coolest boss evarrr! His age isn’t too far apart from the boys so it’s like hyung love! It’s pretty cute he’s cooking for June in Germany and them be going out to eat and stuff!!! I really wish Rain’s company becomes as big as the “holy trinity” SM, YG and JYP.

  2. welcome back dearieeeeeeeeeeee… fave. : lee june n honggi look alike 😀 haha…. the last guy in ur article looks like japanese than korean to me 😀 thx..can’t wait 4 the rookie article… ❤

    • hey yey i also thought that Jun Byung Hee (last guy) looks japanese when i first saw him. ^_^

    • hmmm.. now that you mention it he does look like Japanese!! I love his tan! lol. The Hong Ki lookalike is really cute! The maknae kinda resembles Jaejin of FT too lol! Gosh it’s really hard to have favorites!!! thanks for the welcome dear! I’ll chat with you on Twitter later!

  3. wow it’s amazing you’re back now! i was seriously thinking of ending my kpop fangirl recess.then i logged on twitter (to read and tweet about the catastrophic storm here in the philippines) and saw you! welcome back! 🙂

    mblaq is really interesting especially since they’re bringing sexy back amidst the girl groups popping left and right (not that i’m complaining. just miss them boys lol). kinda like lee june. especially in the ballet pose. hope they integrate that style into their dance too! that would be way refreshing! when i first saw pics of jun byung hee i thought his face was very japanese. like he’d fit into jpop. cute and hot too! i think he’ll be my fave. i like my men to look like men haha. i also love how rain introduced this group through a spread in nylon. very unusual but a nice strategy nonetheless.

    i missed you girl! welcome back again. 🙂

    • Yay I was torn between Lee June and the “leader” too! But the guyliner is hotter with leader lol! I love how Lee June seems like a very well-rounded guy. I bet he’s gonna be the “face” of MBLAQ. And Rain is showing his sneaky business sense lol what with all the mystery and debuting in a concert! Double treat for him and the boys because Rain already has a huge fanbase and people who are curious will go to the concert so more ticket sales!!!

  4. They really are a group I anticipate more than B2ST. The one I think is called Lee Joon is now my favourite.

    • I’m actually torn between B2ST and MBLAQ! ugh why is life so hard! But yeah MBLAQ’s got a bit more ooomph in terms of their management company. The name J Tunes being synonymous with Rain is already a promotion itself!

      • Listen if AJ didn’t go solo, I would love him more but since he’s been demoted, I’m not very sure of them right now though So-1 is in there.

        And MBLAQ, enough said, I already like two cuties from there and they have a name to live up too. Rain – his first project, let’s hope it’s not a fail.

  5. honestly MBLAQ really reminds me of 2pm cause their members seem like b.boys plus they don’t seem to be going for that ‘cute’ stuff like shinee and such. they seem like they’re going for the ‘boys will be boys’ kind of thing like 2pm. . ah i miss 2pm =( & i’m glad you’re back to posting new entries.

  6. Can’t wait to see them debut!
    However, I saw quite a few look-alike faces of them. First the lee-hongki look-alike (Bae Chol Yong), then Taeyang look-alike (Jun Byung Hee), U-know look-alike (Yang Seung Ho) in some photos his long chin really looks like U-know’s, and somehow… in few angles, the maknae looks like Jay. It seems like they are band that represent all the great boys in K-pop. lol

    I hope their ‘representation’ really represent their great talent. *crossing fingers*
    Rain as their boss? Agree with you, I will always happy even he yelled at me. lol. I hope he’s my boss,.. *sigh*. Why I always get a female boss? 😦

  7. whoa they’re beasty. haha Imma like em. for sho.

  8. Omg Byung Hee….. 8D Looking so manly and so fine. =D

    Glad I took a look at this post. I like seeing more pix of the guys! I really don’t know them at all.

    Pushing me towards MBLAQ a bit more. =]

    • lol thanks for dropping by this site! I get a lot of people telling me Byung Hee’s gonna be the next hot thing lol but I’m “leader” biased. in the babelpop poll MBLAQ is leading!

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