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Most Fabulous Celebrity Photoshoots

Looking at my previous posts it seems like I rant-slash-rage a lot like I’m about to pounce on someone, so before my blog gets tagged with an “anti” theme, let’s focus on the positive for a change. But of course, as they say, “It’s hard for a leopard to change its spots” – so I think I’ll run back to being snarky soon, lol.

I’ve scoured a few photos of JPOP stars and I must say they were AMAZING. They went all out with the overall style, and it’s pretty obvious that they thought the shoot concept very well. Real creative. Quite a far cry from the usual tilt-your-head-cutely-and-smile-widely-at-the-camera style of stars in their photos.

Less words are required in viewing these photos, so for the most part we can let the images speak for themselves…

Abingdon Boys School
What can I say, these guys rock. And they really did look like classy boys in an exclusive high society school with the sleek, black vintage cadillac.

L’arc en ciel’s HYDE
Hyde’s got nothing to hide. He’s a gorgeous man. The black-and-white photo shows his sophisticated style, on the opposite is his kick ass rock hard image.


This photo can be a legendary rock icon. He’s such a rock star.

Miyavi doesn’t really need an elaborate backdrop, his signature black goth style, slinky-seductive pose is more than enough to make one hell of a shot. The guy’s got attitude.


Cool guys from M-flo are not only musical geniuses, they’re also very style savvy.

Manly man Tamaki Hiroshi

Smoldering and dashing.

Speaking of dashing…


In this photoshoot, NEWS have come a long way from their cutesy-boy-next-door image in teen magazines, tacky plastic-fantastic concert outfits and crazy hair. The boys looked real classy. Particularly, Shige who’s really working it at the center. RyoPi looked very handsome in suits. If only salarymen looked as good as they are…

One word. KYAAAAAHHHHH! (Well, technically that’s not even a word)
Hikaru Utada

Lovely lady in red. Hikaru has always been creative in her music videos. And she’s a very simple woman, especially in her TV appearances, so it’s quite rare to see her all dressed up.
“It girl” Kuroki Meisa

This girl can do no wrong in terms of fashion. She dresses quite maturely for her age, but it works for her. She makes a plain beige tank top look expensive. Heck, she can even wear a garbage bag and still look great!
Aya Ueto

Aya Ueto has a tendency of being type-casted in cute, overly cheerful-and-enthusiastic roles because of her petite frame and wide smile. But in this photo, she shed off the kawaii-ness and looked fab.

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Looking like he got ripped straight off the page of a GQ magazine.


Commercial queen.

Anna Tsuchiya

You got to love Anna for rocking both the glam look and rock star vibe.

Koda Kumi

Koda around the world.

The different faces of Koda Kumi.

It’s great to see a classy, sophisticated style from Koda who’s usually dressed as a Vegas show girl.

Leah Dizon

I’ve mentioned before that I have this love-hate tug of war in the question of whether I like her or not. But this is an instance where I really like her. WHEN SHE HAS CLOTHES ON. In her latest photo-book, she went from a skanky gravure idol to a lovely African queen.

Leah is better off being seen, rather than being heard. She does well in modeling, except when her eyes read a little dead sometimes, but other than that, she’s a really pretty girl.

Namie Amuro

Namie looking very glam in an old 1950’s Golden Age of Hollywood look. In this picture she resembles a bit of Greta Garbo in some angles, and she doesn’t come off as slutty at all.

Fashionista in her signature high-heeled boots.

Erika Sawajiri

Erika in high fashion couture gowns.
Even with her bitchy image, the girl really knows how to look smashing in whatever outfit she puts on. The camera loves her! I guess that’s what divas are made of.

The different sides of Queen Bee Erika. Fabulously HOT.
Erika leading the pack (in a cosmetic ads with fellow stars), she looks best with dark, smoky eyes and a ferocious attitude. The girl is FIERCE.


Shun looks good even as a flesh-eating ghoul.

Our homeboy looks damn hot.

To be gorgeous, or not to be… That is the question. Shun channels the Shakespearean era of the gentleman who can make any damsel in distress swoon.

Shun’s latest Sony ad had him cosplaying different characters. A very versatile man indeed.

The best photo above all…

Lady Shun trumps all of our lovely female celebs in a gorgeous gray halter gown with drapes. Now that’s girl power!

Shuraba by Tokyo Jihen

PICS SOURCES: for Namie Amuro Vidal Sassoon and Leah Dizon photobook pics
Major thanks to Shun Oguri, Leah Dizon and Erika Sawajiri LJ communities, you should join them, they’re great!

Much love to you guys! ^-^
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