Calling KPOP fans to support Filipinos!

Just a day ago in the Philippines: 73 dead, more than 300,000 displaced by typhoon Ondoy. The numbers keep increasing, and there are still a lot of unconfirmed casualties. The killer typhoon dumped more rains than hurricane Katrina. *UPDATED with status of FT ISLAND in the Philippines news & VJ ISAK coming to the Phil-Korea festival*

It’s time for us to show support! I may be far away but this is the least I can do. I’d like to call EVERYONE, especially KPOP fans (mainly because of the extent/readers of this blog) to lend a helping hand.

HOTTESTs have already made a tremendous effort to help, and express their support to 2PM’s Jay at the same time. This is a very noble effort to direct our energies in a more meaningful and substantial way. They are donating cash and relief goods in the name of Jay, which I’m sure will make him proud. They are even organizing for projects and a flash mob. For more details, please log on to 2ONEDAY (or register if you haven’t yet) and click this link: 2PMPH

Email 2PMPH’s Head admin. Vanessa at

This is a screencap of her donation receipt.

For international readers, you can help through one of the Philippines’ biggest TV stations, ABS-CBN Foundation (Dara’s home station) with these telephone and bank details:

ABS-CBN Bank Acct



Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls has also expressed her support via Twitter: “Praying for Filipinos who suffer from the storm…. hope everything will get better soon…”

As the saying goes, it’s better to give, than to receive. With that, I’d like to send this song as a reminder to everyone.

3LW – It’s Not All About Me.mp3

Everything always happens to me
Stuck here in this traffic jam
Accident on the side of the road
It’s making me late again
No spaces in the parking lot
Had to leave it in the safety red zone
Couldn’t of been more than a minute or 2
Came back and the car was towed

Everytime I go crazy
When I found little things get me mad
I then stop and look around and realize
My life ain’t so bad

Had no new shoes can’t complain
Until I met a man with no feet
Thought I had nobody to make my house a home
Until I saw a family living on the street
I was shattered when you broke my heart
But at least i got a heart to beat
Now I finally realize
It’s not all about me

Got a call about an old girlfriend
Who kissed her kids and waved goodbye
She had a real bad habit of taking a sip
Before she put the car in drive
Now Shes Gone And Wound Up D.O.A,
Nothing left to say but why
I had no idea it was her wreck i was
impatiently trying to get by

The world won’t stop revolving
If I’m having a real bad day
Sick of feeling sorry
Join the rain on my parade
Cause no matter how hard it gets
Someone’s always got it worst
I can’t forget I’m only one of five billion stories living on this earth

* Such a meaningful song. I listen to this when I feel like the world is against me, then I realize I’m just a spec in this vast world, “I can’t forget I’m only one of five billion stories living on this earth…” Post your e-mail ads so I can send the song to you*

Major thanks to: 2ONEDAY, 2PMPH Official website/forums, one of my Filipino readers for the news tip!


*UPDATES: This just in!*

Meanwhile, FT ISLAND is in the Philippines at the time of the storm to film for their new mv in Cebu.

“Idol band, FT Island, was isolated in the Philippines due to a storm.

FT Island left for Cebu, Philippines on 25th September for the filming of their new music video. On their way there, they met with a massive storm and were isolated in a critical situation.

FT Island’s management company, F&C Music, tried contacting FT Island and their staff who are in Philippines to check on their safety but their local lines were unreachable.

The storm caused communication system to be cut off. Their management company got worried and impatient for the past two days trying to get in touch with them. Luckily, both sides managed to get in contact with each other late on 27th. Upon knowing that they are safe, their management heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it was also known that the area where FT Island is staying is not greatly affected by the storm. They plan to return on 28th after the filming.”



VJ Isak just tweeted: “off 2 record pops in seoul!!! btw~ the festival I’ll be attending in the Philippines is on Nov. 27~more details when I get informed!<3”


Isak is a resident VJ of Pops in Seoul of Arirang, a Korean channel that caters to international KPOP fans. Her real name is Ida Dene Simmons, of German and Korean descent. She debuted with the group Isak n’ Jiyeon (who later  joined CSJH) under SM Entertainment, and has participated in SM Town seasonal concerts.

It has been reported that “to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Philippines-Republic of Korea Diplomatic Relations, the Korean embassy is holding a cultural festival November this year.”

“The festival will also cap year 2009 as the “Philippines-Republic of Korea Friendship Year,” as stated by Proclamation No. 14298 signed by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last May 2008. Kim [Counselor for Korean Embassy] said, the cultural festival will be borne out of “gratitude” felt by the Koreans to the Filipinos, who helped them achieve democracy and freedom in their country 54 years ago. Kim explained that similarities between the two cultures paved way for Koreans to migrate to the Philippines. This is why Pinoys enjoy Korean pop culture, he added.”

The condition to bring KPOP artists to the Philippines is if the Filipinos themselves demand for it—whether it be via polls, radio requests or petitions! Go for it!

Meanwhile, Filipino fans, follow Isak via Twitter to get more details! To my Filipino readers, kindly give me a heads up so we can collaborate on a post together if you’d like! Thanks!

credits: Isak’s Twitter & K Bites (Sookyeong@WP), Kpopwiki,
Credits: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)

Together, we can do this! To the Filipinos, Fighting!

For details on how to donate if you’re abroad, click click click! Thanks to merii_hydeist:


13 Responses

  1. i love it when you close an entry with a pic of 2pm or jay. i don’t know why, it’s now like your signature.

    • LOL you noticed! I know in some articles even if it’s not totally related to 2PM LOL I love posting their pics to depict some emotions and such. Thanks, that really made me smile<3

  2. hey there i cannot say thank you enough for this post!. just knowing of your concern really means a lot. i just came home from volunteering at a relief operation at my former university and seeing this article brought a smile to my face. i brought some goods for donation then helped out with packing and hauling the packed goods to vans that will distribute them to devastated areas. but i stiill feel that what i did isn’t enough and i really wanna do more. i’m very fortunate to be one of those who weren’t greatly affected by the storm and the flooding but it’s really shocking how close this tragedy has hit home. one of my employees lost their home along with all their clothes and appliances to the flood but she still went to work today after borrowing clothes from someone because she needs the money. it really broke my heart and i am mobilizing all my resources to help them out. and there are so many of our friends that we cannot contact since the storm broke out and i’m praying hard that they are safe. if there is a tiny silver lining in this harshly dark cloud, it’s gotta be the overwhelming support and cooperation everyone from all over is showing. i am so so so proud of and thankful to each and everyone who helped in their own way!! really if you hear every story of the people suffering you won’t be able to sleep nor focus on anything else. so again thank you floating! this means a lot. to my fellow Filipinos, keep on fighting, keep safe, and always always keep the faith. FIGHT-OH!

    • Hey I’ve been meaning to ask, Babelpop unni and I want to donate some clothes… do you know how we can send it over to the Philippines? Anything I can do to help, please spread the word also. A lot of Filipino readers have commented over at LJ already. Please e-mail me or send me direct tweet. By the way, have you read my reply about the dream concert?

  3. Well, where shall I start.

    I was one of those whose family is a victim of Typhoon Ketsana (ondoy in the philippines). I was not there when it happened since I was on the way to my home then and stranded in traffic (I work in a Call Center so I go home by morning). While stranded, my texted me that in our village—-PROVIDENT VILLAGE—-the flood level was drastically increasing, going up to shoulder-level, so my mom told me not to push thru. At first I want to go there and go in the midst of the flood because I want to get some of my stuff there until I changed my mind not to go, risking what is left in my pocket money just to find my means of survival as I temporarily residing in our company premises. I’ve been trying to contact them but phone lines were cut and I was wondering how are they doin’. Good thing they were safe, despite being almost trapped in the 2nd storey of an apartment we are renting—to death. If not with the benevolent neighbor, my mom, dad and 2 younger sisters would be get killed. What that neighbor did is he made a whole on the roof so that my parents could escape. The flood was exaggeratingly high that they could had a hard time to escape. What the neighbors did is they tied blankets together that could connect to the other roof so that my parents could cross.

    Right now, they are currently residing in our previous home that was lately turned into our small printing business. Well, the house is damn old, but we are living finely, though my mom and two sisters are effin’ stressed out from all of the cleaning and salvaging they did.

    Lastly, the reason for me not pushing thru Provident Village is that I have a boil on my left buttcheek, so if I go thru the flood???? You know what to expect…. eeewweeee…

    • thanks for sharing your story, i’m glad you’re safe and your family is too. i hope the restoration of your home is doing well. keep safe dearie! and you can tell me other means how people abroad can donate. my friend from Hawaii and I want to send clothes but dunno how..

      • well, we almost have no problem since we have an old house that has turned into our family printing business. There could be truckful of damage in our residential place, at least not in our business since it was strategically located, ensuring that it’s not a flood prone.

        about donations, well, thank you very much but so far, we were able to salvage some of our basic stuff like clothing and some utensils. only appliances didn’t. we also had a relative who was so darn generous that she donated truckful of clothes, some stuff and food as well.

        i’m glad that you’ve expressed much empathy not for me and for my family but for my fellow filipinos as well.

      • by the way, isn’t Kim Bum in the Phils. lately? Did you get to see him live? Is he really big there?

      • too bad i didn’t see him personally, but i just checked the article thru i am not a fan of boys over flowers, but it’s nice to see him dropping by in our country, both him and maja salvador were lucky with each other. Maja Salvador is one of the most respectable actress in Pinoy Showbiz. She’s beautiful, a dance diva and best actress awardee.

      • hey girl omg i saw him lol. in spite of the storm, i tagged along with some BOF Philippines friends and got front row seats to a sucky studio where he had an interview. was diva especially since i decided to go like really last minute haha. it was on a show called E-Live. It was insane! everyone was going crazy there even the hosts lol. ill send you pics soon and more details too! the interview was very short ugh and kim bum’s posse didn’t allow picture-taking from anything other than camera phones. good thing i snuck a few shots from my slr!! lousy pics though huhu. ill e-mail you later! hopefully when i’m in korea! hwaiting! this korea trip is really a test of my endurance and fight-oh skills! hope it pushes through!! can’t sleep!! dunno what to pack or do next lol. 몰라 몰라 몰라 몰라 몰라 몰라 !!!

      • hey! oooh so intriguing! you saw kim bum! e-mail me and send pics! you know i love fan accounts! and good luck on your trip! hopefully you can be the next guest feature in the dream concert project! fight ohhh!

  4. BTW floatingstars, what nationality are you? just asking… i think you are not a filipino…. but don’t mind it…

  5. […] have shared this in my multiply account, though I have shared this in some blogs like Popseoul and Floatingstars. For your sakes, let me re-share the moments I had at the height of the calamity last […]

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