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Back from rehab

Okay, before you let out your surprised gasps and flabbergasted reactions, no I didn’t come from a recent rehab trip. I “purged” myself from the Internet for 5 days because, I dunno, maybe I got kind of sick of it (gasp! gasp!) or maybe it’s because the rainy season freezes the whole body as well as the brain, and turns it into Jello. Nah, it’s only because I have a life and got busy. lol. And let me tell you, life back in the analog days free from the electronic bi-products and world wide web activities CAN be liberating. But lo, and behold. I am having a major relapse. Which explains why I heed to the calling of the underworld yet again, begging for it to warmly welcome me with open arms.

Oh. Forgot an obligatory greeting. Hello there gorgeous people of the world!

These days I’ve been feeling kind of dumb (more like numb) and have a bit of the blues, so I got out of the house and found myself lurking inside a used book shop. Sigh. The smell of yellowed pages and the sight of hard-bound greatness just bring me back to life. Then I found this book priced only a fourth compared to its original price. It’s the same book my fave Literature prof (he’s a fabulous and brilliant gay) recommended a couple of years ago, which I mentally took note of and promised to buy. Note to self: Mental notes don’t work. Talk about luck! The book is a treasure! I can tell it was well taken care of, no dog-ears, no tears whatsoever. I wonder how many hands have turned its pages or how many mugs of coffee it took for the owner to finish it. Anyway, for my next post I will write a book review! Clap*clap* I’ve written a lot for classes before but this time I’m doing it NOT out of force. LOL.

So… on to more important matters…

Last night I was watching CNN and guess what I saw on the running headlines? It literally made my jaw drop. It reads:

“Parents try to sell off child on ebay”


Sorry for the expletive, but seriously, this piece of news, or rather the parents deserve all the expletives they can get! What the hell were they thinking? First of all, a baby is NOT some thing they can just throw away, buy and sell based on their whim. Hello?? Isn’t that obvious enough? The mother carried the baby for 9 months for FREAKING OUT LOUD!! Regardless of the dire and desperate situation they may have found themselves in – setting your very own flesh and blood for auction (on ebay!!! *still in a state of disbelief) is inhuman, STUPID, heartless, unjustifiable. STUPID.

Shout out to the parents who did this: You may be having a hard time right now so maybe you THOUGHT selling your own kid for money will help solve the problem. But you sure didn’t have a hard time MAKING that baby!! &(@^%#@&^(!**!!! I hope you go to jail. And to those people who considered bidding for the child, please. Have a heart.

Whew. Breathe. Relax. De-stress. My blood pressure shot up to maximum for a while there. Almost had a seizure!

… Now on to some superficial matters…

Movie revs

I watched the movie “She’s the Man” for the nth time. It stars Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. For those who haven’t seen it yet, the movie came out on 2006 and it was a smash hit. It’s about this feisty girl who wants to try out for the boys’ soccer team and passes herself off as a boy in place of her twin brother who in turn is off to London for a band gig. Just think. Girl. All-boys school. Hot roommate. Sounds like a girl’s lifelong dream, right? For the fangirls, it sounds very Hana Kimi, Taiwanese and Japanese versions combined. Only better.

It’s no question that Amanda’s strength is in comedy. The movie’s literally an Amanda Bynes’ show. Her facial expressions and relentless courage to make fun of herself make her an effective anti-heroine – and anti-lady-like. As for Channing Tatum, he’s the perfect pick for the good-looking soccer jock who’s more than a guy who looks hot in red shorts – he’s also a shy, dorky, sensitive guy who has a problem talking to girls and ends up asking his date, “So… do you like… cheese?” Too good to be true, I know.

Regardless of the cliche concept, the funny lead, great chemistry and hilarious snide remarks by the supporting cast, this movie makes it work. It’s hysterical! It tackled girl-power in a very positive way and tells all the girls out there: “Yes, you too can have some balls.” (Balls. male. soccer. get it? *shrug*)

Although I would say that Amanda didn’t look all too malefor people to be fooled, but she sure did act like one! Or should I say he?

Must watch. Amanda trumps Ella and Maki Horikita’s asses.


Ah… Boys Love… EHH??

Ella did pretty well in Hana Kimi TWB version. It did get a little too dragging sometimes but the overall cast is just way too funny. Wu Zun can’t act using his eyes, they always read a little blank most of the time even amidst hysteria. Ella’s pouty expressions and clumsy antics were hilarious but she can sometimes be over the top. Not in the endearing kind of way but verging on annoying. in general, the director sometimes “spoon-feeds” way too many details that are unnecessary. Love the gay nurse. Sing with me now! You can stay under my umbrella ELLA, ELLA ELLA EH, EH..

Now I’m not gonna do a which-drama-done-it-better fest. Both versions have their good and bad sides. But in this case, Maki Horikita’s pixie hair and obviously soft facial expressions and girly demeanor just threw it right off the bat. I know a lot of fans would poison me for this but she just totally did not suit her character at all. She seemed a little too mellow and did not pull of the manic, crazy chaotic role that she was supposed to portray. The drama’s saving grace is Toma, not because he’s a Johnny but because he just let all inhibitions go. He seemed to be the only character who had fun in making the whole thing. As for Shun, it’s no question that he’s a fine actor. But in his role as Sano, it’s just a reprise of his role as Rui in Hana Yori Dango.

Forgot to add… All in all, these kinds of dramas should be careful not to poke fun at homosexuality. I mean, sure, Toma (JP ver.) dancing with pink underwear on his head and lacy bra on his chest while the whole world looks on; and Jiro (TWB) cosplaying as a blonde, red-lipped nurse wearing a skimpy skirt are good materials for comedy – but if they weren’t tastefully done, it could have raised red angry flags. Thankfully they didn’t. It would be more interesting if a drama about a boy-disguised-as-girl will be produced. It can work, since there are a lot of Japanese/Taiwanese actors out there who are androgynous. Let’s see if a boy can fit into a girl’s high heeled shoes.


ugh, I just went a little Britney for a moment there.

Ciao bellas!


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