Hot new stuff! Yamapi’s first solo concert and new single!

What better way to start my comeback to JPOP posts than news about NEWS’ hotshot, JE’s golden boy, leader Yamashita Tomohisa? Check out his itinerary and more about his rumored lady love!

From Tokyograph:

“NEWS member Tomohisa Yamashita (24) has scheduled his first solo concerts, to be held at Yokohama Arena this November. Just before that, he will also release a new solo single, his first in more than three years.

Yamashita’s first single as a soloist was “Daite Senorita” in May 2006, used as the theme song of the drama series “Kurosagi.” The song has sold more than 800,000 copies.

His new song is an R&B tune titled “Loveless.” It will be released on November 18. Then, on November 21-23, he will do a total of five shows at the Yokohama Arena.”


OH SNAPS. R&B?? BRING IT! From his previous fruity singles “Amigo” with Kame and Daite Senorita, which were pretty much your usual bubblegum pop guised in thrashy costumes and cheesy dance steps—IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME TO CHANGE THE MUSIC. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool if Pi went out and did a sexy R&B song ala Taeyang’s “Look at only me? But you know,,, It’s Johnny’s we’re talking about here, so better not get your hopes up. They’re probably negotiating with Swedish song writers as we speak.

Anyways! To move on with our boycott against girl groups, here are the newest magazine photos of Pi, still rocking the pama hair and showing off his infamous manboobs.

In another news, just in case you haven’t heard yet, Pi is also gracing the tabloid covers with rumors of him dating a “halfie” model—which, in JE dating dictionary means A MUST-HAVE TROPHY GIRLFRIEND.

He is dating Kagami Seira (22) who has a Canadian father and Japanese mother. They met through a common friend, sparks flew and you know what happened next—they probably checked each other’s blood types and went to sing at a Karaoke. Kagami became a model at 12. Went to college at University of Toronto in Canada. Debuted as a singing in October of 2007 with “Kaleidoscope”. She’s had 5 songs in a row make it to number 1 on the itunes download charts.

More photos of Kagami:

Pi needs a good girl. She’s really lovely. But…

I was rooting for the good ol’ bad ass Pi and gravure idol Abiru Yuu tandem. They were all over the you-me-against-the-world kind of drama. They had the power to give old Johnny a headache and had him running around in circles. With Abiru at least we know Pi had an evil bad boy side to him or something. But whatever makes Pi happy! Poor Yamapi fangirls though!



Expressionless but still looking cool.
Yamapi SHOCK! Or whatever emotion he’s trying to convey.

I may be all over KPOP most of the time, but I still have a soft spot for Pi. Love the guy.

Credits: photos from Friday Magazine, thanks to jingoku @ LJ translated by: [info]daelite, pulubi@LJ (for the gifs) and Tokyograph

P.S. And because I love you guys:


24 Responses

  1. Oof. I’m so ready for a Pi single (although I still have extra earplugs just in case >_~) Boozer beat sexiness! I love those new magazine pics though, kinda giving off the preppy bad boy vibe. mooobs. thanks for making me incoherent today. ^_^

  2. *one question occurs to me*
    When will my Ryo release a solo single?xD

    • Ryo had his solo concert before in Osaka I think, and he sang solo songs (one he composed) but I don’t think it was released commercially, probably it was packaged as one of the songs in their albums (for Kanjani maybe) Sorry, I don’t have info on that yet but yeah I would love to hear a solo from Ryo!! He’s one of the better singers in JE and he has that cool emo rock vibe to him Idunno. LOL love love him!

  3. i remember all the drama w/ yamapi & abiru yuu…some people were seriously pissed at her (as if we can really give her a virtual bitc* slap)

    anyways, good for him to be out and about!

    also, i just noticed that the reason for why he’s expressionless is because he doesn’t move his eyes or eyebrows. He’ll be shocked, but the upper half of his face still says *FAIL*

    • oh you’re totally right. he’s got the fish eye blank stare in most dramas. Stand Up was where it worked the most since he’s supposed to be a little autistic. haha.

      • lol yeah if only his eyes are more expressive. I mean, the eyes tell you everything. Even if you’re smiling, but when your eyes are sad it gives you at Stand Up! I wasn’t able to watch that! The guy from Tokio was in there right?

  4. Ok give me the lowdown on Yamashita Tomohisa. Is he a solo artist? Doing R&B? Please tell me, I have been searching for a good boy solo/group for almost two years.

    • Yamapi is the leader of a 6 member group called NEWS (North East West South), a popular group from Johnny’s Ent. He’s like one of the famous ones because since he was a little kid he’s been in dramas. The group’s music is basically pop, but with his new solo single it’s gonna be R&B. My fave vids/ songs from the group is Weeeeek (which was composed by the rock band Greeeen, if you know ’em), Summer Time (so cute) Hoshiwo Mezashite, Cherish (when they were 8 members, the other two had a controversy). Their Pacific album is the best so far, the old ones are too Idunno, kid stuff (LOL, can’t really like JE songs). If you wanna watch Pi’s drama, better start with Nobuta wo Produce. He’s so adorable there I swear. Hope that helps!

  5. Stand Up has a young but already sexy Hiroki Narimiya, Oguri Shun and Ninomiya who still looks exactly the same. Maybe you’re thinking of My Boss My Hero with Nagase Tomoya? That one’s hilarious as well.

    • Oohhh now I remember!! I watched Stand Up *facepalm* I was thinking of the drama where Pi was young and starred with Nagase (Tokyo something). It’s like the Japanese version of American Pie where young highschoolers are in their quest for sex. The last scene where they were making a pact while holding condoms was pretty dumb but hilarious LOL. Can’t believe JE allowed Pi to star in that. He was always talking about trains, right?? LOL Becky was there!!! I watched also My Boss My Hero with a young chubbier Tegoshi!! Love it!

      • Yeah I’m surprised 2 johnny boys are in a sex themed drama. But i agree innocent!tegoshi is the best. I miss those days.

      • lol you’re here! do you have Twitter? we can exchange chat faster. I love love Nino in that one! He was so innocent!! And going for cougar love lol Anyways, haven’t watched a good Jdrama nowadays with any JE… last I’ve seen was Hana Yori Dango LOL. Wish they’d come up with better ones, though Buzzer Beat is in my list.

      • oh right you have Twitter I was just tweeting with you the other day sorry *facepalm* what is wrong with me?? LOL I’m having memory fails again

      • rofl. Chatting on different internet spheres is always awesome. Haha yeah Nino’s cute in a plushy kind of way. I can’t get over the fact how he still looks the same in Ryusei no Kizuna and in Stand up. Meanwhile everyone else grew up! haha!
        Buzzer Beat is good (if you ignore a few of Pi’s blank fish stares and ridiculously gheii capris) and he has chemistry with the lead girl for once! Of course gratuitous half nekkid scenes are a bonus. ^_^ My sister got me to watch Otomen, the first episode just got subbed even though it was a summer drama. It’s a typical gender-bending shojo manga adaptation but hilarious and cute.

        wow sorry for non-related spammage. >.<;

      • LOL I just sent you direct message over at Twitter. whoa who’s on Otomen? i think i read about it, just forgot! LOL i’m so gonna look forward to Pi’s capris.

      • I don’t remember where else he’s from but he’s a supporting character in Hana Kimi (totally didn’t finish that btw. It was way too botched up!) One of Nakatsu’s roommates I think? But he’s very cute!

        They should have a twitter/wordpress crossover program. ^_^

  6. Lmao, as much as I love Yamapi, I have to admit that I was (and am still) really sceptical about this solo concert. The guy’s only released, what, 2 singles? And now he’s holding a solo concert? Only in JE…XD

    On the other hand, congrats to him on getting a Halfie; I bet the other JE boys are jealous XDD LOL, what is it with Japan and mixed models?!

    P.S. I’ve been really caught up with school stuff recently and haven’t been giving your site the love it deserves, so I will now go on a commenting rampage XDDD

  7. omo..just read this dearie,,thank you….oww, Pi will release his newest single on my bday 😀 yayyyy *haha* thx 4 writing this post..Pi is my fave from Jpop/Jdrama 😀

    • awww! now I know your birthday lol! I love Pi too! omg you don’t know how many times I watched nobuta!

      • u know..i’ll be expecting some gifts then lol 😀 me too..i watched all his drama like i dunno how many times already…seriously..nobuta was like the one who dragged me to him, proposal daisakusen is also daebak 😀

      • omg proposal daisakusen! loved it! the SP isn’t that good tho. but i had a crush on their other friend, hiraoka yuuta i think. and it’s the only drama i didn’t find masami annoying… now you’re making me want to buy the dvd lol!

  8. Ahaha,,
    I really love the article
    talk about being witty XD

    Well, Pi won’t be Johnny’s angel forever
    Akanishi teach him well
    he will be the next trouble maker in JE

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