Hallyu Craze Part 2! Fiercest Korean Celebrity Women

As a continuation of our show of love for Korean showbiz, let us get drifted off by the wave once more, and this time, I couldn’t let our lovely Korean ladies get left behind. The thing I noticed about Korean female celebs is that they are very updated when it comes to fashion. They wear fabulous pieces straight off the international runways. Their style, at least based on my own observation, is not as extreme or adventurous as the Japanese, but sometimes they can be fashion forward as well.

They love layering their outfits but still maintaining a sexy silhouette and putting on minimal make-up, emphasizing on the eyes with a smoky, dark color. Little bling is needed but they do create that luxurious feel by accessorizing with fur (which I really hope is fake), and large earrings. In a way, their fashion may not be over the top, but their dressed-to-kill overall look is definitely made for maximum impact.

The theme I chose for the photo shoots I looked up are sophisticated, classic and glam. In short, they are FIERCE!

Here’s an appropriate song for this theme – it’s SO BEAUTIFUL by Big Bang (ENGLISH VER.)


Kim Sam Soon star proves that real women have curves!

When I watched Kim Sam Soon, I really didn’t think she was “fat” as they made her out to be, like it was one of the main reasons why she was still single at her age. Then again it’s a sad fact that stick figures still rule. But kudos to KSS for breaking the norm and showing that full-figured and curvy women can win in the end!

Homely girl Kim Ha Neul is known for playing the goody goody roles, the most notable were two movies alongside Kwon Sang Woo (the hit My Tutor Friend and Almost Love) – here she keeps it simple yet gorgeous in white and black contrast.


PHB went from being an internet sensation to being a YG trainee, Se7en’s rumored ex-fling (gasp! gasp!) to starring in a high-rating drama with Oh Ji Hunk.


Drama queen CJW is not only an adept artiste on screen, her style is also ready to be captured on canvas.

HYS played the bitchy, demanding heiress ala Paris Hilton in Fantasy Couple. She was impeccably dressed in designer clothes from head to toe, at least before she lost her memory (as the typical scenario in Kdramas) and fell in love with Oh Ji Hot.

Singing sensation BOA

In my previous post on fab JPOP photo shoots BOA is on the list. It’s no surprise she still makes it in the KPOP post because she’s one of the few artists who really made a mark in both countries. Cheers to her stylists!


I really wasn’t familiar with her but I saw her magazine cover shoots and MV cameos – I thought she was stunning. She has those unique, light-colored eyes and a natural aura that makes the camera love her.


The inevitable has happened. Korea’s little sister is all grown up. She even did a sexy MV ala Pussycat Doll’s song Buttons complete with slinky dance moves – let’s hope it’s not a preview of what she’s going to become in the future. But she’s definitely going to be a hot celeb one day.


Eugene sheds off her cutesy image and looked like a dominatrix in a fab suit.


Before and after? Snow White star KJH (with Lee Wan as male lead) played an “Ugly Betty” kind of role who transformed into a gorgeous, all dolled up swan. She looks great no matter what.


JRW in gorgeous, artsy shots.

Dimples HAN JI HYE

Eat your heart out, Lee Dong Goon! Your former flame Han Ji Hye looks like she’s definitely moved on and looking ready for love!

Lovely lady KIM HEE SUN

Classic beauty Kim Hee Sun broke many hearts when she got intense media attention for announcing her engagement to a non-showbiz man, and having the most star-studded marriage of the century.


Often dubbed as Korea’s Barbie doll, HCY is a magazine and designer fave because of her tall frame, confident and undeniable strong presence! Betcha dull pink Barbie doll can’t do that!


Love this girl! She’s a really great actress who’s not afraid to take on difficult roles, especially in “Memories in Bali” and Korean version of American Pie, “Sex is Zero,” which is really crazy by the way.

HJW looked elegant in Hanbok and made it hip at the same time. She won the best actress award for her superb performance in Hwang Jin Yi.

Sweet face HAN GA IN

I read a poll made by some magazine where they asked Korean ladies in college which celeb face they would want to have – Han Ga In won hands down. Quite a random poll but seriously… who wouldn’t want a flawless face like hers?

Her husband is one lucky man.

Sexy momma UHM JUNG HWA

Korea’s queen of reinvention ala Madonna – looking fab in her forties. Love her current short hair mod look.


Shin Min Ah looking sophisticated in white couture (simply amazing!) and designer duds. She kinda looks like Shu Qi in the middle pic, dontcha think?

Temptress LEE HYORI

Lee Hyori usually looks skanky with her overall image, but when she puts on high fashion clothes, she blows everyone away. She gives a little something extra with her sex appeal (the girl can’t help it!) and sultry look.


It’s pretty obvious she’s got a hot bod, although sometimes she overdoes it just a tad too much. But she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. She’s not afraid to show what she’s got and exude confidence and a high level of performance. Here she is with fellow sexy diva, Jessica Alba.

It’s all about the hair.


Sexytary gone wild in the office. Love the attitude, love the shoes.

YEH is becoming quite an “it girl” these days. In her recent photoshoot, she worked with a world-renowned photographer in a wonderful location none other than the romantic city of Paris.

YEH proves that she’s got balls. She made a fine young man in Coffee Prince, with another fine specimen called Gong Yoo.


LDH is a little goofy girl no more! Props to her for making her role as Yoo Rin in My Girl her own, nobody can do that character like she did, and even until now, her wacky, cute character is still unforgettable.

From glam to rockstar. Who knew LDH can rock black leather booty shorts?
… with Kim Jung Hoon…

Two of my favorite people on the same runway! One complain though, KJH should have at least forced a smile, it’s a wedding runway show for sobbing out loud! He made it look like a shot-gun wedding, geez!

CM queen JJH is everywhere, and we know why. She can sell anything!

From my sassy girl to a sexy woman – JJH channels Britney’s Slave 4 U vid with a sweaty, rompy Giordano ad. If I remember correctly, censors pulled the plug on this CM but that didn’t stop her popularity from rising. You go, girl!

Ferocious SON YEH JIN

SYJ looks classy in heavy black eyeshadows.

I don’t think she gets a lot of credit, but the girl can act! Her recent film where she played a badass chick in an action movie garnered a lot of raves from critics. Here she is in Vogue and Elle photospreads.

First saw her in Summer Scent with Song Seung Hoon and instantly became a fan!

Fantabulous KIM TAE HEE

Most of the photos I’ve seen of hers look clean, cute, glossy and pretty, but she proves that she can be fierce too. Her first pic is divine.

Everyone’s Fave SONG HYE KYO

Cutie pie sheds all the cutesy vibe and goes sexy yet classy.

Song Hye Kyo looking glamorous as a rich society girl.

SHK made a movie version of Hwang Jin Yi, which wasn’t as successful as Ha Ji Won’s, but she still proved that she’s a versatile actress who can break away from innocent/naive roles.

So, gorgeous people, I wanna hear your voice! I hate to be the only one fangirling (about female celebs for a change, lol!), I’m sure you have your own favorites as well. Plus I couldn’t decide among the three fab stars. Though at first I was tipping over at Son Yeh Jin.

POLL NUMBER 1: Who do you think should be the most fierce Korean celeb given 3 choices:


POLL NUMBER 2: Who rocked the hanbok better, Song Hye Kyo or Ha Ji Won?

*On a side note, I sometimes find it amusing and scary (!) at the same time how many Kdramas I’ve watched in the past it’s so not normal*


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