Visions of Art: Japanese Female Celebs in Kimonos/ Yukata

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

First off, sorry for the delayed posts. I’ve been running up and down with chores, work and bouts of laziness lol. Anyhoodles, I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture (duh, obviously) and this time I want to highlight one of their traditional clothing – the classic and beautiful Kimono. In college I wrote a research paper about Geisha and later on I wrote a book review on Memoirs of a Geisha and Mineko Iwasaki’s "Geisha, A Life." I wasn’t a fan of the movie, the actors were great, but slightly misplaced, plus there’s a problem with the use of language. But the costume designer was so brilliant, the Kimonos worn by the leads were fantastic.

I entitled the post Visions of Art because wearing a Kimono is like wearing a painting where there’s technique, creativity and style is all at play. And it’s not an easy thing to wear, nor is it easy to put on. Its creation takes real skill and expertise. It also reflects the country’s seasons, the people’s feelings, emotions and ultimately, the Japanese way of life.

Girls of Summer

Hallyu Craze Part 2! Fiercest Korean Celebrity Women

As a continuation of our show of love for Korean showbiz, let us get drifted off by the wave once more, and this time, I couldn’t let our lovely Korean ladies get left behind. The thing I noticed about Korean female celebs is that they are very updated when it comes to fashion. They wear fabulous pieces straight off the international runways. Their style, at least based on my own observation, is not as extreme or adventurous as the Japanese, but sometimes they can be fashion forward as well.