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Fandom of DOOM: JPOP and KPOP’s deranged fans

I’ve mentioned before that I find something problematic with the term “idol” since it connotes some type of worship to the so-called “demi-gods” of entertainment industries, well, even the word “star” (at least to me) seems to pertain to people of a certain level high above us common people – stars that are hard to reach, aspirational for us in their blinding greatness.

But then again, it’s all part of the world of entertainment. I mean, people want something out of the ordinary, someone to look up to (again with reference to the “stars” high above us), and most of all, people want a reprieve from their lives – an escape to a place different from the cruel world of their own. HOWEVER, some people find it hard to escape escapism – to the extent that the lines between fact and fiction become blurred, and illusion blends with reality.

Before we get to the gory details… Let’s ask,
what exactly IS a fan?

Gong Yoo’s devoted fans make everything about him. Literally. From drinks to candies and cakes. Fans show their support for the hottie by attending full force in fanmeetings. The guy deserves it!

Ayumi Hamasaki’s fans wait eagerly for hours on end in the airport for her return from a concert in Hong Kong. Rumor has it that dear Ayu was missing in action because she was too drunk the night before.

Rain’s ahjumma power at best. His oldest fan (a 75 year old granny) gets to meet her idol. How cute. As they say, age is nothing but a number. Now that’s a real fangirl, er… fangranny!

DBSK fans never miss a beat when it comes to attending the boys’ concerts. Venues fill up to the brim and tickets get sold within minutes.


RAIN’s fans brave the rain. Weather does not stop these unfaltering fans from attending concerts, as some of them camp outside of the venue or wait in long cues just to see a glimpse of Rain’s performance, and well, his ripped abs.

Malaysian girl knocked up by Rain? The press made a huge fuss about this fangirl who just wanted to get noticed by the father of her child – or so she says. I don’t think it’s really extreme, more than anything, it’s pretty amusing.

A public protest for overpopulation control? NAH.

Super Junior fans rampage out of the boyband’s company office in opposition to news that plans of making a SuJu sub-group leaked out and new members will be added. Whut. Like they don’t want to share SuJu around? Or they don’t want any more additions to the already overpopulated, overexposed group?

Not only boys get the extreme fangirl treatment. Jeon JiHyun gets mobbed in China, and even gets her cap stolen. It would probably cost huge bucks on e-bay, wedunno.


Oh yes. At the Yamapi in Korea chaos. He got tussled, mobbed, and possibly groped on. Some reports say that he got bruised from fans who threw presents on his head. He was badly shaken up. Either those presents had rocks in them or it was a security mishandling. Geez, all the boy ever wanted was a short vacation with his buds. That was just too much love for him to handle.

An overexcited Epik High fan got kicked out of the concert dome for stripping. Photo of naked girl not included, of course. Maybe there’s a rule that says that ONLY the performers are allowed to do the stripping.

What do Ikuta Toma and Yamada Ryosuke have in common?

The same creepy stalker bombards these two cuties – this time, it’s a fangay. According to a staffer: “When Ikuta comes to the Setagayku studio for filming, the guy’s there in the morning chewing gum and grinning while he waits.” On other days he waits for the young Yamada, poor kid. Despite being reprimanded by staff members, the guy just keeps on showing up the studio, and even in the boys’ homes.

As if the chewing-gum-while-grinning wasn’t enough! (source: uwasako@LJ)

Here’s an example of extreme delusion. A verrry dedicated fangirl threw a fit at Star M Planning office declaring that she’s Rain’s fiance, adding that the popstar’s world tour and plan for Hollywood debut are all her plans. REALLY NOW. (credits to popseoul)

Speaking of delusional, a Nishikido Ryo fangirl claimed to be his long-time girlfriend and posted all of his activities, preferences and schedule in her website. PFFFT. This is the info age, girl! Stuff like that ain’t scarce around the web! It’s called the Johnny’s official website, wikipedia, JE profiles, er.. google?


HSJ’s Inoo Kei got a hair restoration product from a very persistent fan. ROFL. Idunno if that’s gonna make Kei happy or not. I once read an interview of Kelly Rowland (of the Destiny’s Child fame) saying that a fan gave her a black, dead rose after a performance. They say giving red roses is romantic.. but dead wilted ones? Just. Plain. Freaky.


Koda Kumi’s infamous radio faux pas: “Mothers’ amnion fluid is rotten once they turn around 35,” she said. “I mean it. It gets dirty.” Fans raged over the net. Result: suspension and ad commitments were pulled out.

Speaking of faux pas, celebs who don’t think before they open their mouths or misbehave in public inevitably will fall from grace…

We all know and heard about Erika Sawajiri’s bitchy episode. Polls were run after the incident then she emerged as the most hated celeb in Japan. *shrug* She’s still the queen.

Can you spot the difference?

Jang Yoo Joon from boyband I the Tri Tops (right) got slashed and burned by DBSK fans over his cyworld site calling him a copycat, and even dished him some death threats. Didn’t they ever consider the possibility of him being Hero’s long lost twin brother? Erm,,, obviously not.

Hey Say Jump fans no more! Before HSJ’s Tokyo Dome concert, some ex-fans slash anti’s planned to protest the event because of their “grievances,” i.e., HSJ girlfriend controversies, unit breakups, whatnot. The boys had their concert, so I guess the Jimusho was more powerful. Boo.


The recent Kwon Sang Woo engagement revelation resulted in fan outrage. KSW’s fangirls lashed against the beauty, calling her names over the net, exposing her past relationships and declaring her unfit to be KSW’s wifey. Well, no one will ever be good enough for crazy fans! Whatever. They should get a life.

Same thing happened to the rumored couple, Shin Min Ah and Big Bang’s T.O.P.

Stalkerazzis camped outside the two stars’ homes in hopes of getting them caught in action. Kinda makes you wonder why they have TOO much time on their hands.

Desperate SNSD fanboys plan on suing DBSK for sexual harassment. COME AGAIN?

DBSK and SNSD’s collabo sparked some fire – the battle between the boy band’s fangirls and the girl group’s fanboys.

Let’s investigate.

Exhibit A. Micky gets too close? Used force? Girl showing restraint, and or suffering? (If there’s anything suffering it’s my heartXDXD)

Exhibit B. Changmin groping in sensitive places? Victim crying for help?

Whatever. Micky is HOT. Must. Resist. Fangirl. Mode.


DBSK’s leader Yunho was taken to the hospital after ingesting juice that “had been laced with glue by a woman who failed to appreciate his performing skills.” (credits to How can anyone do such a thing? That’s just… Ugh. I have no words.

There are people who take being a “die-hard fan” too literally. Heartthrob Kimuya Takuya’s wedding with 80’s popstar Kudo Shizuka caused the suicide of some of his fans. Dunno about the statistics, or whether reports about it are really true, but literally dying over an idol is appalling. Seriously.


This SuJu fan committed suicide after the boyband’s fans bombarded her severely with stinging words, harsh criticisms, even managing to get her phone number then pounding her with death threats, not giving her a rest even for just a minute. All for just one photo taken with Kangin. GEEZ. It’s just a harmless fan who wanted a souvenir, why did they have to go crazy and sh*t? Afterwards the fans gave an official apology, but who cares, it’s too damn late.

Of course, it’s still within the discretion of the person whether or not she’s going to let the relentless SuJu fans affect her. I mean, one person’s actions don’t necessarily have to yield to other people’s. But the point is, all that harassing, thrashing and bashing is really unnecessary, not to mention stupid, and what, over trivial, useless matters?

So… What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your fave celeb?

MAJOR THANKS to justyohannan for suggesting this topic. Cheers to you!XDXD

To my dear readers, your suggestions are very much welcome. I’ll be glad to look into them and do my best to include them in my posts.

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