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Korea Dream Concert Project!


Dream Concert is coming up, and it sucks that I’m half-way around the world so I couldn’t be there. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have inside access and get the lowdown on all of the fun!

Countdown to the Dream Concert on October 10 begins!!! I’m planning to make a special correspondent post where people who will be attending can tell us their fan accounts and share their vids/photos of the event! It’s gonna be spazztastic! We can do it in an interview format or like a guest writer kind of thing.

If you’re going, or you know someone who’s going, and if you’re interested in sharing your story, e-mail me at, or add/send me a direct tweet via!

Share the KPOP love!


If I can go there…. Y’all know who I want to see:

5 Responses

  1. I’ll be posting up on my blog what I see, so you’ll be welcome to take from that once I’m done 😀

  2. & ya’ll know the person you want to see is also the person I want to see lmao. PARK JAYBEOM.

  3. the only person (group) i wanted to see is JAEBEOM of 2pm and he won’t be there ='[

    i’m not a big fan of the other groups and i don’t know much about them so its not so exciting…

    maybe TAEYANG from big bang too! lols

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