Fly High: Subaru Dance! movie review

Subaru has lived most of her life very much like a wild street cat: surviving each day on her own while trying to overcome the tragedies in her life. But there is one thing that keeps her going—her passion for dance. Will she remain hidden in the dark alleys or will her talent shine through for all the world to see?

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Cutting edge: Ninja Assassin Review

The red carpet has been drawn and we’ve all seen the blood and gore, and now we’re left with one conclusion about Ninja Assassin, starring Korea’s very own Rain: It’s a KILLER movie. The question is, does it mean “killer” as in it’s-damn-kick-ass-good, or did it leave audiences feeling assassinated after watching? *edited*

Movie Review Sky of Love

I’m writing this review out of my stream of consciousness before forgetfulness sets in and blows my first impressions away.


Back from rehab

Okay, before you let out your surprised gasps and flabbergasted reactions, no I didn’t come from a recent rehab trip. I “purged” myself from the Internet for 5 days because, I dunno, maybe I got kind of sick of it (gasp! gasp!) or maybe it’s because the rainy season freezes the whole body as well as the brain, and turns it into Jello. Nah, it’s only because I have a life and got busy. lol. And let me tell you, life back in the analog days free from the electronic bi-products and world wide web activities CAN be liberating. But lo, and behold. I am having a major relapse. Which explains why I heed to the calling of the underworld yet again, begging for it to warmly welcome me with open arms.

Would you sell this kid on ebay?