KPOP showdown: Male solo artists edition!

Girls! Let me show you somethin’! You ready?

WHOA. Have I been missing out or not?! I’ve only been gone for a while and lots of new and exciting things have happened. And no, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT YET ANOTHER GIRL GROUP. We’ve had enough of them, thankyouverymuch. This time male solo acts are spicing up the scene with their different charms and styles. Miss the picspams? To make up for my absence, here’s a triple review and delectable photo collection that I hope you fangirls will like!


Let’s begin with the hottest of them all (at least in my book): RYAN of Paran

Paran’s leader Ryan has decided to spread his wings and release his solo mini-album “Ryan learns to love,” with impressive producers from Brown Eyed Soul. His single “Proud” was released on Sept. 7th, though I read about it in the news, I haven’t really found time to sit down to listen to his songs and watch his mv. I WAS MISSING OUT. His vocals are amazing, and proves that he’s more than just a pretty face. His music video is pretty simple, yet full of emotions. It gives off a melancholic feeling, as it shows Ryan going through his regular day but keeps getting hounded by memories of his lost love. His image is more mature and manly, which I’m sure noonas don’t mind. If you haven’t seen his video yet, which you MUST! Click here: Proud by Ryan

Just a little background, Ryan is the leader and lead vocals of the five-member group “Paran,” with members (who have really cool stage names) Ace, Neo, P.O. and AJ. Their first album was released back in 2005. I’m not really familiar with the group and never really followed them around, I just know I like Neo and heard a lot about the hullabaloo when Paran’s fans went on a rampage because AJ (of B2ST) had the same name as one of the members. The issue rolled into a huge snowball and caused AJ (B2ST) to use his real name. Geez. If that’s the case then Minho of SHINee should change his name because of Boys over Flowers’ Lee Minho. Anyways, I’m not really sure how popular they are in Korea, but they are definitely big in other Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and recently they were even featured at a noodle CF (Jjampong) in the Philippines which garnered a lot of attention.

Different sides of Ryan:

Mr. Cool guy. Love the dreadlocks.

Shy guy. He made several appearances in variety shows, but he stood out in SBS’ “Love Letter.”

He’s also tried acting in dramas like “Hello! Miss” with Lee Da Hae and “I am Sam” with T.O.P. I watched a few episodes of “I am Sam” and I don’t really remember seeing him there, probably because I was too mesmerized with T.O.P.

Geeky Ryan is geeky.


I think what’s really nice about Ryan is that he seems like a very low-profile and simple kind of guy. Very unassuming and approachable.

His live performances are always nothing short of amazing. Choreography is very simple so he’s able to show his vocal prowess even more. Very suave. Watch here: RYAN LIVE DEBUT STAGE. The song kind of reminds me of those old school slow RnB songs like Sisqo’s “Incomplete” and Usher’s “You got it bad,” but Ryan adds a little good boy flavor into it.

Is it just me, or does Ryan look like the lovechild of Yunho (DBSK) and Nino (Arashi)?



One of the most anticipated comebacks this month is Taegoon, with his single “Betrayed.” What’s really great about this guy is that he keeps on improving each and every time he comes out with with new stuff. Sadly, his debut song “Call me” was a bit mediocre, but his vocals and choreography has upped a notch since then. To be honest, “Betrayed” still hasn’t caught on with me yet, perhaps because it sounds like 2PM’s “I hate you” only remixed and made faster. *Don’t wanna add salt to the wound* I heard they had the same composer, just not so sure. Anyways, Taegoon has yet to find his own style, which reminds me of a combination of Wheesung and Rain. His dancing is very polished but he just needs that one good song to make a hit. Other than that, he’s really got potential.

“Betrayed” features After School’s Joo Yeon. A must watch! See the hotness here: BETRAYED. It shows Taegoon and his multiple outfit changes (very stylish!) and him in a bath tub (hot!), and Joo Yeon shows off a sexy, mysterious image.

More Taegoon



Tired of all the idol groups and their loud concepts?

Lee Seung Gi is back, and he definitely needs no concept. His sweet and melodious voices is very much needed in the synth-infested pop songs and trend-following idols in the biz. With his single “
LET’S BREAK UP” and a strong following of pre-orders for his album, it seems like people are looking for a sound that’s simple and fresh. If you want a taste of the classic feel of Kdramas and get a nostalgic music video moment, you have got to watch his mv! He’s getting so much love after starring in many dramas especially “Shining Inheritance.” In a poll he won first place with the question: Which male celebrity do you want to look like most?”

I think his appeal is that he has this boy-next-door charm so ladies really love him, and at the same time mothers would want him to be their son-in-law. He’s actually a very good role model. Despite his busy schedule, he was able to graduate at a very good university!

…and it doesn’t hurt that he looks like Seunghyun from FT Island! (with the dimples and all)


Bring on the men in KPOP. DO WANT.

credits:, Newsen


7 Responses

  1. Taegoon has to be the best for me. This is what 1st and 2nd Generation of hot male solo artists looks like.

    Se7en -> AJ (used to be, waiting for replacement)
    Rain -> Chung Lim (Not as good as AJ or Taegoon though)
    Wheesung -> Taegoon (SEXY!)

    • I have seen one of Chung Lim’s mvs and he’s quite all right but I agree he doesn’t have that blazing charisma… And AJ!!! I love that guy! When I first heard he’s gonna be in a boy group I was a bit disappointed!!! But he looks like he’s having fun and he’s having more opportunities. And I agree Taegoon really is similar to Wheesung! Some of the parts in his mv resembles Wheesung’s insomnia! I wish he’d come out with a ballad though, that would be interesting.

      • Out of the three, I love Taegoon more. I wish AJ was still solo. Wonder why Cube debuted him and then made him solo, sounds stupid to me.

  2. gotta the love the influx of solo boys yeahh! girl OMG thanks for the heads up with paran being the boys in the Lucky Me Jjampong TVC (CF) here in the philippines! homagad i soo didn’t know it’s embarassing! crazy! whenever i saw it here i always thought that “wow for random hot korean-ish boys they can sure dance and sing like a boyband.” damn i didn’t know they were one!! hahaha. i thought they just gathered a bunch of cute boys and poked a little friendly fun at the boyband idol concept. wow! i’ve always thought that the one in the bonnet was effing hot though and it’s ryan! hahaha. thanks for the links to their MVs! watching them now. how cute is ulzzang Joo Yeon! she’s my fave 😀 lol at the creepy heechul pic. i love it. i so hope i don’t look like that when i’m fangirling lol

  3. No more girlbands! Give us more maaaaaan.. lol

    Lee Seunggi definitely adorable. He’s the truly leaders for those sweet melancholic male singer and proven survived in the recent hip-hop male/boybands attack. He even survive in 2 Days 1 Night where the other boys are crazy and totally opposite his personality.

    For Taegoon, I guess his comeback was quite success.
    LOL for Heechul gif image. He surely a bit lost in everything don’t you think? :p

  4. Ryan is so effing HOT. Omg…. But dang, I have not seenthose pics of him with long hair. o__o;;; He looks so much better now. Loving his solo song! :]

    “Geeky Ryan is geeky.” = Haha, I agree.

    I like Taegoon’s Betrayed. It’s so nice and upbeat~~~ c: Aww that pic of him in the nerd glasses is so cute!

    LMAO@the gif…. oh geezus, loving your awesome gifs. XD

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